This certifies that Devang Sethi or The
Punjabi wanderer can control a team of dogs and venture safely through the
Arctic the dogsled driver licence I know it’s not an official thing but it’s
still a special thing for me because I flew through four capitals lost my bag
in Iceland got a new visa in Reykjavik and froze myself in minus 33 degrees
Celsius to get it so let’s see how I failed but then eventually pass the
final test to get the license Is it recording yeah I guess so it’s
recording so Sat Sri Akal another day and we are going to start the ultimate test
the ultimate test I would call it because I’ll be out with Marty for like
four days we’ll be fishing we’ll be hunting but first we need to get some
new dogs hello yeah so we have reached Qaarsut
and this is how you welcome your guests in Greenland we are having some dried
Narwhal skin and Oh meat sorry yeah it’s meet and that over there is the is the Narwhal skin that we had last evening as at Marty’s
place oh yeah and this thing is really nice and it gives you a lot of fat? Protein to survive in the cold
yeah and the Phantom again makes me good not fly it because it was too cold
now I’ve warmed it up so I’ll see that if I could fly the phantom now You know they say Greenlandic dogs are not friendly so I should not go close to them just stay away they can bite me so
I guess a dog cost around 400 500 danish krone Marty is going to buy I guess
four we’ll find out soon The Sun is also about to set so we need to hurry up and when I was coming here it was really bumpy ride so I could not film but now
I’ll just have my GoPro in my hand so that I can show you how I’m traveling it
was a fun ride I’m sure it’s gonna be a fun ride back home as well So I’m gonna sit here at the back it’s comfortable and the plus point is that I don’t feel
the wind the wind comes from my back so it’s good How’re you?
I’m good! It’s cold today cold today So the first thing you need to do is you need to dress properly like you can see I can I’m
wearing a seal jacket and then I’m wearing folder of your pants and then
these big shoes I’m wearing to three layers inside so that I’m not cold
wearing these gloves and on top of them I’ll wear seal gloves now the second thing I need to do is I have to make a place I need to make a spot in the sea-ice where
I can tie my dogs so you see I have this thing and I need to dig from one side
and dig from the other side so that I make a hole under the sea-ice where I
tie my dogs and from there I prepare my sled so right now I’m gonna dig a hole
in the sea ice I was still struggling with it and there
was a guy who saw me struggling and then he just came to help me
he just took five minutes to do it yeah so I kind of failed like my first task
let’s see how the day goes now the next thing is to practice with
the whip so got the whip and now I have to hit that that is his sled and this is my sled I
have to put this thing to put this thing the dots here in this thing and then we
release the dogs from here and then we just take off. I realized I have to get off the sled
but if I get off the sled and the dogs run away there is no way I could catch
them and I would have been left stranded there as my friend mati was too far
ahead but to untangle the dog I had to get off the sled so I took a calculated
risk and it paid off So after watching me work so hard, you ought to Subscribe, no?!

Antonio Breitenberg

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