Tambo’s Surf Shack: Surf Culture in Alabama | This is Alabama

Tambo’s Surf Shack: Surf Culture in Alabama | This is Alabama

If you’re a surfer on the Gulf of Mexico, you’re a masochist. The surfing around here really peaks in the winter time when it’s freezing cold and it’s waste high. You’re still in the water surfing, full on 3mm, 4mm wetsuit. My name’s Mike Tomburello and I wanted to be the first real surf shop that opened in Orange Beach. Our goal in a surf shop and a skate shop in the last year and a half is bringing the surf culture and the skate culture back to this island. The surf community when I was a kid was way bigger. Everybody surfed from kids to your parents. My dad was a surfer so . . . we got on longboards at a young age and he’d push into waves and . . . that’s kind of where it all started for me. Started competing . . . The competitive surfing is what took me out of Alabama. When I came home and visited I started to see that the surf scene and the skate scene were dying off. You needed somebody that knew surf and somebody that could teach these kids surf. I felt like if somebody was going to do it, it was going to have to be me. It’s important to me because we live on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And I’ve seen a lot of beaches in this world. When we opened our doors we were literally like what are we going to do about a surf team. We would find a couple of these kids that we see in the water all the time. So I’d approach them and say hey would you like to ride for us . . . come ride for Tambo’s. And they’d be stoked out. It’s crazy to say, like but a year ago some of these kids could barely even stand up on some boards. And now they’re winning contests. Makes me feel awesome. Makes me feel like I’m twelve years old again. You know, The goal is to make everybody feel like I did when I was a kid. If they’re as stoked as I was . . . Heck you never know they’re might be a kid down the road that’s doing the same thing I’m doing right now.

Antonio Breitenberg

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6 thoughts on “Tambo’s Surf Shack: Surf Culture in Alabama | This is Alabama

  1. Alex Keizer says:

    As a small business owner in the area, this was really awesome to watch. Keep up the good work!

  2. All The Things says:

    Very cool to see this on Alabamas Gulf Coast!

  3. Micah Harris says:

    Great news piece on a the local surfing scene! I'm glad the kid's here have a great source locally for all of their surfing gear needs. Bravo!

  4. Linda Myers says:

    Ride on baby. Gulf surfer for life. I get ground swells once a year when we go on vacation to costa rica, but it's louisiana alabama florida wind waves year round. One love One wave ONE WON WON ONE..

  5. Shorepoundsound says:

    One day we will all surf together ,if and when I get to the Alabama shore!

  6. baseballboy2008 - says:

    RIP drew morgan my brother freinds with mike tamborino

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