The Birth of Freestyle Ice Skating – my story | public speaking

The Birth of Freestyle Ice Skating – my story | public speaking

Hey guys. A half year ago I did a public speaking in
front of a couple hundred people, in a well known event. The topic was of course freestyle ice skating
and my story. I did it for free, but they didn’t want to
support me by uploading the video because I was wearing our team’s hoodie with the logo
on it. So I decided to redo the whole speech in english
now so you can watch it too and I can upload it. And now I can use cool background clips now
instead of those boring images. The speech started with a 1 minute intro edit
I did. You already know these clips very well, but
that’s how it started so, here we go. One of the biggest unsolved mysteries in the
world is: how could people skate only in circles for so long? Have you ever thought about that? Why had it never happened what you just saw
in the clips? Well I have an idea why this never happened. But this? Or this. What you just saw is called freestyle ice
skating. I’m one of the lucky guys who had the chance
to start among the firsts. At this moment I have the most visited channel
on youtube in this category. How did I and the sport evolve to this point? It was a bumpy ride as you might expect. In 2010 when I started I already had experience
in a couple of extreme sports. I thought we simply could bring more into
ice skating. We could really create some value here, like
building up a small community and do cool tricks, which could be fun to watch too. Or even more, create custom equipment or getting
sponsors. Well, I thought that, but nobody else. I literally couldn’t talk about this to my
friends, otherwise I got questions like: how’s your ballet going? Dude, I’m trying to do some extreme here,
it’s not BALLET! I knew something new had started. It wasn’t obvious for anybody else. You know when everybody is against you, you
tend to think the whole thing over. Maybe they are right. For example, if a lot of people say that these
clothes doesn’t really fit.. I don’t really care about that either, look,
I’m wearing tracksuit here. The community at the old ice rink was simply
awesome. We never chatted each other when to meet,
it was obvious without saying. We created a short edit which was uploaded
to youtube under the name of Freestyle Ice Skating. That was in early spring, when the outdoor
rinks usually close. We said goodbye to each other, and see everyone
next year. I couldn’t wait to learn and invent new moves
when the rink finally opens next winter. However. That never happened. We heard the news that the ice rink closed
permanently. That was a deep, painful experience. Occasionally I still dream about the place
after 8 years. It was extremely important to me. We decided to take the rink’s name as our
team name. It basically means skaters from this district. And also created a set of hoodies with a logo. The logo captures a stop. Where to go from this point? Freestyle could be an awesome sport, and we
can’t practice it anywhere. A few new people got interested in it in the
meantime. What can we do now? Let’s go to a frozen lake and continue filming
there. 2 years have passed when we could do another
edit. I really liked going there and filming but
the audience were not much interested in the final product on Youtube. This was the maximum back then. Have we reached the end of the road with this
sport? I was not ready to give up. Thankfully others started to upload videos
on Youtube as well. People from other countries. They uploaded clips from new tricks which
I’ve never seen before. That’s it. Count me in. Imma learning all of them. I’ve uploaded my first tutorial just to initiate
some contact with the community. But I still believed that the biggest value
resides in these short image films. So I started to work on the 3rd episode of
Freestyle Ice Skating. I searched for sponsors. And if you saw the video you know that I could
list quite a couple there. We received this huge ice ramp from Like-Ice
which would be still a big deal nowadays. But many other people helped too. After uploading, the video finally got some
recognition and so the did sport. Segments of it was selected into the Best
of Youtube series, Somebody recorded this in a south american
fast food restaurant. We also made into a german advertisement. However these are all foreign countries. At home, there are still many troubles on
ice. And well, in many other countries too. Can I break this resistance somehow? I needed a tool. I realised the tutorial video reached quite
a few people that I uploaded earlier. If I grab this tool, I can increase the popularity
of the sport. More people will do it, and instead of banning
the sport we might get support from the rinks eventually. But that’s a long road full of hard work. Well, first of all, I need to learn each trick,
train physically, and keep them in my memory. Need equipment to record videos. Write scripts in english and make tutorials. Youtube also requires strategies, moreover
these are often changing. Such strategies are to make videos which are
understandable by themselves, but still form a community by using special words. I need to grab attention in seconds otherwise
people will click away. And I also need to invest time to share my
content in other platforms. Okay, what was the first step? Ah, to train. I have to admit, I got stuck here already. There wasn’t a single place I could train
off ice. Nowadays I’m doing tricking as well. I increase the risk of injury if I don’t find
an appropriate place. What I did is I obtained some outdoor pillows
and used them as crash mats. This was the only place I could train peacefully,
but the parking lot was a half km away, the pillows kept falling down in every fifty meters. So what’s that in the background then? Why didn’t I use it? It seems to be a huge gymnastic mat. I was sent away several times when I tried. Okay, doesn’t matter. I’ll solve the problems. All problems. Life finds a way. As for my channel, it’s around 30k subscribers. At the moment it’s the most followed page
in freestyle. How did my story begin? Not even my friends believed in me. But I think it’s perfectly enough if I believe
in myself. I wonder what the next generation will do
on ice. They are young, and already great. What the future holds for this sport it a
topic for a later time. Thank you guys for watching this short edit
from the speech. Go forward with you dreams too, don’t care
about anything else. For ice skating content, you know I’m here. See you later, have a nice icy day!

Antonio Breitenberg

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    Greetings from Dubai! Just got back from a great skate and saw this new post. Thanks for translating for us.. great to see your journey. Keep up the great work ! 😎

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    I really like how much effort you put into this sport even though it's not popular YET, but I can kind of understand, you do it because it's somewhat your creation, you started it. Be proud!

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    You guys , are the reason that I started and I fell in love with freestyle ice skating ⛸, thanks for your tips , tutorials , and for your time to show us how to enjoy and improve our tricks . ❄️ 🔥 ❤️. Cheers from Texas !.


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    Thank you for your efforts. I did not know that everything was not so simple. Tell me, is ice skating freestyle growing in popularity?

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