Suspects Caught On Camera Surfing On 7 Train

Suspects Caught On Camera Surfing On 7 Train

Antonio Breitenberg

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7 thoughts on “Suspects Caught On Camera Surfing On 7 Train

  1. Flat Earth Preacher says:

    fake news

  2. Sex Machine says:

    Those surfers think they're Spider-Man home coming.

  3. batsha says:

    Jail these ppl for life

  4. ruzzell907 says:

    Move the train at full speed and abruptly apply the brakes for inertia to help those surfers fly off the roof and fall onto the tracks. Let Natural Selection do its job.

  5. Bluegill Phil says:

    Hey it's NewYork, people been doing that since the 1920s.

  6. Big L Lutchman says:

    Luckily for the transit workers to be there working maintenance during daytime, these kids need to get disciplined by their parents more likely rather than having them go to the deli and buy drink cheap sugary fake soda, if not, send them to a prison program to know what they are about to expect from other criminals

  7. FarRock 6thThoro Queens says:


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