Hey guys Good morning Today is day 2 in Shizuoka We’re going for an early morning surf session today in Shizunami
which is about 10 minutes
drive from here and then we’re
going to come back for breakfast Good morning Koji How’s your foot? It hurts! Yeah Koji cut his foot on
the reef yesterday At Omaezaki surf point He’s put kitchen tape on his foot over the bandaid so it doesn’t come off or open anymore when
we go surf I’m going to go
surf in this so let’s change to my
go pro now! How was the waves today? It was alright The first ride was
pretty good Yeah you rode a
good wave You saw? Yeah Check this out The first thing you need to do
to eat NATTO Basically you have
to pull off This top part You put soya sauce Inside the NATTO just a little bit not too much There you have it NATTO on rice Itadakimasu
(Let’s eat) It’s been like 3 years since I ate
NATTO I miss it Not really I’m in Shizunami point
at the moment ROUND 3!!! Looks so painful!!! Did a lot of
surfing today 3 rounds FREAKING AWESOME! Over there is like for swimming but only in summer The rest of the place
you can surf It’s pretty good here
except for the typhoon I’m not sure if
the waves Are usually this big Second day of dinner again SUSHI YEAH!!! and you’re probably
wondering what this is It’s a tuna head or part of it I love this! What do you call this? ma-gu-ro-ka-ma which means tuna head hey guys I hope
you enjoyed my vlog and please subscribe to my
youtube channel if you have any comments please write in the comments and i’ll see you
next time! this typhoon is CRAZY
out there PEACE OUT! This is NATTO one of the only
foods that I can’t eat a lot of foreigners
don’t like NATTO it’s basically
fermented beans and you put soya sauce
in it and mix it as
much as you can so I’m going to eat
it today I’m just going to
eat it

Antonio Breitenberg

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4 thoughts on “SURFING TYPHOON SWELLS – Shizuoka Japan

  1. João Victor Kitaturu says:

    cool man, nice video !!!!

  2. Axis says:

    Awesome vid as always man! keep up the good work o/

  3. Cheese TV says:

    納豆は美味しいよ( ^ω^ )

  4. [GER] lil'sushiroll says:

    Do you know if it is worth doing a surf trip to kochi prefecture? And if it is, where are the best places to stay and surf? (i heard that the river mouths are sick down there) And nice video by the way i will check this spot out when i am in japan for my student exchange year!

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