The Best Surf Boats for model Year 2019 – The 10th Annual Polar Bear – 4K

The Best Surf Boats for model Year 2019 – The 10th Annual Polar Bear – 4K

Antonio Breitenberg

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30 thoughts on “The Best Surf Boats for model Year 2019 – The 10th Annual Polar Bear – 4K

  1. Kurt VanDam says:

    I love ur videos and am always looking forward to the next one! Just curious if you have any thoughts on Malibu? We own an LSV23 and really love suffering behind it! That being said, your comments on the Supras have me thinking about our next boat…. 🙂

  2. haknslash says:

    Yes!! So glad to see you were able to recover the footage. Take care guys

  3. Adam padgett says:

    The fi25 has retail of $180k? I thought they were around 100

  4. shakarocks says:

    Great synopsis. I just bought an Fi23 so I've watched last year's Polar Bear about a million times.

  5. Spencer Soehn says:

    Love the vids. sucks that you couldn’t get a tige in the line up.

  6. Brennan Linderman says:

    A heyday is in this but no Tige RZX or ZX??? or Pavati? Interesting… I would have to argue that the title of this video is inaccurate

  7. Adam Heichel says:

    So no actual reviews of the surf wave? Rider feedback, anything?

  8. Hunter Soli says:

    Awesome video and content!! You definitely deserve way more subscribers!! Top notch 👌

  9. michael schmitz says:

    no malibu or axis? the most popular boat on the water today?

  10. Infinity Energy says:

    great job on this video! Quick question. Do you tend to have a tough time getting boat dealers and manufacturers to participate at this event? Are they fearful that they might be rated last on the list? I noticed that you had some boats that were 2018s and others were 2019s (I could be wrong on this). You also had some private boat owners.

  11. Infinity Energy says:

    Also when comparing the boats water displacement why didn't you keep the lead placed in the boat the same across all the boats or don't use lead at all to give a true comparison?

  12. Ryan D says:

    So right now I have a 2009 Moomba LSV that I put a surf gate suction thing on the side of the hull and this year it’s time to upgrade. My options are: 1) get 30k trade in on a 2018 Tige r23 2) get 28k trade in on a 2019 Moomba Max 3) get 27k trade in on a 2014 super air Nautique 210. What should I do? Also I ride surf style, don’t think that changes anything but just to let you know.

  13. Infinity Energy says:

    Do you know where the best place is to get lead for my boat?

  14. Jason Todrick says:

    Interesting decision leaving the best Surf Boat out of a list of the "best surf boats"…

    Pavati's AL26 just too exclusive to include here?

  15. Nick S says:

    Why no X24?

  16. MrTrashFortnite says:

    Was Supreme invited

  17. Nathan Wallace says:

    No Pavati? You are not test the best boats because you left out the best! Your test here is only testing for 2nd place

  18. Benjamin Borgman says:

    Why did you put Nautique in so low it’s the best boat on the market most push for a 23 foot boat

  19. Myles monster says:

    love the video! but in the future, I would love to see you bring in some new boats such as a pavati, sanger, Malibu, Tige, etc.

  20. Colton Cull says:

    The MasterCraft X23 wasn’t even available in 2019 model year. Look X24, X22, and XStar for the top 3 surf waves in the Industry. Very biased video… 😔

  21. Tom H says:

    No Pavati AL26 ? Would love to see a comparison between that and a x26. Thinking of switching from my x26 next season.
    Great video though makes my list of competitors a little smaller.

  22. Peanut Butter Baby says:

    No Malibu? The best selling wake boat on the market?

  23. Omega_ Sxur says:

    Where the pavati?!?!

  24. Adam Rohret says:

    I love how nowadays a 100k$ ski boat is considered non luxurious and a value boat

  25. Travis E says:

    Will you ever demo a Pavati AL26!

  26. Brandon Merryman says:

    These boats r not the best wake the Malibu LSV is

  27. Justin Wagner says:

    Team Supra 💪

  28. George Amonette says:

    I wish someone would do the same with a water ski specific boats all at one time, one location, etc. Thanks for putting this all together and I'm not even a surfer, …. yet.

  29. taco bond says:

    All these boats weigh to much a need way to much ballast and suck down a ridiculous amount of gas. I seen some asshole on YouTube with a 205v getting just as good of a wave with half the weight burning half the gas.

  30. Everyone Randoms says:

    I think it would be nice to do a quick intro with each boat and show where they place the lead in each model and the amount.

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