Surprise! It’s Amy Schumer

Surprise! It’s Amy Schumer

– First, I want to thank
everyone here at 30 Rock who built this great stage
for us. Thank you so much.
This is beautiful. Unbelievable. The stage is 200 square feet, or as it’s known
in New York, a spacious four-bedroom
apartment. The riffraff room
is down there. That is normally where
the ice-skating rink is. Filling up
the ice-skating rink. And I’ll tell you,
we wouldn’t be here without Visa Checkout. They have been
so amazing. So, thank you
to Visa Checkout. [cheers and applause] – Ellen. Ellen! It’s me, Amy. – Yeah.
– Ellen. – Hi.
– You can’t– – I’m, uh…
– What are you doing? – I’m–I’m doing a sh–
– You can’t ice-skate in that. – No, I’m not ice-skating.
It’s, like, 100 degrees and we’re doing a show. – You said–you said to
meet you at Rockefeller Center. – Yeah, I said meet me here,
I’m doing a show. – I assumed we were ice-skating.
– No, we’re not– we’re not ice-skating, Amy.
I’m doing a show right now. – You–you look great. – Well, now… [cheers and applause] These are friends?
– These are all my friends, yes. – You fri–
– Yeah. – Okay, so we’re not
ice-skating? – We’re not ice-skating.
It’s hot, and no, no. – Hot?
– I said meet me here. I’m doing a show
and I would love you to come. – Okay, well now I feel like
maybe I look stupid. – Well, a little bit. – All right, well,
I guess I’ll see you around. – All right, bye, Amy. [cheers and applause] We are back
with Hillary Clinton, and we’re talking about tWitch
and how fantastic tWitch is during the–oh, no. [cheers and applause] Amy, no.
– Let’s go, girls. – Amy, no.
– What? No skating at all.
Not even roller–no. – No skating?
– Hillary Clinton is here. What are you doing?
– Wait, so we’re not skating at all?
– No, we’re not skating at all. It’s not just ice-skating.
– You just said no ice-skating. You should have been
more specific about that, Ellen. I think you know that. So we’re not skating,
no matter what? – We’re not skating–
no, no skating. – Okay, what about you, Hill?
You want to go skating? What about you?
– I’d love to. Do you have an extra pair?
– Yeah. Okay, Hill,
I’ll be back for you later. Bye, guys. [cheers and applause] – I love her.
She’s great. – She doesn’t listen.
She does not– – I also love the fact that
she’s going after gun violence. – Yeah, well, I mean,
that was what happened… – I really want to thank her
for doing that. in the theater watching
her movie, so good for her. – Yeah, yeah.

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Surprise! It’s Amy Schumer

  1. Lucie McCallum says:

    Surprise! It's the queen of white feminism.

  2. Roci Roci says:

    i like. or. veteyoss

  3. miha2342 says:

    She looks pretty here 🙂

  4. Василиса Микулишна says:

    Ellen's eyes look tired..

  5. okmega says:

    Um, I don't think Ellen was happy about this.

  6. Music Man's Ladies Band says:

    Amy cracks me up, she always doing something out of the ordinary to shake it up. 🙂 😉

  7. rick charles says:

    Ahhhhh…. Ellen and Billary, the two dumbest skanks in the country. The dyke and the liar.
    btw, it's Billary because she can't get there without him.

  8. Littled 23 says:

    I bet Jlaw dared her to wear a side braid !

  9. katrina medina says:

    Is anyone else

  10. katrina medina says:

    Is anyone else not worried about the floors being scratched?

  11. katrina medina says:

    Is anyone else not worried about the floors being scratched?

  12. Victor Grant says:

    Amy looked like that girl from Frozen!

  13. FreakGirl_Gamer says:

    Amy is awesome

  14. tanan18 says:

    Anyone think that Amy Schumer looks like young Vicki Lawrence?

  15. fudo says:

    she looked like elsa <3

  16. Xe M says:

    Imagine all three of them in the White House. Oh my, America will be happy in the first month, then Russia and China will invade them.

  17. lura garcia says:

    3 favorite ladies

  18. norshago says:

    why is she in ny and not in her studio ?

  19. harrison says:

    amy looked genuinely surprised and happy when the crowd went wild for her. that was really cute

  20. in10sefury says:

    When I was a little girl, there was a figure skater named Tonya Harding; wasn't a great person (look up her story if you've never heard of her) so I hate comparing Amy to her, because I Love Amy Schumer, but Amy in the skating outfit reminded me of her.

  21. Lulu Puffz says:

    love Amy not so much hillary

  22. Li Pen says:

    Amy is getting bigger and bigger

  23. Rex Mundi says:

    Gun violence is a social scourge and morally evil, which means no decent American should be against doing something about it. The only practical way to achieve any kind of meaningful reduction in gun violence is tighter gun laws. The status quo is unacceptable. That won't mean zero gun ownership, all it requires is better safeguards to make sure firearms fall into safe hands rather than the wrong hands; so all the NRA members and gun fanatics out there should stop thinking about themselves for a change and do what's right for their country.

  24. tawpdahg1 says:

    It's so weird that Hillary is loving Amy for going after gun violence, some of which happened in a place called Benghazi.

  25. Tay Tay says:

    😮 Amy is from trianwreak

  26. Ellie Newman says:

    I'm so happy for Amy!!! I used to watch her when her show was still not too well-known and since then she's made her own movie and has finally gotten the success she deserves!

  27. Sinvex says:

    Amy looks like Elsa… if Elsa had eaten every other character in Frozen.

  28. ihave noidea says:

    amy could totally do a tonya harding sketch and pull it off

  29. halla B says:

    She looks like elsa after she ate sven in one seating. Love her…

  30. Joe B. says:

    Obviously Amy ate Tonya Harding

  31. rumination says:

    fat jew

  32. rumination says:

    she sells her trash

  33. rumination says:

    what a fat ass

  34. JL Ngeth says:

    I love Amy!!! She is the best.

  35. Tom Helms says:

    Her politics aside, Hillary Clinton makes me very uncomfortable

  36. Katy Madden says:

    Is she stupid or did Ellen call her to do this

  37. Melissa Toh says:

    OMG where is her blade guard hahahha nah 😛

  38. Katie Lee says:

    why does everyone love amy schumer?

  39. Daemon Skycloak says:

    All those bodyguards in suits I wonder if they're armed…

  40. Ninoska xoxo says:

    She l,oks l!ke elsa

  41. Jesi Guzman says:

    ellen i love you but when is taylor coming to the show

  42. bkljaydee says:

    yikes…the same crass butthole and vagina jokes. I don't think she can go an hour without talking about her nasty crotch. Why would Ellen have this vile human on her show. It's like promoting assault rifles or worse….Miley's A Virus. She also looks like a giant chubby baby mixed with a cabbage patch doll….That's where the entertainment is.😉

  43. John Doe says:

    Ellen is a beotch.

  44. PrankPop Studios says:

    What the hell Ellen why would you cancel your ice skating date with Amy

  45. NexisFilms says:

    So many bitches and … gays [email protected]

  46. Revanth Boom Boom says:

    so what's the joke?

  47. tara shaw says:

    you gotta have balls to wear that when your not super thin in Hollywood!

  48. NubletPie278 says:

    "Thank you to Visa Checkout" hahaha America

  49. katzl777 says:

    love Ellen, love Amy, can't stand Hill

  50. walter bishop says:


  51. MRVEGAS says:

    why would ellen make someone do this? this was ridiculous and not funny at all

  52. Ashley Harris says:

    I love how she said oh no when Amy came back on😂😂😂😂😂😂

  53. deztroyer76 says:

    Double reinforced industrial grade steel blades on those poor ice skates.

  54. Zoe Wow says:

    Y Amy be dressing up lik a 5 year old?

  55. Arij Fathi says:

    am i the only one who here because macey

  56. Queen Mao Asada says:

    "It's so hard to get ice-time."
    ~ Michelle Kwan (source: Amy Schumer)

  57. UptownDowntownNY says:


  58. Hoogstraten says:

    I love that fact they she's going after gun violence? She wants to take away your gun rights like other Jews do in America

  59. Unicorn Famous says:

    Her not having any hard guards surprises me 😳

  60. Not Real says:

    The comedian who makes a liking being loud and putting picture of her boobs on the internet. #keepingitclassy

  61. Not Real says:

    The comedian who makes a liking being loud and putting picture of her boobs on the internet. # keepingitclassy

  62. Not Real says:

    Voting for Hilary because she is a woman is like eating a turd because it looks like a tootsie roll.

  63. samaxi says:

    ilaru kilinton urek

  64. Jared T-F says:

    I hope she becomes president, She's not my first choice but if Donald fucking trump becomes president, the world is fucked.

  65. mjbs says:

    Surprise amy the hack is here..

  66. tazz 505 says:

    Let Ellen be the first female lesbian president? 🙂

  67. Jeremy Morris says:

    btw Hillary served senate with Amy's Cousin Chuck Schumer

  68. Aylen Doucette says:

    really? i am so proud to be american

  69. Emily Flores says:

    amy had no bra!!!

  70. billy smith says:

    She isn't funny.

  71. Z.C.D Beauty says:

    Hillary is stupid she destroid my country Donald trump should win

  72. Ciel Phantomhive says:

    Love her Elsa costume

  73. Aerick says:

    DISLIKE the moment i see Hillary Clinton. ehhhh, Trash!! lying scumwhore

  74. Wade Older says:

    Only hillary skates

  75. Cindy says:

    Amy has the look of Elsa from Frozen.

  76. Tegan Merritt says:

    oh my god I'm an ice skater and her not wearing guards on her blades make me cringe 😂

  77. Erin Prewitt says:

    "What about you, Hill?"

  78. Mike VanBuren says:

    Hillary is the spawn of Satan!

  79. Walla Abdelaziz says:

    Amy looks likes Elsa

  80. Susan Heredia says:

    is this show over?

  81. Anna Tilley says:

    I'm voting for trump why hillary

  82. Sophie M says:

    I'm in love with this

  83. Colette Lee says:

    That was CLOSE to the edge. She is brave.

  84. Potterhead 101 says:

    Am I the only one thinking, why no ice guards?! Seriously…

  85. Patricia de Pastors says:

    I love how all of the women I admire support Hillary all the way!

  86. Jacob Nash says:

    I love all these women… but women power is great but Feminist demanding more pay more rights more everything defeats the fucking purpose of TRUE feminism which is equality which ALL THREE OF THEM WANT. Fuck the far right feminist no better than KKK

  87. Stephistaecated says:

    02:22 in singapore you point at the minister like that, be prepared to stay in jail or lose your job

  88. NOURA A says:

    don't you think it's so weird almost all the celebrities were on her side and most of the Americans as well as seen on social media and stuff and still trumb won !!

  89. Leyla Ramirez says:


  90. Thick Purrrito says:

    How the hell is she walking around with no blade guards on??? EHH? Her skates' BLADES…rip

  91. Myra Sofhea says:

    Im sorry but i was cringing the whole time when she walked using her figure skates😐

  92. Gaile Young says:

    at first i thought that she doesn't wear a guard blades…

  93. Jewlia Skates says:

    Ahhhh she's walking on the ground without any guardsss!

  94. Charis Yu Lee says:

    She's gonna kill herself, she has no guards 😂

  95. Luke Horrall says:

    Her skates must be so bad after walking on that😬

  96. L Sun says:

    I LOVE AMY SCHUMER + HILLARY CLINTON + ELLEN DEGENERES = POWER PLAYERS ALL DAY EVERY DAY <3 <3 <3 #breakpadtoeleversfortherollerskatesonstairsprease!!!

  97. Grandiose Pte Ltd says:

    Nice Hilary …saying u have an extra pair?

  98. Roman says:

    Amy shumer is awful.

  99. KingAch says:

    Amy looks like Elsa

  100. Emma Riley says:

    oof she needs blade guards

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