Thai Soccer Team Practices with the L.A. Galaxy

Thai Soccer Team Practices with the L.A. Galaxy

Welcome to Stubhub Center. We’re so excited to
have you guys here. This is the home
of the LA Galaxy, one of the most famous soccer
stadiums in the United States. Hey, welcome, guys. Welcome. Come on in, guys. Come on in. So this is me, right here. Number 19. For you. Yes. Thank you. Yeah. There you guys go. Oh! This is where the
team trains every day. [CLAPPING] [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Nice to see you. Coach. And you’ve been called? Boss. [LAUGHING] They’re going to
play with us now, because we need all
the help we can get. Let’s go. This is captain. This is our captain. [CLAPPING] Ole! [LAUGHING] Good show, man. Go coach. Go coach. Go coach! Go coach! Shoot! [CLAPPING] [WHISTLE BLOWING] For Wild Boar, we want the guys
to have a penalty shoot-out. [CHEERING] [CLAPPING] Let’s go. Let’s go, Wild Boar. Come on, Titan! [CHEERING] [CLAPPING] Ole! Ole! Thanks for coming. Thank you, Ellen!

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