Surfing’s Ultimate Spectacle At Hawaii’s North Shore | No Contest

Surfing’s Ultimate Spectacle At Hawaii’s North Shore | No Contest

[Music] the most important unwritten more about Hawaii is Aloha also means goodbye you know sure speck knows in the house give the groms like some waves and stuff because their dads are probably watching on the beach affect your elders and drive like your kids lived it it didn’t be humble I just throw the shop guides there if you have your sandals in the house I think that’s worse to almost burn some [Music] so this is I was gonna say this is the no contest haircut but technically all the time a stays Mason but you just find the bay around he has a unique vibe ever since I’ve known him he’s been like a crazy like daredevil kid he’s always been the biggest character going over dry rocks with his surfboard leprechaun chameleon of the stuff well really entertaining Aloha vibe I don’t think you could have a bad stuff if you were surfing with Mason it was weird because before when I was younger my dad would always tell me like pipes jump when they’d be good yes no pipe I’m not gonna die today I’m gonna go do eras psyche and he knew it he’s seen how happy it made me so he’d tell me no matter what like whether his pipe was bad or good and he’d be like let’s jump I’d be like [Music] there’s a few good spots you can eat around here after you surf from Rocky’s we decided to go towards the west and we are about to run into Pupukea grill that’s about the far side I go there about at least once a day six days a week I’m into pens yeah sometimes food and just the sweetest ladies in the world the ladies just cook the food so good the food trucks yeah I do it every now and then [Music] use me the food trucks and it’s like just a good day [Music] happy holidays hello okay well glazed doughnuts you know I’ll through elementary there’s all about the glazed doughnuts once I hit intermediate school I sent out hitting these chocolate croissants there was nothing but the Danish is guava Danish blueberry Danish we got three glazed doughnuts and three sugar doughnuts this is usually what I eat before and after every single session the birds love me boom you start connecting with mother nature [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] here like across the island dad just got the meters run that back door or some pipe and I suspect like fly at home and have that weird little like I’m pretty sure every North Shore kid gets that like this weird little feeling if you’re not out when it’s firing like okay you’re blowing but but then again I’m watch all my friends some of my friends get hurt on those days and I’d be running and get hurt or this or that how they don’t surf it you know anymore or they stop surfing or they actually we’re young you’re a lot how’s that I’m pretty ability to it who knows what could happen it’s a fake this time of year all the eyes of surfing will be focusing here in white it’s a way that can offer like the wave of your life like a choke or something but it’s so unpredictable also any good days at pipe that’s just like intensified like everyone wants to prove something the pinnacle of scariness the biggest rush hour traffic with 12-foot walls of water and break it on top of yeah for me almost dying in the start of the year out of here I’d have to say I honestly don’t think any way scarier than pipe in the world come yet deserve the wave that scares me as much as pipe does as soon as I started riding those bigger waves you know I realized like whoa I actually like this I love this [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] wha-hoo or Maui I’ve been to Maui like a couple times I haven’t done that much on hoping I love both of them you can leave in the morning be sort of met like 9:00 a.m. it’s like catching the bus you know and hiring for the airport it’s like 20 minutes why I’d say I kind of just go to Maui just to surf Josh on a little Balak from California you probably drive for other places and it takes me to get to jaws [Music] [Music] [Music] I’ve been telling surfing out of Jaws for 10 years now starting when I was 16 years old when the jaws challenge got called on looking at the models and the swell period I was like okay this is me the biggest event we’ve ever had to paddle this is a toe swell for Jaws and in the morning when I rolled up on the jet ski to see this place going off huge barrels I was like okay I’m ready I’ve been thinking about this all year long I’m ready to go on a huge one the moment they called off the contest I was straight to the boat grab my toe boards tow rope and was trying to swing into as many waves as possible nobody was out the faces were clean the barrels were huge and I was able to sort of live a childhood dream with riding some of the biggest waves of my life [Music] [Music] as soon as you put on the leash and get your big old paddle gun it’s a totally different dynamic because you’re kind of playing a little bit more cat-and-mouse Russian roulette you’re sitting in the pit and the fact is if you’re willing to paddle massive jaws you’re gonna get pounded I rarely ever go out there and I really get a and not end up getting closed out on or caught inside because it’s kind of the nature of the beast [Music] Harlow Bay is I love the brevity ma [Music] Honolua Bay is one of the most picturesque places in the world and the waves are absolutely perfect it’s challenging and powerful and everything you can think of and it was just lining up so nicely the past couple days them is awesome Honolulu is pretty incredible I’ve never been here before and it was like probably the best wave ever surf in the contest I’d say Stephanie and Carissa or probably my favorite girls to watch out holiday they’re pretty amazing stage stage look at that wave and you’re telling me you don’t want to serve crazy I’ve never seen a swell like so hyped I was like oh my god is it gonna be a hundred foot like it was absolutely perfect and we had such amazing waves so but yeah there’s a lot of servants sunset was going on jaws and then this one and it was really cool a lot of surfing going around the world who’s rad [Music] [Music] [Applause] from heat one you know she looks super on and I know she’s served here a lot so she has tons of experience out here and this is a wave that you want experienced out at and yeah the final if she was going loony so it’s really cool to watch and I’m stoked for her I just wanted to be driving right through I lasted into our season and just to have really fun ways was amazing it was pumping this old was something for two days straight and I don’t think we could have asked for better conditions in just a better scenario and I mean I’m it I’m ecstatic to win the to win the final event and just finish my season off strong it’s been a little shaky you know this year so it just gives me some confidence and I’m really happy [Music] [Music]

Antonio Breitenberg

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    is great to hear the ladies talk !!! cheers

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    I notice that people called me a CEO ….I never even had a job after age7 job until age28 like why do I need a job if I wasn't even allowed to even have friends.. especially after I wasn't allowed to keep my illegal child labor law job that I was told at age 7 bfr I demanded my parents to let me work ….but I never knew they collected disability government checks on my name under my dad's disability

    Never got my wish of owning a surf board nor to travel to a surf location

    At age 7 the stores were all fake…only kid items for beaches in Mississippi Biloxi

    I was a kid and I thought our stores were pathetic

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