The Insider – AnnaSophia Robb Soul Surfer with Bethany Hamilton

The Insider – AnnaSophia Robb Soul Surfer with Bethany Hamilton

Antonio Breitenberg

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66 thoughts on “The Insider – AnnaSophia Robb Soul Surfer with Bethany Hamilton

  1. kamarul radzuan says:


  2. Paul says:

    1.5 years to go XD

  3. Cliff506 says:

    annasohpia robb is FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Taylor Kapron says:

    im readin the book now i hope the movie is good

  5. Vivtzka says:

    bethany hamilton is 5'10. not exactly average…

  6. user98xp says:

    AnnaSophia in a bikini… I'm gonna fap to this movie like a bajillion times.

  7. cescarella001 says:

    @user98xp ew .

  8. cescarella001 says:

    the book is AMAZING!!! when is the movie gunna come out?!?! i wanna see it so badlyy!

  9. hugh jass says:

    i wish i had annas figure…im fat…boo:(

  10. marykandasholsen says:

    Actually I'm exactly as skinny as Annasophia i didn't notice that until now

  11. dana clarke says:

    @cescarella001 I think 2011 x

  12. Jasmine Shafley says:

    anna is a lot shorter haha!!! 🙂 but amazing

  13. Lane Farmer says:

    My friend met Bethany Hamilton and got a picture with her and how old is annsophia like 14 or 15

  14. Lane Farmer says:

    @Xxsideshow22xX i know now but she doesnt even look that old

  15. Ashley Stellings says:

    @Xxsideshow22xX Annasophia is 17

  16. Ashley Stellings says:

    I love Annasophia! she's an amazing actress! My favourite! 😀

  17. Lane Farmer says:

    @lovestolaugh93 she doesnt look that old

  18. Ashley Stellings says:

    @Xxsideshow22xX yeah, but she is! She was born in the same year I was, and I am 17 🙂

  19. Lane Farmer says:

    @lovestolaugh93 oh

  20. Jack Tovey says:

    i just saw her at Kauai 3 days ago

  21. juan pablos 182 says:

    AnnaSophia .. she's my favourite young actriss
    she's Faboulus!

  22. Aspensworld says:

    i cant wait to see this

  23. slowdownsticksnstone says:

    @WCchillin that is awesome! wait Bethany or AnnaSophia? Either way awesome!

  24. Jack Tovey says:

    @slowdownsticksnstone annasophia

  25. slowdownsticksnstone says:

    @WCchillin that is sooooo cool! wish i could have a chance to meet her or see her

  26. jessica sommer says:

    WOW i cant wait to see this movie!!!

  27. 911brownsugar says:

    She is my hero because I just broke my finger and I'm in pain and she doesn't even have an arm!

  28. Punch Liner says:

    @911brownsugar So that makes her your hero, because your broke your finger and she lost an arm. So just because your in pain from a broken finger, you see her and say hey wow, she has no arm, how can she bare that, she is my hero. You just admire her atm, once you've healed your hero will be the next pop singer who you find attractive 😀

  29. immahumpu says:

    damn there is no beauty that has likness with so many.The masculine and the femine mass unearth what people do try and highly misunderstood.

  30. 911brownsugar says:

    @baluwa98 hey! Shut up!!!!! If I say shred my hero she is! u r a stranger so y are u try ing to change that? If u ask me u r also being a jerk! Layoffy

  31. Stephanie Palacios says:

    @TheBoyofnothing Wow…I kinda knew you were black. YOU, sir are disgracing humans. I don't care if you think I'm being a racist bitch. I honestly don't. So, don't reply to me with a long comment saying "You racist!". Next time, don't waste your time with a disgusting, sick, comment. I'm not gonna argue with you, this will be the last of you hearing from me. I can be civilized.

  32. whoisthisguy724 says:

    0:08 Woah, ASR is like half the size of Bethany hamilton

  33. solodweller says:

    @Athenademi360 make him a sandwitch, put laxative in it, tie him to a chair after he ate it. Watch as the shit piles up, and makes him look better

  34. kati rodriquez says:

    @GMSamuelRhine you are gross.

  35. Patty Holton says:

    I luv them!!

  36. Leah8392 says:

    they are look alikes,i love them both!Also Bethany is so inspiring!

  37. kati rodriquez says:

    @GMSamuelRhine umm i wasn't the one who commented about wanting to fuck a high school girl, you are. 😛 G R O S S.

  38. TheHLGGhosts says:

    @PolkaDotiess they used a green sleeve, its kinda like a green screen, then they use the effects to make everything under the sleeve disappear

  39. Juki0h says:

    omg she soo much shorter than her

  40. ralphy67 says:

    getting a two arm actress playing Bethany??That's alot of specail effects to get her to play a one arm Bethany!!!!!

  41. Mandii R says:

    @PolkaDotiess they wrapped her arm in green, and during the shots she put her arm behind her back. then in post-production, they used greenscreen effects to make whatever part of her arm [wrapped in green] still showing disappear

  42. Colloquium2011 says:

    Watch ' Homeless Christ 01 Colloquium ' to find the purpose of your soul.

  43. kati rodriquez says:

    @GMSamuelRhine and you'd make a good ahole! ooh wait! you already are one. 😡 my baddd 😛

  44. kati rodriquez says:

    @GMSamuelRhine pathetic? lol not at all really, and go ahead, do not continue(: either way i don't mind nor do i care. i just think Bethany Hamilton and AnnaSophia Robb deserve atleast the slightest respect considering they are good people and there are people like you who only like at them in one way. respect others, or simply don't comment.

  45. TheFlamethowerkid says:

    blaytonks guy u r right

  46. SCRPNKNG6691 says:

    @ Brentsey your a total dousch. The girl lost an arm in a freak accident and you got jokes. What a freakin dousch

  47. Michael Kelley says:

    @ralphy67 Yea I don't know why they didn't allow her to play herself

  48. bella mauser says:

    i wish i could meet both of them

  49. wewex7 says:


  50. locutus0985 says:

    @slimjimmy149 because she's not an actress and she has 1 arm so how can she play herself with 2 arms???

  51. ML3420 says:

    @locutus0985 The same way that Robb played a one armed person. Some creative Hollywood Magic! I'm not in anyway trying to say I would like to see that!

  52. Surferchick511 says:


  53. hanbook9 says:

    @blaytonx04 your a jerk bethany and annasophia is gorgeous

  54. Pikeman50 says:

    I gueess that Bethany Hamilton is really awesome pinball player!

  55. Pit says:

    uhhhhhh what about your bro timmy?

  56. mrazbaby746 says:

    @musicalissa1 yeah she did. i wish i could get lessons from bethanyy!!!

  57. Claire Coutras says:

    Why didn't bethany play herself in the movie?

  58. Ceyaje (HugzTiem) says:

    How could she? She has two arms in the first half of the movie. Plus, she's not an actress, and doesn't have the training to convey the script, even though it's her life. It makes more sense when you know the industry.

  59. F-zero91maru says:

    I have a deep crush on Bethany I find her so cute and hot

  60. james thomas says:

    she can't act

  61. TheSchweineferkel says:

    she is always a good choice because she is beautiful and sweet!

  62. Emir Rodríguez says:

    yo prefiero a la verdadera bethany

  63. Tom Christopher -Things Of My - Traveler says:

    there is a soundtrack that I want to download but it cannot, it says offline if I'm going to click the available save icon. the title of the music is this the life along with the background of soul surfer movie which is the reason for my downloading. if someone has a copy please share it and I would thank you greatly.

  64. I,m sonia shek 0142192344 says:

    hello Ruby how are you I miss you

  65. Master Khooletz says:

    Young Dumb and Dunkirk

  66. Master Khooletz says:

    Hit the beach this Summer!

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