Techno, Sledding, & Erotic Gingerbread: MUNCHIES Guide to Christmas in Berlin (Part 1)

Techno, Sledding, & Erotic Gingerbread: MUNCHIES Guide to Christmas in Berlin (Part 1)

Antonio Breitenberg

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36 thoughts on “Techno, Sledding, & Erotic Gingerbread: MUNCHIES Guide to Christmas in Berlin (Part 1)

  1. Johan Ringström says:

    This  guy 😀

  2. CuteCatFaith says:


  3. 100vasiliy says:

    shows cock on Youtube is ok, but show tits and everyone loses their minds! 

  4. James Mackay says:


  5. Finn Hartwich says:

    I dare you to post one German clip without borrowing any cliches!
    (seltsame Vorlieben, Bayern, Techno)

  6. Chris Notreallymyname says:

    Really love this host. He has such great enthusiasm and looks like he's having a great time with all his guests. It makes the show really enjoyable to watch.

  7. byCabezah says:


  8. OVRDSE says:

    I knew Michael liked techno you can just tell.

    I will be seeing Andhim play at the BPM Festival next month

  9. zero says:

    "Berlin is poor" i lol'd.

  10. Fly Guy says:

    Yeah!! Boil the wine evaporate the alcohol… Morons, you warm the brew, never shall it boil!

  11. Vidar Rui says:

    I'm open minded, but 7 mintues of making cock cookies?

  12. Kunai says:

    Show the real Berlin!

  13. Michael says:

    Those were erotic sugar cookies not gingerbread.  Germany seems like a very beautiful place.  

  14. til buschmann says:

    any other germans felt like the translation was not quiet fitting for the most part "glow wine" for exampel ? oO

  15. gothinspace says:

    straight men are so weird give them any creative outlet and there's a dick and a boob in two minutes

  16. WorkinCoolin says:

    I really dont get Germans… 

  17. Dakota says:

    german is brutal on the ears, couldnt even finish the video 

  18. delusionnnnn says:

    I always associate Bavaria and Munich more with Christmas than Berlin, as an American.  This is probably influenced by the fact that my parents lived near Frankfurt for a couple of years and that I live within an hour of Frankenmuth, which is an American city defined by its Bavarian character, and is the home of one of the largest Christmas-specific stores in the country.

  19. Carlos Deron says:

    PROST!!! Merry Christmas to everyone reading this! 

  20. SENDERLLY says:

    some of those Germans look more like Jews LMAO

  21. Chau says:

    i really enjoyed this video – there was something oddly festive and fun about it 👍

  22. Daniel Roy says:

    their mascot looks like a penis

  23. Hung Ton says:

    It was a fun video, no hot headed irresponsible behavior and overall pleasant bunch.

  24. Dewi Neon says:

    HIPSTERS bahbah…

  25. nicholas duprel says:

    great vid…

  26. snapisgood says:

    it's mulled wine not glow-wine 

  27. Mayer Yedid says:

    Good food and a great sense of humor among the guys

  28. nordin002 says:

    Fuck! i was so looking forward to see what that pancake soup was/looked like ):

  29. jaynoz says:

    live in berlin, love it, love munchies, HATE this guy! Thumbs down

  30. voluptasmea says:


  31. dunnowy123 says:

    I love this shit. More "Christmas in…." episodes, please. Or any holiday.

  32. SENDERLLY says:

    again those germans look more like jews they look more jewish then jews

  33. 2die4 WaNzEk says:


  34. Cold Void says:

    In Sweden also make the gingerbread cookies and glowing wine. Awesome.

  35. James T Kirk says:

    Of course, another example of Germans not being able to speak English even though they spent 6-9 years learning English in school….

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