“Tarantula’s” CA. 4-7 foot wave faces surfing..

“Tarantula’s” CA. 4-7 foot wave faces surfing..

This is “Tarantula’s” a surf break in California video taped in October during very nice weather for the area, with mostly sunny skies and light winds Located less than 1 mile beach walking distance south from Jalama Beach County Park which has overnight camping The waves shown here are some very early signs of a winter type small WNW swell and very small leftover SSW swell producing a few peaks Winter time is best here at Tarantula’s while generally summer is best Jalama. Spring and fall provides fun surf at both and also in-between the two breaks Winter can have some very windy stormy days, offshore winds are common around sunrise, but onshores like to blow everything out starting around past 9:30a.m. Air temperatures this day hit mid 70’s afternoon, after morning lows mid 50’s, winds stayed light most of the day, Fall is some of the best weather here It’s those in-between weather systems mid winter where if your timing is just right early you can score some very incredible and most times unchallenged clean big surf Expect the water temperature to be very chilly year round, winter stays in the low 50’s, while summer maybe a few days upper 60’s+ but that won’t last long, mostly upper 50’s to low 60’s July- August Fog can roll in unexpected anytime mostly in summer, Afternoon sea breezes will clear that out and make for some good windsurfing Intermediate to advanced surfers recommended here due to some natural remote hazards and powerful surf, not too much help or lifeguards around if needed? This is a rare highly zoomed in shot of Point Arguello ( est 7-9 miles ?), notice some rights peeling off the tip and inside aways. Vandenberg AFB rocket launches just around the corner Morning low air temps January can briefly hit 30 or freezing but most times upper 30’s to about 40 with a wind chill High air temps winter can be briefly hit mid 60’s fair weather light wind, but not getting much above mid 50’s for highs during raining weather, which also helps moderate the morning lows temps mid 40’s That’s basically Jalama’s main line up, campground just to the right very close to the beach behind sand berm Seals are common swimming around and yes Tarantulas on the beach and cliffs especially on warmer weather days Also note: although not total shark bait here, but yes always be on the look out in this area! This wave is wide open to SW swells 195, to best direction WNW 275- 290 with no Island blockage and little continental shelf Thats a big tanker ship out there on horizon line going around Point Conception about 6 miles south of here, that boat looks to be about 10 miles SSW? The bottom has some sandy spots but mostly off the under water reef point “Tarantula’s” there is rock and moderate kelp with some boils that can produce hollow sections Tides can be extreme with plenty of beach at low tide, but at extreme high tides above 6 feet especially during high surf there is basically no beach, Point Arguello will shadow this break somewhat from very common NW swell directions above 295-310 Parking was easy when I was here, but since has been replaced with “no parking signs” don’t ask me why? Looking at a medium low tide here, about 1.9 feet and going a little bit lower Generally likes medium tides, anytime ok, except maybe extreme high 5.7 feet and above bouncing off the cliff, some of the highest tides are around 7.2, some of the lowest neg – 1.5 Air quality is some of the best anywhere, and the land is still in a very pristine state, so respect the rare awesome coastline here and we can all enjoy this for years to come! Play it on the safer side when out in the water here, it is one of those breaks that has more power punch and possible natural hazards than it looks from the beauty of its shore Help support this channel by hitting that red “Subscribe” button lower right, and ring the bell upper right to receive notifications of more videos when they are uploaded! Check out the slide show pictures I made from this video session, also some of my own music I recorded starting at about 32:55 This concludes the “CC” Closed Caption portion of this video. I may update a few more details in the future? If you have any questions leave a comment! Still a few more cool video clips of this break and area, so keep watching! If you like this video hit that “thumbs up” icon! Also add this to your channel’s video playlist, it will be very much appreciated by me, thanks a lot…. ( :- )

Antonio Breitenberg

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11 thoughts on ““Tarantula’s” CA. 4-7 foot wave faces surfing..

  1. Another WorldView Is Possible says:

    T's + Cracks… if this was shot in the past week – a good example of why heading North is a great idea… Some smoking tubes to be had.

  2. Groundbreak Creative says:

    Need a trip over here to NZ, check out Raglan, longest left hand break in the world.

  3. Gman's World says:

    Awesome video! Welcome back!

  4. Jordan Delgado says:

    Made many trips to Jalama when I was young,so this vid brings back some good memories.We would camp there for days back in the mid 70s summertime.I was 16 at the time.I am 61 now and surf more now than ever,living in central america.

  5. bigbillwaltonsacidheads says:

    Last time I surfed here got similar fun conditions. Heading to Lompoc heard on the radio Jerry Garcia passed away early that morning. Yin and Yang.. anyways great vid

  6. Broke Nerfing says:

    Great footage! Saw you on James Cox channel and wanted to come show my support! Liked and subscribed! Hope we can support eachother 😎

  7. J. Paulzon says:

    nice video, also very relaxing to watch πŸ˜‰

  8. muttonbuster says:

    Is it called Tarantula's because of the shoreline? There are two rock spines close to each other that when viewed from above look like fangs. October of 2000 I went up to Jalama to surf north of pt conception for my first time and walked way down to Tarantulas. Only one out. Building west swell maybe four feet overhead on the sets. Cold. I've surfed much bigger stuff in PV and La Jolla, but man Tarantulas just had a spooky vibe to it and you could easily get lulled into taking off too deep.

  9. CaliBros says:

    I find it disrespectful that ur not even filming T’s and u have the guts to say the actual name of a spot , yah yah good footage whatever but can u keep sacred it’s already bad every weekend and weekday I go with all the Southern kooks

  10. Ross says:

    This spot is notorious for great white bites. Don’t boogie board this spot or,if u do be ready. Bring a medical kit and secure 911 on speed dial. As u can see ,it’s a long swim in. Wish I was joking. Do research before going out.

  11. henryssurfshowcase says:

    T Shirts beach and surf merch available for this channel.
    Check in often as new products will be added, I very much appreciate your purchases and support, here's the link..

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