The Beach Boys – Sloop John B. / Surfing USA [Live – The 50th Anniversary Tour – Chiba 2012 ]

The Beach Boys – Sloop John B. / Surfing USA [Live – The 50th Anniversary Tour – Chiba 2012 ]

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “The Beach Boys – Sloop John B. / Surfing USA [Live – The 50th Anniversary Tour – Chiba 2012 ]

  1. Kate B says:

    Wow!! They are amazing….

  2. Don Brown says:

    50 years……nothing short of amazing! These guys are one of the best groups in history!

  3. Say Hey says:

    One of the best songs of all time.

  4. Stephen S says:

    What a talent!!!!!!

  5. András Galló says:

    Nagyon szuper! Beach Boys.

  6. KaijuProductions says:

    This song is such a masterpiece. I remember listening to this when i was about 2 or 3.

  7. ParadoX DestinY says:

    Forrest Bloom – Say Yes To BREXIT /watch?v=uGt4ckbb_pQ

  8. Debbie Cowin says:

    love this

  9. maplespak says:

    beautiful and wonderful

  10. adam costello says:

    Mike Love needs a shot to the head.

  11. bill becker says:

    this songs always make feel so good

  12. Berend Peetsma says:


  13. Richard Hecht says:

    Great! I love it when I hear La Jolla ("all over La Jolla") mentioned, part of my hometown of San Diego!

  14. Randy Potter says:

    What a great tour. Caught them in Saratoga, N.Y. Sad to say that many in the crowd were too old or crazy to enjoy the concert.

  15. Randy Potter says:

    Al Jardine is so cool!

  16. 6 9 says:


  17. paolosv65 says:

    Stand by please!!! Forever young!

  18. Dean Harvey says:

    Considering the ages of Mike Love (71) ,Brian Wilson (70) Bruce Johnston (70) Al Jardine (70) in this clip in 2012 they have still got it,many 70 years olds just sit home in the rocking chair.

  19. Scotty ColoradoKid says:

    Why are all the great live concerts from every band always in Japan? I love how everybody hates Mike Love (Al Jardine is the coolest one) But hey Jan & Dean started this sound years before Da Beach Boys…yes Pet Sounds was the inspiration for Sgt Peppers

  20. werner521 says:

    Wonderful band – still doing great.
    Best wishes,

  21. herbvette says:

    Best of Brian – – and for all the "haters" of Mike – he is the lead on all the early stuff – a real Rocker. BB forever.

  22. jean-françois FOURCADE says:

    quels musiciens !

  23. rochford1000 says:

    Although I have much respect for Mike Love, I just wish sometimes he'd stop being such an arse and sing like the rest of them, as in this clip!

  24. ggammel says:

    Who knows the name of the one with the tambourine at 1:37? …

  25. tomerph says:

    the boys stole surfing from chucks sweet lil 16 chuck sued they settled aii is good

  26. Cynthia Caddell says:

    have always loved them from the first time I heard God only knows playing in a boutique in the early 70s,this amazing music just blew me away and continues to this day,as a band they have had their differences but always seem to remain close.god bless Dennis and Carl,who died so early on,when they had so much more to give.

  27. Brian Clarke says:

    Two of their best hits

  28. Rhonda Christensen says:

    whats up with brian wilson, who lacks energy, and is pretty noticable, watching the live performances…is this normal, for him !? the reviews must be affected; because you dont see any other band member, struggling, like he has…

  29. Tadeusz Kubica says:

    great song , great band

  30. P. Hamilton says:

    Always puts a smile inside me….

  31. Brian Clarke says:

    Terrific as always from the legends.

  32. Heather Kingsley says:

    true say

  33. Randal Colling says:

    Mike Love STILL has it man!! (as do the rest)

  34. Carl Oatman says:

    these guys are eternal…the music never grows old..

  35. mgunde says:

    Dwight Yokam does it better.

  36. ozus flyer says:

    This version sounds a bit weak. However, I got free tickets to see the BB in Melbourne down under back in 2010. They performed for 2 hours. Well, for somebody who just liked their music, their show that night had me on a high for 5 days. This and Little Deuce Coupe were the 2 songs I wanted to hear. Just a great show, couldn't stop singing all through the show. I've never had a concert affect me in such a great way! Thanks Beach Boys for the great memories.

  37. Dante Romani says:

    autunno 1966 Casale Monferrato caserma Garibaldi ( C.A.R.) quanti ricordi pensando alla fidanzata a casa

  38. W G says:

    Amazing 🙂

  39. Doug2 Great says:

    I am 66 years old……truth….I have seen the Beachboys 85 times…….latest June 20 Belfast…..21 Dublin…….11th Munich…… only took 53 years……

  40. mutterschied says:

    Howdafuck wouldn't be great America if not having guys like'em?

  41. J. Yahir A. Gálvez says:

    Update 2019
    ▶ The Beach Boys Live [DVD Canada – 50th Anniversary] Go to:
    ▶ Full show Japan:

  42. Al cuore Ramon says:

    was the concert in America or in Japan?

  43. arts says:

    Brings my memories backto the 60's. Amazing

  44. marcos jesus says:

  45. Froilan Valdez says:

    listening and watching here in the Philippines; GOD bless everyone ***

  46. Mohsin Ahmed says:

    Lots of respects to Beach Boys from Pakistan. The sound the music… awesome.

  47. Frank christ says:

    mike love you are talent less P.O.S

  48. Rickster says:

    I saw the Beach Boys several times in the eighties. they, along with Jimmy Buffett, were like going to an all night party. And growing up in the 60's and '70's let's face it…that was what I grew up with. every song brings a different memory, girl, car, etc.

  49. Diane Jordan says:

    Keep singing Brian, your voice is such memories to that surf rock era for me

  50. nora kim says:

    Resembled Clinton.
    ,Where Saxphone

  51. nora kim says:

    Beach Boys…

  52. James Joseph Moore says:

    Is Chiba anywhere near China ? Love the video regardless where the concert took place.

  53. Ron Barr says:

    Do they let Charlie listen to this song in San Quentin

  54. nora kim says:

    Somewhat ..Over.. Maybe Unneeded

  55. nora kim says:

    Well, I have differnt mind

  56. dancorb2002 says:

    I wanna go home. I wanna go home. Stretford's a Shithole. I wanna go home.

  57. Molon Labe says:

    Sad Brian has to read his own lyrics.

  58. jack blue says:

    These guys were musical geniuses. Musically they blew all there contemporaries away

  59. peter .hoks says:

    5 jaar geleden super en tijdloos. TOP.

  60. nora kim says:

    I love Bushi….(well I U believe Texas

  61. nora kim says:

    I Unlove Trump saying

  62. nora kim says:

    Well, Over,,stop

  63. nora kim says:

    He is no thanks. in such doing (care U

  64. nora kim says:

    we alreadey Know before Ur saing

  65. Joao’s World says:

    You know there good when most people there probably don’t know what there saying but still in joy it

  66. nora kim says:

    Whoever Ur Boss, USA OK

  67. JOE CARRERA says:

    could listen to them all night long

  68. travis gober says:

    beach boys magic

  69. nora kim says:

    who is Rolling stone,,

  70. nora kim says:

    It is serious expression..

  71. nora kim says:

    I will go Chicago..

  72. nora kim says:

    I appreciate to U

  73. nora kim says:

    Arabia Lawrence,

  74. Russell Robertson says:

    Wow, love this song!!

  75. David McLendon says:


  76. Donnie Kirk says:

    Question: Scott Totten has been with the Beach Boys since 2009; and is their music director;, plays several instruments and even sings; plus he performs on all their albums. Scott also is also allowed to come into the front line when the band takes a bow; but the band never introduces him as a Beach Boy, or even ever introduces him period. To me, Scott "IS" one of he Beach Boys; as the sound they perform, is 100% the production of Scott. Why don't the Beach Boys give Scott the credit he deserves "as one of the Beach Boys"?

  77. Harry Cassell says:

    very groovy. never grows old.

  78. Stevie Boots says:

    God bless you guys! I had fourth row seats for the 50th in Virginia Beach! You guys were rocking like you always do!! I've been to more Beach Boy concerts than any other concerts all together!! love you guys thank you for all the many many years of great music ♡♡♡

  79. George Martin says:


  80. geerty COUDYSER says:

    the best een vlaming

  81. Radhika Pamula says:

    This was painful to watch, especially Brian.

  82. dixiedragon54 says:

    God I love these fans … they are absolutely awesome.

  83. al fisher says:

    I wish they would release the full concert version of this tour, Japan 2012 , it would be a Million Seller, and I mean the Full Concert , not the edited down version. Release the full play list on video……………. Macic at its BEST

  84. Sa1999 says:

    Sloop John B or Darling are my favourite Beach Boys songs.
    When I was in the army and had to go somewhere, I’d always say ‘this is the worst trip, I’ve ever been on’

  85. Malonprowl66 Hec says:

    The Beach Boys, make summer a whole lot bettr than any other group can . even through winter it warms the heart up

  86. Russell Robertson says:

    Perfect harmony and great memories, you guys rock!!

  87. mike a says:

    I miss my '64 Impala / 327 n headers

  88. Robert Hoffman says:

    The Beatles packed it in….but not the Boys….still incredible in their 70’s…..the best good time music ever….

  89. João Rodrigues says:

    why they are separated?

  90. Amedeo Filippi says:

    Ravi! Bravi! Bravi! Forever

  91. Horse Sense says:

    I take my morning dumps to BB music !

  92. Michael David says:

    Brian has fallen victim to autotune and now Mike has on newer shows.

  93. KBEES MOT says:

    Christ! The walking dead, well done the Beach Boys, I thought you were all dead years ago.


    He's-'Still'-Got-It!!! >(*U^)<

  95. Bienvenido Ty says:

    I CAN HEAR MUSIC, Beach Boys!!!. That's true. The baby boomers and all the coming generations to come cannot deny that this fantastic and marvelous guys can compose and perform the great music of all times. The Beach Boys' music will never fade in the history of mankind. I am very proud and elated that i belong to the baby boomers generaton. We were lucky to experience the best of time and the so called golden era. BEACH BOYS FOREVER.

  96. איציק קנול says:


  97. Carolyn Robertson says:

    Awesome group. Glad to be a baby boomer and know what real music used to be.

  98. Cheryl Mathews says:

    My alltime favorite…The Beach Boys rock……god bless them

  99. Eric Jaecques says:

    Favorite two songs!!!

  100. Sa1999 says:

    I’m off to see these in Brighton today 😊

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