How is the surf today? It’s pretty good Oh yeah? Chest to shoulder height surf With head height sets We’re wondering whether we should
go to Akaehama… or it’s better at Kaeda near Aoshima beach Did you see the ocean? when you landed? yep we saw it! which side did you look at? the right side Akae side? yep! Was there anyone in there? Probably about 10 surfers? Oh then I’m sure it’s good surf there Hey guys, I’m back in Miyazaki.
That’s twice in three months I came back to me to Miyazaki this time because we want to experience Miyazaki when
it’s not a major holiday in Japan So it’s quite empty which is awesome Last time we came in golden week, it was like
filled so many people here It was like crazy. It was super packed Now it’s just before summer holidays so a lot of people probably coming
like next week or the week after so I have decided to come this week
just before August There’s also 2 typhoons
that’s currently south of Japan and it’s slowly moving towards Miyazaki So I’m hoping that those two typhoons
will generate some pretty big swells But hopefully it doesn’t come too close or else It’s gonna be like too big of a wave like double overhead which
is what it is now in Tokyo which is too much for me During around this time in Japan
there’s a lot of typhoons and Usually in September October is
where it’s typhoon season so you get like one like almost every week So luckily this time it’s just off the coast of Japan
so it’s not coming here Which is good!
Good swells Last time I did a lot of touristy stuff but this time I’m just going to go surfing so hopefully i have a lot more surfing clips That’s cool Sometimes it’s really tough
holding a Go Pro Because I can’t breath Yeah doesn’t look like you
can concentrate on surfing Yeah sometimes I can’t But if you get used to it it’s fun! do you always use this when you surf? only when I travel You’re from Tokyo right? Yep You are with … Yeah he is Koji I’m Ken I’m Ayako Ayako Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you too! When it’s break time..
It’s ORION BEER time! But I think I’m getting sunburned because
the sun’s just like over there and I keep facing there I think my back is like … Really dark I wish you would like change position, so I can get a perfect tan Don’t know if you can see my leg It’s pretty different color So when you come to Miyazaki
you have to rent a car Because it’s like no trains to get
to the surf spots or buses So it’s the most convenient
way to get around in Miyazaki We’ve entered a Toyota HIACE which you see behind me It’s this van which is pretty awesome I’ll put the link in the description below and basically this rental car just made for surfers now why I say this is because they have Bucket for you to get changed in they give you water tanks for your to shower afterwards and they also have like Surfboard roof racks for your surfboards the Toyota HIACE costs about 6000 yen a day So we’re staying here for 5 days 4 nights so it’s going to cost roughly 30,000 yen which is roughly about 300 – 350 USD
give and take It’s pretty cheap and it comes with insurance as well and I think it’s more expensive if you only rent for three days So anything that’s above three days is cheaper So just check out the link that I’m gonna post and Yeah, you just basically call
them up and I think you have to reserve online and then yeah It’s good to see you again! You got darker! There’s no one here but you guys There’s no one else but you guys so Your rooms are on the second floor I went fishing on a boat did you catch anything? I caught a SABA (mackerel) Do you know? Yes! One of the things I love about Miyazaki is the food We’re going to eat this charcoal chicken Well hopefully they sell it The place is called TORIMA and it’s very close to where we’re staying We’re staying at Aoshima pension again You can check out my Miyazaki blog vlog I did before About the location Charcoal chicken is really good It’s from Kagoshima I think You must be happy You get to drink beer that you love! There’s 2 of us Please sit in the middle Thank god! Okay, so today I’m gonna be surfing in this spot called O-GURA-GA-HAMA Which is in the Northern part of Miyazaki. It’s actually in Hyuga city it’s a little bit strange because Miyazaki has a long stretch of road
which is to the beach and it leads to here Everytime I check the surf conditions and stuff this has the best number of points and every time I ask my surfer friends who travel a lot around Japan, they say that Hyuga and here is probably like the one of the best surfing spots in Miyazaki because the conditions are always good and there’s always wave so we’re
gonna go check it out and There’s only like 10 people in there Which is like awesome and I think the typhoon swells are
still coming in which is good This morning I tried surfing down in Aoshima And it was just like no waves so we drove about 1 hour and 20 minutes from
Aoshima to get here so if you take the Higashi Kyushu Kosoku
which is the east Kyushu expressway it takes about an hour and 20 to 30 minutes you can also take the non
expressway which takes a little bit longer maybe about 20 minutes longer Maybe it’s here? It’s here! Because I want to eat this! Eggs benedict Wow, this is a really nice hotel I should stay here at least once but
it’s pretty expensive Like I saw the package last time for 5 days 4 nights it was about 200,000 yen which is about 2k which is crazy but I guess you pay for the luxury So I mean if you want to come
to Miyazaki for surfing and it’s the first time and you have money to blow..
just check out Aoshima ANA hotel Excuse me but you don’t
sell Eggs Benedict anymore? Yeah… this is all we’ve got today I see Fish and chips and … Mango Mojito They don’t have eggs benedict They don’t? I think it’s only for breakfast Wow I haven’t had fish and chips
for so long It’s really good fish and chips haven’t had fish and chips for like since I’ve been in Japan for like 5 or 6 years It’s really good Just to give you an update on my trip It’s currently my 4th day I’m leaving tomorrow which I’m very sad So there’s two typhoons that I mentioned that’s currently one south of Japan
the other one is on the west side So the one that’s south that
I thought was going to come to Miyazaki Is actually moving away from Japan So this morning we checked Aoshima beach and because we thought the swells
from the typhoon would be coming in but it was almost flat But during the day it’s going to
become bigger and bigger So we went and checked Akaehama which was like crazy It’s about head height to overhead height surf I wasn’t in there for like an hour maybe It was growing too big growing bigger and bigger and there were only a few people in there And I think they were locals
or like hardcore pro Surfers It was really tough conditions Thank you! See you next time! Bye bye Well, I’m on my way home now back to tokyo So I hope you guys enjoyed my vlog and as always please give us thumbs up! and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t If you really like my video please remember to share on the social network I’ll see you guys next time Conditions may be not as good as yesterday but umm the typhoon is still south I think from tomorrow afternoon it’s going to get bigger and bigger in the morning it could be pretty small maybe we might come here again Hyuga always has waves well here anyway

Antonio Breitenberg

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