Hey guys!
Good morning! how’s it going? It’s the first vlog of 2017 Happy new year Hope you guys had a great new year Because I had a wonderful new year I was in Thailand for new years so I haven’t been surfing too much so today I’m trying to get back into vlogging and filming for surfing I’m going to Ibaraki to surf hopefully the surf is pretty good today and I’m just waiting for the train which you can probably hear
the bells behind me I think it’s coming Oh Good morning! Good morning! I love this morning coffee It’s from Lawson Which is a convenience store and that’s the good thing about convenience stores in Japan you can always buy what ever you want to eat or drink even if it’s 5:30am in the morning so cheers! Today are we going to Ibaraki? Yep Ibaraki! We are Team Ibaraki! But it’s quite cold … CAPTAIN! It looks better over there So I think we’re going to get changed Go surf here or Over there on the other side most needed gear so when you go surfing in Japan One of the most important things Especially in Winter is to have a poncho It’s so warm when you get changed If it’s windy or it’s cold You’re probably wondering every time when I go surfing
with my go pro how does it look like doesn’t really come off it’s quite handy I used to have like a hand mount a wrist mount They all didn’t really work because it kinda like hit my board so this is like the best one I don’t know if you can hear me but I’m changing the battery
for the go pro I took off my gloves it’s FREAKING COLD!!! That’s the thing I hate
about using go pro is that I have to change the battery after like 1 – 2 hours of filming so it doesn’t last very long it’s very tough conditions today you can see behind me it’s quite choppy the current was really strong kept bringing us back into the beach man I am tired It’s been a while since I used my go pro to film anything I am tired I just had a shower They have showers here sometimes You can pay like 100 yen
for hot showers They have hot showers in that building there Thank god I have a poncho IT’S SO COLD We are at an onsen (hot spring) in Ibaraki Sometimes in winter when we go surfing after it we would go to an Onsen because it’s just SO AWESOME shi-yo-sai-no-yu shi-yo-sai-no-yu this is the onsen I’m hungry Put your shoes in here We’re going to go inside
the onsen now and can’t actually film inside because there’s a lot
of naked dudes no one wants to see naked dudes nooooooooooooo A-NA-GO (EEL) lunch set and a small beer thank you This is miso soup A-NA-GO is EEL It’s really good It’s not as fatty as the normal eel U-NA-GI It taste more like fish It’s really tasty lots of flavor I’m SUPER FULL and it’s raining Going to go home Just left the onsen I was looking at my
go pro clips before and I just realized I didn’t take so many good clips But I hope you guys enjoyed my vlog and I’ll see you guys next time Please give a thumbs up on my video! BYEEEE

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. Glenn John says:

    love this channel and the surfing….but surfing the Japanese way, you mean radioactively too soon? we are all fucked. hahaha, man you need way more subscribers.

  2. Caesar says:

    I want to learn how to surf but I kinda live far from the nearest beach, do you have any tips? I live like, 30 km from the beach 😛

  3. Billy George says:

    Another great vlog man! Loving these updates! Missing Japan so much cause of these!

  4. Salah Hawila says:

    I like the mouth-mounted camera so much more than the wrist one. Good stuff really like the editing Peng was saying that the music goes so well with the video.

  5. Evan Ricketts says:

    Love your videos man, really well made and really enjoyable to watch! 😀 I was just wondering, where are the best places to surf in Japan? Thinking of doing a trip there and would live to get a bit of surfing in!!

  6. Jamie Nicho says:

    I really enjoy your vlogs.

  7. Nicks Cove says:

    really good vlog, love the opening shots of the city

  8. Kilin Shen says:

    Where is the beach for surf ?

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