The Electric Wave: Behind the Scenes

The Electric Wave: Behind the Scenes

– Can’t see anything. – Three, two, and one. And cut, cut. (upbeat music) – Let’s go, time to work. (upbeat music) (camera shuttering) It’s gonna be a lot of trial
and error, on this whole thing. – [Coco] Especially with the three. – [Stephanie] Yeah, finding the sweet spot with the three of us and
also doing it at night, trying to get us all to surf in sync will be pretty easy. It’s kinda like I’m emerging from the dark and riding a wave and it’s
quite cosmic and atmospheric and Coco and Leah sort of
join me on this journey as I’m riding through space. – No one’s ever focused on
just the body in it on a wave, ’cause you think you’re gonna rip. Yeah, this is more about just
the art and the body surfing. – It’s cliche to some people
to say surfing is like dancing that ecstatic part of
you that’s coming alive, except you’re doing it with the ocean instead of someone else. – [Stephanie] Trying to film surfing, two surfers in sync
together, or three surfers, it’s gonna be really, I think a challenge, but also so beautiful
if we can pull it off. – [Leah] Yeah, at night. – [Stephanie] There’s a lot of elements. A lot going on here. (calm music) (upbeat music) – Here we go, send in the wave please. (upbeat music) – Center three, 30 seconds. (upbeat music) – Yeah, actually the very
first wave that we got the three of us together,
I had so much fun, and it’s such a joy to ride that wave. It kinda took away all the stress of like, oh, we need to be perfect. It was more just let it happen the way it’s gonna happen and I’m sure Dan and his
team will make it work however it comes out. (shouting) (upbeat music) – It was nice when we just
all stood up on the wave, and I think that’s why it looked so cool is we all, it was so natural. – Oh yeah, I gotta learn how to surf now. I’m so jealous of what Steph
and Coco and Leah can do. I mean, we’re so lucky having
such incredible surfers. It’s amazing to watch, yeah. I feel like I need to take a few lessons. They say it’s never too late. – Best pool party I’ve ever been to. (calm music)

Antonio Breitenberg

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