Teaser SURFING 4 PEACE Summit 2015

Teaser SURFING 4 PEACE Summit 2015

Today, peace with our reality all over the
world it creates a lot of cynicism but hopefully there’ll come a day when people believe that you can do it
on a person to person kind of friendship and that’s what we’re doing right now!

Antonio Breitenberg

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3 thoughts on “Teaser SURFING 4 PEACE Summit 2015

  1. Carmen Rudd says:

    As a young Canadian Man of the Enlightened 1960s, Younger People Today in 2015, "Yah," (God) Bless your Hearts, have never perhaps felt this Heartfelt Love throughout the Community of Mankind, as We Experienced, if even Briefly, 1968-69. I.e. When I drove from Canada through the U.S. to study Fine Art in Mexico back then, I picked up five Younger Hitchikers on Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles. We talked and they invited me to their home near L.A. Airport. There was so much camaraderie and Good Feeling, that the following day they jacked up my car and replaced all the Brakeshoes for me. (I paid for the brake shoes). They had heard them beginning to squeal and said: " Let's repair this for your drive through the Mountains into Mexico." Peace and Love.

  2. Carmen Rudd says:

    May the entire World join You in Your Surf for Peace.

  3. Ho Stevie! says:

    Peace! Good luck with the event!

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