Surfing with the Bear

Surfing with the Bear

First, There is water Bringing trees and life Then, There are cities With lights And traffic Our world is moving in a hurry Today, we have the possibility of
developing sustainable energies using the wind, the sun, the water and earth Our cities want to breathe in a new spring We even have superheroes working in the shadow collecting and recycling trash I can be a hero too ! If I want to ! If everyday I do simple things for the nature I’ll succeed ! I have to turn off the light, Be reponsible with air conditioner, Prefer public transportations And refuse plastic bags Then, my polar bear will stop to be afraid of the Urban jungle If I’m concisous that every single one of my acts have an impact I can make the world better And tomorrow, all Together we can all say “We made it!”

Antonio Breitenberg

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4 thoughts on “Surfing with the Bear

  1. Souphanny SINGSAYYACHACK says:

    Nice video And great story!
    thanks for sharing !

  2. 曾馨儀 says:

    Cool, I luv it

  3. Wei-Lun Lin林維崙 says:

    What an awesome project!

  4. Hadassa Carolinny says:

    Muito bom! Sejamos a mudança que queremos no mundo!

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