TEW; Surfing Europe Ep4 ‘Mission Morocco’

TEW; Surfing Europe Ep4 ‘Mission Morocco’

– [Mark] From day one,
Morocco has been on the map as the last spot of the road trip, the classic road trip through Europe. In the 60’s it must have
been just so exciting to get to the bottom of Europe and then and hour ferry ride
they can be rolling off in Africa and exploring all
the coast line down there. That must have been just
really a magical time. – [Craig] When those big
storms start coming in the northern hemisphere
up there, you know, it chases a lot of surfers south. – To go south from here is
to go into warmth, you know? – It’s just the terminus, you know? The end of the road is Morocco, and in a surfer’s heart Morocco is Europe. – [Mark] Hola! – [Border Patrol] Hola, buenos tardes? – [Mark] Buenos tardes! – [Mark] Hey, ay, ay! We’re in. – [Craig] When you crossed
over that Strait of Gibraltar into Morocco, boom, you
were in another world. – It’s a journey into
the unknown, isn’t it? – [Craig] Everything is different. – Thanks for the good
times Europe! Yeehoo! Africa- Woohee! – [Craig] We all knew we were
in a very foreign country. – [Roger] It was a complete
cultural shift for sure. – [Mark] Ahh, look at this gang. Yeehehe! (Moroccan civilians cheering back) – [Mark] I’m looking for
the beach, Mehdia Plage, and hopefully that’s
where Abdel is gonna be. He’s an amazing Moroccan surfer, and he’s gonna be my tour guide down here which is really good ’cause I haven’t really got a clue where I’m going. Hey, Abdel! (waves crashing) (upbeat drums and singing) (Abdel and Reda greeting
each other in Arabic) – [Abdel] Reda is one of the
first surfers here in Morocco. – [Mark] Fantastic. This
is where it all started. – [Reda] Yeah, the surf began
here in Mehdia in Morocco. It was the first spot. It’s like a Biarritz in France. – [Mark] Biarritz of Morocco right here. – [Reda] The beginning
of surfing in Morocco is Mehdia Plage. It’s in this place. (upbeat violin and percussion) – [Reda] This place we have
an American base in Kenitra. The Americans they bring the boards, so they were trying to
surf there near the rocks. We were young. So we had seen people
just walking in the water It was like Jesus for us. What the hell is that, you know? (upbeat violin and percussion) – [Reda] We was young, and the first idea that we
had in our minds was ‘wow’. We want to be just like those person. So we were trading with them. Fish, food, all that stuff, with board, leash, wetsuit, so we dressed like them. We tried to talk and surf
like them- them styles, ’cause they bring a new thing, you know, to have contact with the ocean. – [Reda] You know, we listen to music. They play guitar. They like relax music. [Abdel] Hippy music – Hippy music, yeah. – [Mark] And then did you guys realize what amazing surf you had
on the Moroccan coast here, and did you guys start exploring then, some early road trips up and down? – [Reda] Ya, ya. All the people around the world hear
about Mehdia and Morocco, so we had many camping car from Europe, from England, from United States, they came here, and they stay, and they move step by step
in the South of Morocco, so we trip with them to
guide them in the South. It was good for them to
travel with the local people, so we had this chance to travel with a car, with surfer, to share culture, you know? – [Mark] Fantastic. – By surfing. (upbeat violin and percussion) – [Abdel] Out there! Haha! (upbeat violin and percussion) (gang cheering) (upbeat violin and percussion) – Woohoo! – [Mark] You’re taking me
to your secret spot now? – [Abdel] Exactly – [Mark] You can only get there by camel. We are looking for waves
somewhere in Morocco. (laughing)

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. Antony Colas says:

    Good job guys !

  2. gusano rojo says:

    Europe '71-'72 and fall about to turn into winter, it's across the Strait of Gibraltar we go tenting ourselves in the Mehdia Plage dunes of Kenitra. The harbor jetty and entrance make up the first course of the Moroccan tajine, until supplied with dates and citrus we drove south along the north west coast of Africa, discovering the Sufi, mystical, desert points of the southern Morocco that were so akin to our Baja California waves of home. And for winter only a beat up Karmann Ghia, tent and sleeping bags waited lonely on shore as each wave that washed over us resounded with the traditional Islamic greeting; "As-Salam-u-Alaikum", peace be unto you! We did not return to Europe till late spring…

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    where i can watch the full episode please ?

  4. EndlessWinterMovie says:

    Endless 2; Surfing Europe is Now available on DVD….


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