The El Niño Effect … a California Surf Film for Everyday Surfers

The El Niño Effect … a California Surf Film for Everyday Surfers

[Rain falling] [Phone rings] Automated Recording: Hello, you have reached the San Francisco Bay Area Weather Service Forecast Office located in Monterey, California. For the latest forecast information and current weather conditions, please press 1. [Phone button 1 sounds] Automated message: A cold front will begin to move through the region bringing periods of rain, gusty winds and possible thunderstorms. Winds will continue to increase this afternoon and evening, producing locally hazardous conditions. Wind waves, 4 to 6 feet. West swell, 11 to 14 feet, at 13 seconds. [Call end button sounds] [Music plays, “Old Things” by Carbon City Lights] [Static radio sounds] News Reporter: A nasty supersoaker blasting Northern California. The intense weekend storm causing downpours and fears of flooding and landslides, and it is only going to get worse with more storms on the way. [Static radio sounds] [Music plays, “San Francisco,” by Sun Daes] News Reporter: With all that activity out there, the waves are building, and I think by late tomorrow and into Friday, 20 footers are possible. If we get some of that potential realized, this advisory will become a high surfing warning, and we’ve closed down piers due to that. So El Nino’s not just rain, El Nino is ocean water conditions, creates storms, storms createwaves, and that is a big factor. It’s caused statewide erosion, and things like that … [Music plays, “Shake,” by No Flow] News Reporter: The warm waters from El Nino are contributing to are contributing to a conveyer belt of storms, slamming California, one after another … [Music plays, “Machete,” by No Flow] News Reporter: El Nino, one more time this winter Mike, showing (it’s) not a fluke. Second Reporter: Definitely not a fluke. An amazing event, and incredible winters we’ve had so far. Still only in the middle of winter and we’ll see a lot more big swells here. And Mavericks showcased today, and what an unbelievable wave and special place it is. [Music plays, “Orchasm,” by The Spaces Between] News Reporter: Very rough surf, so we’re talking about rip currents, dangerous sneaker waves, and waves that could go as high as 16 feet. So best advice would be to avoid the beaches over the next 36 hours. [Music plays, “Underwater Castle,” by The Spaces Between] [Music plays, “Mi Burro Esta En Fuego,” by Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray] [Music plays, “When the Pumps Run Dry,” by Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray] [Music plays, “Something’s Coming,” by The Earthtones] [Music plays, “Choose Your Own Adventure,” by Sun Daes] [Music plays, “Hazy,” by The Olés] News Reporter: The storms and runoff have also plagued this water with bacteria and debris. It all comes just a month after huge surf damaged the pier. Repairs are not finished there yet and people who live here say they have learned to respect the power of Mother Nature. [Music plays, “Going Back to Cali,” by The Olés] [Music plays, “The Secret Agent,” by The Jesus Ship] [Music plays, “Breather,” by DJ Underbelly] [Music plays, “Naps – Years From Now,” by Weapons of Mass Creation] [Music plays, “Where Will You Go,” by The Earthtones] [Waves crashing] News Reporter: High surf warnings expected to be in effect through tomorrow afternoon with LA County north to ventura and the Central Coast, included in that warning (with) dangers of beach erosion, damage to coastal structures, and drowning. [Music plays, “Ghost of a Moment,” by The Spaces Between] News Reporter: Off the Pacific, this could be the last hurrah before we get into the dry season so we are looking forward to all of this rain, although too much of a good thing at once could lead to mudslides and debris flows … [Music plays, “Slide on Down,” by The Olés] [Music plays, “Have Fun Getting Old,” by The Olés] [Music plays, “Joker,” by Carbon City Lights] [Music plays, “Sabadub,” by The Olés]

Antonio Breitenberg

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23 thoughts on “The El Niño Effect … a California Surf Film for Everyday Surfers

  1. Nick Pullano says:

    Good stuff!

  2. Michael Tripp says:

    This is perfect for a laid back afternoon. Love the tunes.

  3. Ferg Ferguson says:

    Good job …Huntington son

  4. Devin Tanner says:

    40:55 what is this artist/song name??

  5. Chasing Surf says:

    Yeah, one of our favorites. That's "Hazy" by The Olés (@TheOlesband) from Santa Barbara.

    Here's that specific track off their latest album.

    Please support then. They let us use a bunch of tracks and they're a great group of guys the rep the Central Coast.

  6. Dead poolmonkey says:

    I thought all surf films were for everyday surfers? Haha

  7. Evan Horton says:

    anyone know the music from around the 36 min mark? Shazam doesn't work … 🙁

  8. Lurgs says:

    Great stuff. Really enjoyed that. Cheers

  9. The Gifted One says:

    I wanna watch people who can actually surf, not a bunch of KOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. PJ Bergman says:

    What an awesome song at 40.46  really good soundtrack overall

  11. Michael Vaughan says:

    Thanks lots of central coast pismo, spy glass and cayucos such good surf has got me missing it

  12. Phil Lyell says:

    This film had so much potential, but never really happened, totally boring, little narration, music inconsistent, didn’t keep you informed what places they were surfing, some great shot of Steamers, Mavericks, little else to keep you watching?

  13. Code Red says:

    Awesome movie and great music! thanks heaps and keep up the good work!

  14. Ramzi Rael says:

    el nino

  15. Ramzi Rael says:

    el nino

  16. clarkewi says:

    I like the Rincon shots at the end.

  17. Tony Montana says:

    cali is full of kooks!!!! im on minute 8 and cant keep looking at this….. . STYLE MTF!!!!

  18. Dan Hoedemaker says:

    Who's playing the music at 10:55

  19. Dan Hoedemaker says:

    Love this video and music selection makes me feel good 😎

  20. oussama askari says:

    el niño

  21. John Tobin says:

    Hate to be the guy asking but where is 22:09? I can't imagine the shorepound lineup gets too packed haha

  22. John Hull says:

    Total f'n looks made by a kook

  23. Stephen Murray says:

    great soundtrack, a couple of Cali surfers … maybe 3. Aussie surfers are and would be shredding by the 100's El Nino? Go and Check Hawaii

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