The Eternal Beauty Of Snowboarding

Fucking bindings, man Was that it ? It might have been a little too frontboard
Almost blunt This one was for you What are you doing Bourbouss ? I’m checking a spot Fuck off now Should I do a backside 7 ? My boots are so wet ! All my googles are fucked Swich is gonna be hard Did he land ? This is 3 day build Hey don’t brake the wall You allright ? Your knee is allright ? Yeah Kadjunga, man We stopped in the fields, panflute was on
And right here : great sex Ever heard of Denver The Last Dynosaur ? I only heard about Denver’s …. … fatal anal attraction Which we don’t wana talk about I’m hibernating Look what I found in his bag Should we jerk off tonight ? I just wana check if I moved my arms I added in B the gap top tap from today You are so dumb it’s amazing Jérôme ! I got slapped by a fucking branch ! You killed it ! Come on now, bring it on ! Bring it on Jérôme ! Second barrel ! Second barrel ! Barrel ! Bring it on ! I can’t breathe Jérôme ! Go deep ! Go deeper Jérôme, seriously, stop at the 7eleven Sorry guys I have a bit of gas

Antonio Breitenberg

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