Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir Are ‘Definitely Not Dating’

Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir Are ‘Definitely Not Dating’

So your fans campaigned
to get you on the show. I mean, it was
trending on Twitter. It was a huge deal. It’s so heartwarming. And I have to
admit, social media is still relatively new for us. It’s new territory. We’re like the only ones
in the world probably. In Vancouver and in Sochi, both
those Olympics, neither of us were active on social media. And we’re fiercely private. So this has been
really special to sort of share our Olympic
experience with so many people, and this is such a
thrill and an honor. Thank you to everyone
for getting us here. Yeah, well– we don’t
ask [INAUDIBLE] anybody. The fans wanted you here,
we wanted you here also. It’s not like we weren’t
going to have you here. But it was great,
that he did that. Now you are the most decorated
figure skaters in history. Has that sunk in yet? That is a pretty
amazing compliment. Obviously, a lot of
things have to go right to have three different
cycles, especially as a team. And yeah, it’s been
pretty special. And 20 years skating together. And you have
chemistry, obviously. And a lot of people
are saying that there is more than just chemistry
there, that you’re a couple. They are? That said that–
that’s what they say. I think you’ve
heard that before. I mean, are you a couple? We are not. But you know, we always say
that that’s a big compliment. Because what we portray on the
ice is really important to us, and we love getting
into character. We love telling a story. And a lot of the
emotions we portray are universal themes that
resonate with everyone. The fact that people feel
invested in our partnership is truly remarkable. And I mean, we’ve spent
20 years working hard on this partnership, a
lot of trust, and mostly– I mean, in those moments when
the music ended in Pyeongchang, I just looked at
Scott and I was so grateful to have lived the
last 20 years by his side and to share in that
moment together. So you’re a couple. If we were, we would
announce it here. Yeah. This would be the place. Well, in 20 years, there’s never
been a time that you dated, at all? Actually, we did
date, when we were– Aw. Yeah, just wait. We were about that old. Yeah, exactly. Just before that
picture was taken. Tessa was 7 or 9. But we didn’t talk
to each other. I remember when we were
skating we would just hold hands and avoid eye contact. And in order to advance
our partnership, we had to put the hot and
heavy relationship on the side. Which meant you had
to break up with me. Yeah, I broke up with Tessa,
and none of my friends have let me live
that down since. Wait. So you did sort of date
when you were young? If you can call it that, yeah. I think mostly our families
were laughing at us. They kind of set us up. And it was the same
thing, actually, when we started ice dancing. They just kind of
put us together, and I think it was just
for their amusement. And all of a sudden, 20 years
later, we’re still doing it. Joke’s on them. And will this be your last
Olympics, do you think? You know, if it is, what a
way to go out, on such a high. And we took some time off
after the Sochi Olympics and had a two year
comeback plan. And to live that Olympic
fairytale the way we did, and execute those programs
how we dreamed of, is something that we’ll cherish. You know, that feeling
that is truly fantastic. I mean– Yeah, we’ll probably– Probably. Probably the last one. Time to end. So you’ll settle down
and start a family. Families, yeah. Oh, you’re going to
marry different people and stay together? Yeah. I see, great. All right. We’re going to take a break,
and we’re going to come back and we’re going to test how
much chemistry you really do have together, even though
you’re not together. OK. But you should be. We’ll be back. And I know you’re saying
you’re not dating, but we want to
find out for sure, so we’re going to
see how well you know each other in a game we’re
calling The Definitely Not Dating Game. Yeah. All right, so we asked
you questions earlier before the show started,
you wrote down answers, to see how well you
know each other. Tessa, what is Scott’s
favorite TV show? The Office. It is The Office. We’re so competitive
at this game. All right, I want to win, but
I think we both win, right? Scott, if Tessa
is getting hangry, what food should you give her? Oh, chocolate. Oh, I said breakfast. Anything breakfast. [BUZZER] Hmm. All right. That wasn’t a good start. That’s a miss. No, you started off fine. Now it’s just down. Downhill from here. All right Tessa, who is
Scott’s celebrity crush? Oh, Walk The Line. Reese Witherspoon? Reese Witherspoon, yeah. Oh my god, that’s so
funny that you said that. Reese Witherspoon
in Walk The Line. Wow. It’s very– or J-Lo. See, I talked a
little about J-Lo. J-Lo or Reese, but only
Reese in Walk The Line. I don’t know why. I mean Reese
always, but I really liked her in Walk The Line. I should have known that, J-Lo. And pretty much and
J-Lo in almost anything. In anything, yes. All right Scott, what is
Tessa’s guilty pleasure? Oh my gosh, I feel like
I’m using the same card. Chocolate. Chocolate. OK, good. Yeah, OK. I’m very pretty. But like, she shouldn’t
feel guilty about that. Just eat whatever you want. Yeah, eat whatever you want. Tessa, does Scott
prefer boxers or briefs? I struggled with this one. I guessed. What? I know. Boxers. I should have said boxer
briefs, but is that not a thing? Oh, that’s a thing, yeah. And that is kind of– We have those. Boxer briefs. Yes. Yeah. Briefs are for work. OK. Yeah, take two. Briefs are for work. Well, there you go. Scott, if Tessa could pick any
actress to play her in a movie, who would she pick? Emma Watson. Yeah. Emma Watson, wow. So you all have
talked about that. Yeah. Clearly. Tessa, what is
Scott’s biggest fear? Oh, gosh. Well, I went on a limb. I know that he has a
major fear of mascots. Is that what you said? You said that? Scott, wants Tessa’s
go to coffee order? Oh, my gosh. I struggled with this
one, and I know I’m wrong. But she’s– I would
say, flat white. Oh, that’s a good guess. But you change it up. Good try, but I said, almond– Almond milk cappuccino. Oh, well. All right, it’s good
you all aren’t together. Which makes– All right, well
that was a fun game. And we learned that you are
fine just the way you are.

Antonio Breitenberg

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98 thoughts on “Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir Are ‘Definitely Not Dating’

  1. Aimi Khan says:

    she can't stop smilling while looking at Scott 💕💖

  2. anicka says:

    ellen: so you’re a couple?
    tessa: a couple of bestieeeeeEeeEeEeS

  3. Lord Pancake says:

    They are so humble, I love them!

  4. T Emily says:

    "We probably care more about each other than we do about ourselves almost." – Scott
    "At the core, we're still each other's biggest fans, and we adore one another" – Tessa
    "I don't think she realizes that she keeps me alive." – Scott
    "After twenty years, I still find Scott hysterical." – Tessa
    "Tessa's brilliant, in every sense. Everybody should have a Tessa." – Scott
    "People search their whole lives for someone that special and we have that and we're very fortunate." – Tessa

    Those are only SOME. These two are such saps. BUT NO! NOT A COUPLE. AT ALL.

  5. nmtg says:

    At about 1:14, Ellen asks them "…are you a couple?" Watch Scott Moir's body language here. He's practically nodding in response. Meanwhile, Tessa Virtue says, "We are not…but…" Hilarious. I'm sure it's tough for them being scrutinized all the time about their personal life but this moment is amusing.

  6. Daniela Mello says:

    1:15 Ellen asks 'are you a couple?' Scott noddles his head in agreement. 👁️👁️ 😊

  7. MayaEdits says:

    they're too perfect i can't

  8. Kat Haug says:

    lmao they should have shown pics of Carmen in the background. It's easily as steamy as their programs this year.

  9. María Paz Palacios says:

    I love how they are so media trained that it’s so obvious to know when they’re actually getting out of their script and being spontaneous. They’re 100% together, they know we know they know. Thank you for coming to my TED talk

  10. Anabela P. G F' says:

    Being together is too easy, I agree with putting emotions to the side

  11. Anabela P. G F' says:

    "It's good you guys aren't together" XDXD

  12. AG Skater says:

    no no, scotts celebrity crush is Tessa

  13. Just Me says:

    Frienship goals 🤗

  14. tessa nolan says:

    finally another tessa!!!

  15. Agus Rojas says:

    It's really hard to believe that they have such a chemistry on and out of the ice and they don't have a romantic relationship I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT LIE COME ON SHOW ME THE RING

  16. Justin Angelo Alvarez says:

    Reese Witherspoon is also my celebrity crush, along with Emma Watson…

  17. Justin Angelo Alvarez says:

    It would've been funny if Ellen scared the shit out of Scott with a mascot…

  18. TamAna Nrz says:

    They are photos on Google that show Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir kissing!!!😑

  19. Merideth V says:

    Had to say different answers for boxers vs briefs to keep up the charade of not dating 🤷🏼‍♀️😅

  20. Flake says:

    amy adams and noah wyle should be casted when they make a movie about those two

  21. starsmoon0216 says:

    They skated together since they were children just like Meryl and Charlie did. People please stop fantasizing about these two being together. They have their own lives. Let them be!!!

  22. Elizabeth says:

    1:00 that little nudge Scott gives Tessa! So cute! 💗

  23. rbc21 says:

    maybe friends with benefits

  24. Sarah Turner says:

    Oh, come on! Watching their Pyeongchang performance to Moulin Rouge and then watching them embrace after it was done, come on. COME ON. Admit it!!! Tessa might not like Scott but SCOTT DEF LOVES TESSA!!!

  25. Any Diaz says:

    Traduzcan a español para disfrutar la plática

  26. Anna Skates says:

    Published on my birthday 😉 And they were amazing in the olympics

  27. Penelope Smith says:

    ❤️ them they are truly an inspiration in ice skating! Their connection and chemistry together is absolutely beautiful!!! ( that only they themselves could have) its a bond that can’t be broken!!! 😘🤗

  28. Xiaoji Zhou says:

    "Even though you are not together but you should be". OMG love it! lol

  29. Ana Novello says:

    Alguien que traduzca están de novios

  30. A nnika says:

    love them so much 🙂

  31. Nicholas Camp says:

    It all depends on how one defines "dating".

  32. 56dinosaur says:

    Maybe it's good that they are strictly a performing couple. At one of their post-Olympics press onferences, we got a glimpse of Scott's temper. When asked a question that he didn't like, Scott angrily growled "It's none of your business", then he regained his usual expressionless reserve/composure. Like many people who normally show little emotion, when Scott is forced to show emotion, what comes out is ugly and explosive, like shaking up a bootle of Coca Cola before opening it. In a real life romantic relationship with Tessa Virtue, Scott's temper would be cause for concern. Tessa must know that. They entertain the public superbly.. Let's leave it at that.

  33. Vivien Lee says:

    Geez!!! They are NOT dating!!!!! Stop making it a thing! If they are, big deal. If not, just respect the skating.

    You know, ppl who keep pushing for this is like how their aunts keep pushing them together. It won’t work. They need space. So just leave them alone!

    Also they’ve been “Canada’s Sweethearts” for 20 years!! With an entire country, now the entire world wanting them to be a couple, it’s hard for them to even realize that for themselves. So leave them alone!

  34. naomi wiesner says:

    The way they look at eachother is so special

  35. mimsicle says:

    THEYRE GOING TO DATE. Like the tension just makes their competitions more passionate… but after that we all know they're going to town or regret not doing it.

  36. 56dinosaur says:

    In a real relationship, Scott's temper would be cause for concern. in one of their press conferences (after their most recent Olympic victory), Scott lost his cool with a reporter wwho asked a question that he (Scott) didn't like. He growled "It's none of your business!", before regaining his (highly reserved, expressionless) composure.

  37. Angel of Darkness says:

    Bunlar çıkmıyorsa ben de gelecekten geliyorum aq

  38. Grace Rodriguez says:

    "Are you are a couple?"
    Scott nodded asdfghjkl

  39. EverythingWonderful says:

    I really think the have chemistry, but to be professional, they can not start a relationship, or else when they end it, they'll also have to end their partnership…

  40. Legends says:

    'youre gonna marry different people and stay together' LOOOL

  41. Pluto says:

    I know man they did have that Olympics fairytale they came and conquered.

  42. Leila Tang says:

    they got paired up at 8, so I think the reason that they're not dating is they are too close and that they are like a brother and sister.

  43. Leila Tang says:

    though I feel like they are dating deep inside… because they just have to be.

  44. Leila Tang says:

    After all those years….it disappoint me.

  45. Danni Style63 says:

    Who cares if they are dating or not!!

  46. RandomIsMyLif3 says:

    the only pair couple that has come close to grinkov and gordeeva..but no one can top what they achieved and the adoration they had for eachother..grinkov made katerina fly

  47. M MG says:

    I think they are doing this for publicity purposes. I know there are people that really protect their private lives. But all this denial and flirty games just have the opposite result. People wants to know more and more. I mean, Maxim Trankov and Tatiana Volosozhar were a couple, got married, had a baby like the most normal thing. And now with the Canada tour Tessa and Scott doing the same lots of flirty performance they lost freshness. They exploited this too much. Bit that's just me.

  48. Zuzana Simurdova says:


  49. María Paz Palacios says:

    Somehow I always end up here

  50. tessa buttface says:

    he kinda look like gru from the side…

  51. NumNum Num says:

    I think everyone took this the wrong way; They’re best friends and they’re so comfortable with each other that people think it might be something more. I read somewhere (don’t ask for details, I don’t remember where) that they tried dating when they were 15-16, but it didn’t work out because of how close they were. It’s basically like dating your brother or sister. So it’s just a lifelong friendship and that’s the most impressive thing here❤️

  52. Makena Papallo says:


  53. Margo Gerv says:

    Ellen is out there shipping them hard

  54. Rachel Zhang says:

    I’m cryinn

  55. Ela Eka says:


  56. Edits A Star is Born says:

    So now we know if Tessa and Scott get invited or ask to go on Ellen it means the they will be revealing that there a couple

  57. Jenny Wang says:

    scott unashamedly nods when ellen asks if they're a couple

  58. val roe says:

    They remind me of the Sean and kaycee dynamics

  59. Anca Krümella says:

    How do they have the same handwriting?

  60. Miranda says:

    the way they look at each other is truly so special and mesmerizing

  61. MusoMusi says:

    What if they’re secretly married…

  62. Rachel Zhang says:


  63. william says:

    Ellen ships hard lol

  64. fatimaderodriguez says:

    He eats her with his eyes… Actually, the best eyes comunication.

  65. Sam Gonzalez says:

    They say their not dating. But the way Scott looks at Tessa when she talks. IS BEAUTIFUL. There has to be something going on. 🙂

  66. Sam Gonzalez says:

    For celebrity crush, he should have said Tessa.

  67. Elise Vicino says:

    they are actually the most amazing people alive.

  68. Julia M says:

    I love how Scott just watches Tessa the whole time

  69. Inwoo Anthony Jo says:

    So they're a couple then.

  70. Eunmin Woo says:

    Are they single??

  71. the lives of Maya and Quin says:

    I think scott might have feelings for tessa, you can tell by the way he acts. But tessa seems like a close friend, he's been friend zoned.

  72. Isha Panchal says:

    Whatttttt???? I already thought they were a couple infact I thought they were married 😫😫 OMG my whole life was a lie

  73. Trusha Liyanage says:


  74. Trusha Liyanage says:


  75. Angel Ge says:

    I feel like they would be parabatai like Simon and Clary (if you know, you know) instead of a romantic couple.

  76. Angel Ge says:

    They're literally Percabeth.

  77. Joanna Banana says:

    The way he looks at her is like She means a lot to him and vice versa. They are soulmates basically. They look so cute together uwu

  78. Isabella Barbosa says:

    0:58 he KNOWS whats coming 😂😂😂😂

  79. Nuniq Queequeg says:

    The way Scott gaze at her when she's talking, and Tessa always turn her head to him while talking. And here I am sobbing

  80. A M says:

    Please, bunt Yuzuru Hanyu to the show! He’s so nice! 🙂

  81. Queen Penguin56 says:

    Anyone else notice that Scott stared at Tessa for the entire interview?

  82. Narendra Vadher says:

    Nice super both of you

  83. Narendra Vadher says:

    Nice super both of you

  84. Geo Season says:

    They don't need to date)) because I am sure they are spending more time together than any other couple :))

    Though I do not believe that they are not in love :)) you do not project that much passion into a performance without having it for real 🙂
    I am pretty sure that they are together they just don't want to make it public 🙂 and the fact that they deny it also creates a certain image which really
    gives the public something to talk about:))

  85. Visionary Daydreamer says:

    shes keeping it a secret and calls the shots bc she is a taurus/gemini and he is virgo so he goes along with it. he gave the same wrong answer in another video like this which was before this one…where he also says her fave food is chocolate and she says its eggs… lolz. yea im a fan…theyre adorable what can i say.

  86. Bettina says:

    Haha! Whatever! They were even in ‚marriage counseling“ , I heard bc they have to be together many hours almost every day. Sometimes I think they enjoy making people guess. They are both so nice. Congratulations to your outstanding success!

  87. Princess Espiritu says:

    Tessa is literally an Ebony Amy Adams.

  88. Audrey Pushkar says:

    Scott moir’s niece in my friend

  89. LORD says:

    Nah i dont believe them every answers she's telling she first looks at scott and scott is half turned looking at tessa as if his life is dependent on her

  90. Adele Eiley says:


  91. Nimra Saleem says:

    Want…..Yuzuru hanyu…..here….

  92. LadyHeathersLair says:

    And in the following year, the same things were being said about Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. I think what is great about them, is that neither "couple" are romantic couples.

  93. Julia S. says:

    The way they look at each other shows the mutual respect they have for each other

  94. Nirvana Ayad says:

    first minute of the video:
    Ellen: so are you a couple
    a billion photos in the back proving otherwise to them saying they’re not😂
    Ellen I feel you😂

  95. Thu Hoa Hua Le says:

    imagine if they get married and thirty years from now there’ll be a movie based on their life journey from chilhood friends to olympics winners to husband and wife

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    do this with tom holland and zendaya please

  98. Crystal says:

    Coming back to this interview after Scott announced his engagement makes the little awkward laughs both of them do whenever Ellen says they're a couple are so much more obvious.

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