Technine Team Snowboard Binding

Matt Guff for the House Snowboard Shop. This
is the Technine Team Snowboard Binding. If any binding can hold up to any team’s demands;
it’s going to be this binding right here. The fourteen-percent short glass chassis is
going to be virtually indestructible, yet flexible enough for you to be happy. The Pro
Frame T6 aluminum heelcup is fully adjustable both back and forth. The molded EVA techbeds
have adjustable toe and heel ramps, which is a great thing. The EVA padding is going
to absorb a lot of the negative vibrations and impacts that you will receive when being
a rad Technine rider. The highbacks are nylon highbacks. They’re fully adjustable in both
forward lean and in highback rotation. You can adjust this to become parallel with your
heel side edge in just a couple of turns of a Phillips screwdriver, same thing with the
adjustable forward lean. The Comfort II EVA ankle straps have a 13 to 30% degree dual
density EVA foam. They’re actually wrapped in leather and have great ladder covers. There
is an adjustable toolless centering position on this Comfort II ankle strap. It’s great
because, you know, you never want your ankle straps to off to the left or off to the right
of your boot. These ankle straps are going to have a lot of great medial and lateral
support. The Baltimore toe straps can be worn just on the front of your toes. Again they
have ladder guards and micro adjusters. The buckles are cast aluminum with rubber logos
as well, easy to get into, easy to get out of. One of my favorite things, besides the
adjustable toe ramps, are the rubber padding that it has underneath the chassis. That’s
right, this binding holds up to the demands of the Technine Team, which means these things
are pretty much bombproof. That’s right, Technine Team binding.

Antonio Breitenberg

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