TEW; Surfing Europe Ep5 ‘Surf City, Munich’

TEW; Surfing Europe Ep5 ‘Surf City, Munich’

Antonio Breitenberg

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6 thoughts on “TEW; Surfing Europe Ep5 ‘Surf City, Munich’

  1. The Daydream Club says:

    This place looks awesome, I'd like to get one of those put into Leicester City Centre, it only seems fair as we're miles from the sea 😀

  2. EndlessWinterMovie says:

    The white noise of the river does not sound pretty on laptop speakers! Best headphones and sound systems are highly recommended for this one : )

  3. Erez Levanon says:

    Very cool <3

  4. St. Mark says:

    4:40 check the nose on that board.

  5. EndlessWinterMovie says:

    Endless 2; Surfing Europe is Now available on DVD….


  6. adventuresinbelieving says:

    looks more challenging than any wave pool – and is zero Carbon! Awhhooo!

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