[Music] oh hi tube my name is Ricardo lino and a mobile addict in Amsterdam check we have behind me mr. vivid is a roller skater and we’re about to go to hind oven for a little workshop I got to answer them yesterday we ended up skating this bowl he skated I was just like looking around and then it was cool because we were just riding bicycles around the city just a bicycle that if you pedal backwards you stop that guy rules I didn’t see you at the park I don’t fit yes yes no surprise my name is Rick and Ian Jenkin Kelly and that’s Rick family so Rick came from Belgium and I’ve been talking with him quite a while and he started looking at my youtube channel we started talking first on YouTube then on Facebook and now he’s here hand of it thank you so much for coming anytime and then we got these got here waka waka if you ever bought them cause my wheels was probably from this guy if you pay too much at what and this is strong Buffalo Bob it’s the same its strong bubble oh is it drop bubble no no no no slow battle so battle it’s good anyways waver it’s really good wait please system this one hello you [Music] [Music] here we are area 51 Gate Park also known as the skate park from witless and about to worship [Music] just republican educating about two years and never skated before well in 95 there was an inline high when everyone had the roasted FG aromas going to show me what you got [Music] Eric come on show us what you got [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] he [Applause] very legit all skate legend Animal Center robust models because they are enjoyable [Music] I wanted [Music] [Music] [Music] great what did you learn I learned from me [Music] [Music] the worst of the silver but we definitely tried one we’ll and then Belgium we got what in reality sewing to its Ethan tag as a graphic designer you’re going to need to make something of it I will now a protection thing the protection factor for someone that wants to get outside but that the one is gay with big protection Wow you can use the people [Music] [Music] [Applause] Kyoto ah thank you [Music] [Applause] and that’s it my trip to öland is coming to an end by the way so there are some the cool thing which I’ll put online tomorrow I made a sketch off with the guys from adapt with Piotr and Olga so you’re going to learn a little bit more about this brand from Poland make sure you check a bit more Emma rate is usually super amazing this time not that good right now being at the airport here is the most frustrating thing ever they didn’t allow me to bring my drone with me I didn’t have a specific case to throw the drone on my luggage and they made me do it otherwise I would need to leave it here anyway I’m about to get on a flight to Dubai again then I just stay for like an hour – there won’t be skating this time about to eat South Africa soon hopefully I have a kid in a few days let’s hope you enjoy this video and you soon Cheers will be [Music]

Antonio Breitenberg

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