Teaching Children To Snowboard: Part 2

Teaching Children To Snowboard: Part 2

At Flowingfreeride. We’ve been asked to create more content on how to teach kids to snowboard. This is Dante He’s 8 years old. He’s been using Flowing Freerides techniques, and he wanted to share snowboarding tips with you that have helped him improve. Bend your knees and put weight on your front foot putting weight on your front foot is really good because then you can stay in more control. If you’re going on Sunpeak You know how there’s a bunch of bumps over there if you’re going to go on those I advise for you to bend both of your knees To like absorb the bumps and don’t like fall, so you don’t hurt yourself. You have to keep your rhythm when you go through the flats And you still have a bunch of speed is use that to go on straight on your heels and then toes and heels Even though you’re not going straight. You still going pretty fast. Then when You go straight again for the next flat. You’ll be ready because you’ve got so fast down the mountains so to get through the flats you have to have your board flat and do quicker faster turns, but also if you don’t want to do that There’s another choice. Just go out on your toes all the way through the flats That’s what I do So you don’t need to go through the toes and heels toes and heels because one time on went on my heels and I fell because I was going out too fast I was kind of out of control, so I do just stick to my toes. That’s what I do Hi Buddy. What are you doing? I’m Snowboarding! So how do we get off the lift? Keep the board straight and Have like stand up be tall Have your stomach out be in control You just saw what I did there?! All right you’ll be Stand tall put your back foot by your back binding right here. If you put your foot by the front binding this is what will happen you’ll fall And they’ll have to stop the lift and no one likes that. Rule #1 in the snowboard book is have fun. If You’re not having fun. Then you’re breaking rule number one You may not Want to ever come back up here again. but when I was just a beginner I hated it. Now I Love It! This is just one of the many snow or tutorials we have. Sign up for whole course and Flowingfreeride.com Like subscribe and comment Cheers FFR! Like subscribe and comment Cheers FFR! Like subscribe and comment Cheers FFR!

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2 thoughts on “Teaching Children To Snowboard: Part 2

  1. Claryse & Faith Lynne Macarayo says:

    Awesome tips the same way I tell my girls to stay balance on flat runs keep up with great contents… sub for sub ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. pcsnowpros says:

    Awesome lil Ripper! Great tips for kids to learn snowboarding!!

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