Techno, Sledding, & Erotic Gingerbread: MUNCHIES Guide to Christmas in Berlin (Part 1)

[SOUND] My heart
is racing. [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] Welcome
to winter, welcome to Christmas. Welcome to the Munchies
Guide to Christmas, from Berlin. Berlin is poor but sexy,
Berlin is creative. Berliners come in all
different shapes and sizes and their Christmas
meals will be as diverse as they are. They range from
the traditional, lavish Christmas feast
that many of us know. It’s unbelievably crisp. To other unconventional,
simple, yet inventive dishes. to other unconventional,
simple yet inventive dishes.>>There’s two different
kinds of sausage here.>>I have
the honor to bake, cook and taste all of
these with the help of some unique characters
from this great city.>>I’m actually Playboy
number 1 in Germany.>>Soya cream is good for
the feet.>>Today I will meet the prototypical
New-Berliners. They are both artists and electronic music
producers. They are called Andhim. They travel the world
with their music and they love food
as much as I do. Which is why we are going
to hang out today in the kitchen. [MUSIC] So, we’re all here. I’m in the kitchen
with Andhim, where we are going to
bake Christmas cookies. When was the last time
you baked cookies?>>I’ve only ever
baked a cake.>>You never
helped grandma?>>No, I just ate.>>Let’s start with
something first class, cinnamon stars. I thought we
were going to start with
butter cookies. [LAUGH].>>Okay, let’s start
with those then!>>Good idea. They are relatively easy;
you need 600g of flour, 400g of butter, 200g
of sugar, one egg and a sachet of
vanilla sugar. Whenever we work in
a kitchen there’s one thing we can’t be
without, the Comet RG-5. [NOISE] You can
prepare the frosting. It really smells like it
used to at Christmas.>>I feel bad for turning
off your Comet, but we have to switch
to manual now. And, of course,
the first rule of the kitchen always
wash your hands. Which I didn’t do,
of course.>>[LAUGH].>>I have really. Really! I’ve visited the bathroom
twice since, but. That still looks
quite crumbly. It’s crumbly, but a certain
crumbliness is good. It feels very nice,
very intimate. This, right here,
is Christmas for me. When my mom came and
did this. It reminds me of snow. And what is more
beautiful than a white Christmas? It’s much better
like this. Can you feel it yet?>>Yes. Especially when
I close my eyes.>>It’s so
nice of you to help. [LAUGH].>>And now we have
the first soccer ball. Just like my grandma
always used to make. Now I’ll stick it in the
oven at 160 degrees for two hours. [LAUGH] And at the end we will
have a lovely cookie. Before we bake it we have to taste the dough. [SOUND] I don’t know if
it’s something German, or a Berlin tradition,
but some people send Christmas cookies
to each other. Have you received any? Sent any? Well, under our tree
you couldn’t find anything other
than cookies. There were too many,
really. But they are so
much fun to make.>>It helps you get into
the Christmas spirit.>>So,
these are normal cookies. And what’s that?>>That’s our, animal. You could call
it our mascot.>>The Andhim animal. [MUSIC]>>shit.>>Shall we compare?>>So, how long and
at which temperature?>>Er, yeah, just set it
for 10 to 13 minutes.>>175 degrees. [MUSIC]>>What have we got here?>>Gluhwein.>>Things are getting
nice and glowy.>>Exactly. First we pour
in red wine.>>[LAUGH].>>Turn it up to eight.>>It really
needs to boil.>>Cinnamon sticks,
they go in too. [LAUGH] Two oranges,
cardamom, it’s important that the cardamom was
ground with the shell on.>>How many cloves?>>Just a baby
handful of cloves. [SOUND] Cheers! To Christmas Time! [SOUND].>>It’s quite good once
you get used to it.>>They look great! The Andhim animal
especially. Lets get creative! [MUSIC] Who made that?
Let’s start with you. Who made what? Let’s start with you.>>There’s
the street knife.>>That’s a nice
jazzy glitter handle.>>It’s street, but
it’s also pimp, because if you’re
going to be violent, you should do
it with style.>>The real highlight
is on Tobi’s tray.>>Our little mascot. Andy.>>He’s called Andy.>>A love trident. For when Neptune and
Cupid work together.>>A gold bar, as you can see with
Gold written on it. A female breast
bursting with marbles. [LAUGH].>>Let’s move to the best
bit, the tasting. Let’s move on to the best
bit, the tasting.>>[MUSIC]>>Mm-hm. It tastes like Christmas.>>It’s delicious. [MUSIC]>>You said you had
something planned for us, what is it?>>Yes, we want to
travel to the mountains, the Alps.>>The mountains
in Berlin! And we’ll just
have a look, see what we can do there. Although you said we’re
going to the mountains, this all looks familiar. Correct, we are at
Potsdamer Platz. Potsdamer Platz turns
into a huge mountain of enjoyment at Christmas. [MUSIC]>>[LAUGH].>>So that was fun,
and now?>>I feel like
a hearty snack. A hearty snack it is. [MUSIC]>>Come on in.>>Here you go. Have you found something
you’d like to eat?>>Yes, I’ll take the
Frittaten, pancake, soup.>>And for me,
the meatloaf and the Wiener schnitzel.>>I would like
the Brettljause and- Just take the roast pork,
we are sharing anyway!>>The roast pork. Okay.>>Is it possible for me to help the chef to
prepare my Brettljause? I’ve always wanted
to do that.>>That shouldn’t
be a problem.>>That would be great! So you’re the chef!>>Yes, Franzi.>>Hello Franzi. So, let’s see how you make an original
Brettljause.>>First, a slice of
roast pork, smoked pork, alpine cheese, red wine
cheese, Emmental cheese, and three different
kinds of ham. Black Forest ham,
farmer’s ham.>>What’s the third?>>This is Serrano ham.>>How do you roll it? Is there a special
technique?>>You wrap it around
your fingers like this. Where do I put
the Landjager (spicy sausages?).>>We place them on
top fo the roast pork.>>And the red pepper.>>So, tomorrow is
your first day! 12 o’clock?
>>Sure, Thank you so much.>>Here are our presents. The roast pork. Meatloaf. And the Wiener schnitzel. [MUSIC]>>I love the simplicity
of food like this. Eating bread with
cold meat and cheese just feels so
good. It feels like home.>>It’s something
very German.>>Yes,
it’s totally German.>>It’s something I
really miss when I’m on tour.>>[SOUND].
>>Just eating bread with cheese. Bread with
a crunchy crust. You don’t get that
in many places. We are very lucky.>>Let’s say cheers. And thank you for taking
me to the mountains! [LAUGH].>>Our pleasure.>>Or to Potsdamer Platz
at least. [MUSIC]>>Man, I am so full.>>[LAUGH] Oh, me too!>>But that’s how
you’re supposed to feel at Christmas. After the food you have
to celebrate again. You go to
the nearest pub. We are going to a pub
on the corner called, literally pub
on the corner. You can’t get more
authentic than that. We’ll drink a beer there. Maybe also a second beer. Then we’ll begin to
feel a bit merry.>>That sounds lovely. We would like 3
draught beers.>>So that’s it for our little Munches Guide
to Christmas in Berlin. Of course I’ve brought a little
something along for you. This is for you, Tobi.>>Oh.>>And this is for
you, Simon.>>Wow. And this is for
you, Simon. [LAUGH].>>[LAUGH].>>I saw it and
thought of you! [LAUGH].>>You thought correctly! [LAUGH] Wow! Mad Professor Santa.>>Let’s drink
a schnapps! To you, me, and him!>>Cheers! Mmm, delicious.>>Yeah. [MUSIC]>>Oh, the boss.>>[LAUGH].>>He has no idea
what he’s doing. [MUSIC].>>My journey through
Berliner Christmas traditions will take me
next time to West Berlin. There, I’ll
have a taste of the delicious Christmas
goose at KaDeWe and share my evening
meal with the playboy Rolf Eden in
the legendary Paris Bar [MUSIC]

Antonio Breitenberg

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