The 3D Optical Illusion Lamp

The 3D Optical Illusion Lamp

What’s up guys Lew here back with another video. …and… This is a little different. It’s a 3D L.E.D. lamp from “Liuyao’s bosom”. I saw this on Amazon and I was like, “That!” “I need that!” Look at this thing. Some kind of 3 dimensional lamp… …projection Could it be the coolest thing ever? It’s possible. Unlikely…but possible. No idea what this key thing means on the front. Key or ring, or whatever. I like it, it’s from “Liuyao’s Bosom”. It speaks to me. Holy jamolios. This is, uh… …gonna’ go on my bedside table. …Somewhat underwhelming currently. O.K. this… …is a skull. It’s like an etched out skull. Oooh, listen to this guys. Whoa-oh-oh-oh… Greyskull. Castle Greyskull. He-man What was his name? Skeletor! Kind of looks like Skeletor. There’s this little base… …here… …and a power port… …for this. No power brick though. I guess you gotta’… O.K. I’m gonna’ go ahead and assume…you gotta’
have your own U.S.B. power brick. Well listen; it’s like 18 or 20 dollars, right? Stop whining. U.S.B. Ooooh. Oh! Why not? Wireless. You just tap right there… …and the L.E.D.s go on. Magic time. Woooo! That’s spooky right there. That’s, uh… …what can I say? It’s… …for anyone who’s into the kind of
Halloween decor. Look at this little guy; completely cordless. Tap him; he’s off. Again; he’s on. Your own little skull lamp. Who know’s you’re looking for
a different kind of lamp… …something with a little attitude; maybe this is for you? Like I said they’re like 20 bucks.
Check out the designs. I’ll put a link in the description. There you have it.

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “The 3D Optical Illusion Lamp

  1. Electric Point says:

    Nice Reference !

  2. ashsqx324 says:

    Caould you do a review on the remee lucid dreaming LED meditation mask?

  3. Geekdise Ltd says:

    It Worth 2usd in China. I'm a exporter, I never lie.

  4. Zeuss says:

    It's ok?

  5. Kulamani Sahoo says:

    Worst thing
    Fuk you

  6. zog noty says:

    not an illusion u moron

  7. Candid Lucifer says:


  8. Davide Picistrelli says:

    ahahahahahah what is this shit

  9. Ram Bahadur Ale says:

    Cool but please make a video of cricket bracelet

  10. Random Garbage Uploads daily says:

    i have a shrek one

  11. Himortxl says:


  12. AristocraticGuy says:

    $20 dollar Ripoff

  13. Anjneya Singh says:

    YOU Has wasted my 2 min

  14. Pradip Regmi says:

    Useless thing

  15. tejas tajane says:


  16. RemonDobriya RD says:

    All the video is just super,go on

  17. Hussien gx says:

    چميل جداً

  18. Desiree2401 says:


  19. G.K ISLAMIC WORLD says:


  20. smcfadden1992 says:

    Very underwhelming lol great video man

  21. DevilsMixup says:

    I got this for my bday 2 years ago and I still have it on my bedside table and it’s not that bad only bad thing is that it’s not ‘holographic’ looking as much and I only realised 5 minutes ago why it was cloudy glass, I left the plastic seal on… I’m such an idiot

  22. Triambak Anand says:

    Worst unboxing product ! Seriously hopes went underground 😂😂

  23. Solo Yuzei says:


  24. Sourabh Chakraborty says:

    "Khoda pahad nikla chuha" itsa Hindi saying means "Dug a mountain got a rat". I'll leave it at that.

  25. killercivic2001 says:

    4.5 Million people watched you unbox this because… ? 😉

  26. Kinetic Khaos says:

    I like it it's from li yows bossom pmsl 😂

  27. SV Studio World says:


  28. он гóпник says:

    Starwars :v

  29. Kriz says:

    Wastes of money 😂

  30. Sanket Vaidya 1 says:


  31. [vHonZ] says:

    So stupid idia. Trush lamp

  32. ZXM Zech says:

    Lol ong

  33. Jawad Khan says:

    i thought that it would be a hologram projector

  34. Ashkan Mohammadzadeh says:

    That's it?

  35. Humberto Edibrando says:

    thats not 3d its just a 2d grass beeng streight up buzzld with blue light

  36. Talha Ahmad says:

    Haha what a junk

  37. samadsiddhi says:

    Its nothing at all

  38. Ajmal Abidin NUR says:


  39. yarraju sai says:

    I think people disliked this video as they thought this is a hologram projecter.

  40. MAX . IN says:

    Shut up bloody lol wolf fuck who the he'll are you

  41. Shareef Emp says:

    It deserves less than 1 box

  42. istefk says:

    ohh man, I thought that skeletor-head was gunna rock some headphones

  43. Raj Shah says:

    Wow it is very imteresting

  44. Devansh gupta says:

    Your videos makes me feel relaxed!!

  45. IDont Wantaname says:

    Kinda underwhelmed towards the end. Not gonna lie. Lol

  46. Joe Christo says:

    This isn’t an optical illusion
    They are holograms or something

  47. Alphyz Qrw says:

    What's this?

  48. Jake Walker says:

    It’s not that convincing

  49. Anand Mahadevan says:


  50. The Nick says:

    Total shit 💩

  51. Nelson Paixão Pinto says:

    You can see into the future with that lamp 🤔

  52. Carbon Jett Asher says:

    I didn't expect it to be a hologram but I expected it to be 3d as in a full skull that lit up, like maybe wires that lit up. Pretty disappointing.

  53. Dummy Boi says:


  54. Electro Maniac says:

    MOTH wants to know your location lew

  55. lhalls9116 says:

    I have this too but its a peace sign

  56. Cats and Music says:

    This literally sucks ass.

  57. Cyril Tagalog says:

    Please pick me for the real me 2 pro giveaways please

  58. Cyril Tagalog says:

    Notice me unbox therapy please i really need the real me 2 pro please,i really want the real me 2 pro please

  59. Dane Ibsen says:

    they thought it was a hologram hahaha

  60. Kim NANA The Artistic Masterpiece Whaley says:

    At first, I thought it was a holographic lamp but nope…….. Nah ill pass lol

  61. Phunpha Vashi says:

    You are so awesome

  62. tarun makker says:

    Real 3d gadgets and even more cool techs are available in my country cuz we live close to japan and china is our neighbor. But you english people are dependent on amazon or ebay for all these tech .

  63. Francis Watts says:

    their web sight gives the impression that they are 3D. not interesting or even new.

  64. sillyfello says:

    Stupidest vdo in yur channel lol

  65. Dre Presswood says:

    It’s still pretty cool not gonna lie

  66. Tom T says:

    Are they really only $20? I was just checking out some company called Lampeez that sells them for a lot more

  67. Juan Calderon says:

    When's does it turn into 3D?

  68. Hisoa Acrylic Products says:

    We can provide you more than 200 kinds of 3d lamp and customised 3d lamp for you. MOQ is 100pcs.

  69. Joey John says:


  70. bi0lizard1 says:

    Looks lame AF!

  71. Tyler Count says:

    Really glad there was a review on this so I knew not to buy one. Looked kinda neat in pictures on insta but turned out to be lame

  72. Happy Gift24h says:

    good seller

  73. Tomi Ajayi-Dopemu says:

    Biggest p o s ever

  74. FinallyDeadTG says:

    Awww i was thinking it used a mirror to project the image i didnt know you had to have a physical piece in it 🙁

  75. Michael Baker says:

    it's Nancy Pelosi!!!

  76. robert young says:

    Got one of these at my office's dirty santa. Hadn't seen one before. Super disappointed in what they actually are. Not 3d not even close. It sucks.

  77. Iby Try’s says:

    I got one it’s a scar from Fortnite and well real life

  78. Distribuidora Pavanis says:

    Just laughed and kept on with my life lmao

  79. AVoiceInTheWilderness says:

    is it me or is this super stupid lol, go shine a flash light below your own face for more entertainment

  80. Chev Raughn says:

    Not what i expected :/

  81. Nadia Ahmed says:

    At least u didnt attempt to stretch the video to 10 mins

  82. Ayush Gupta says:

    Its completely useless

  83. Terrae Spiritus says:

    What's fucked up is that they're selling this plastic garbage at Touch of Modern for $59.99…..reduced from $140.00!!!

  84. Billy Moore says:

    I just ordered 2 custom lamps to go with my LED floating platform bed. This should look badass.

  85. Jayden McFarlane says:

    Is there a person online who designs these lamps by request?

  86. Sofia Peisakhov says:

    Uhhh… Sorry but this thing costs around 5$-10$ on AliExpress… Definitely not 20$… I have a few of those and it comes with different shapes and the color should be changeable

  87. Dave Tormala says:

    not what I thought it was..

  88. Nilesh Manandhar says:

    What is the biggest size in the market we could get?

  89. Francisco Alcantara says:

    Absolutly trash. Refund my time back

  90. Puzzler says:

    I thught it was a hologram lamp

  91. Carnivorous Plants And Gardening says:

    What is this????

  92. Pip Pipster says:

    Me wanty

  93. RobertsDigital says:

    I expected the same 3D hologram communication device I use to see in star wars movies but it turns out to be one of the most useless junk ever unboxed

  94. Sneakz78 says:

    What Marvel used to make blue holograms on Iron Man 1, 2, 3

  95. That One Furry says:

    That skele did me a S P O O K

  96. christom ngrace says:

    omg now he is my type of adorable geek chic hunk yummy , i just literally bought one from amazon , a dragon for my best mate in holland hes gonna love it , hes got no clue its even coming his bday on 1oth aug so should get to him in plenty of time …touch wood

  97. vasu dev says:


  98. John Smitherson says:

    Looks stupid.

  99. Meet Shah says:

    It's nothing new. In India, this thing has been selling from years. Instead of skeleton there's picture of god or something.

  100. Din Mojica says:

    its actually pretty cool, i like night lights..

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