Surfing trucks – world trip by bicycle!

Surfing trucks – world trip by bicycle!

Today a guy from the radio interviewed me and asked what I’d think about cycling in Africa. And I answered: “Well, it’s different!” At least different from the two other continents we cycled on. So this is what African downhill roads look like! But only a few roads in Rwanda and Uganda were as empty as this one. Both country are very densely populated and thus most streets are crowded as hell. And when there are so many people around two ‘muzungus’ on travel bicycles stay never unseen. *Kids shouting “muzungu calls”* The biggest challenge for us was to get used to all the attention we received all day. But the high population density also brings advantages: For example there is always food and water to buy. And if it’s about trying new food we are always very eager to do so! These grasshoppers we got offered in Tanzania, where we also got the weirdest breakfast of our trip. Well, I just got milk and cocoa… …and it’s accompanied by… …chicken leg and potato. For breakfast! Then spaghetti with one chili and… …no idea what this thingy is…? And not only the food turned out to be very special during the last weeks. Also the animals that we encountered along the road. Small ones – and big ones! And another new thing was crossing the equator line! Now the sun was shining really from ‘above’ and there was no shadow at all. Damned hot days on the bike! Nevertheless it rained cats and dogs. But to be honest this did not really surprise us. We knew that the rain season was about to start. Usually the rain came short and strong. And then the sun returned again soon. And with the sun the people returned. Especially the cyclists. Bicycles are not only used to transport bananas but also passengers. Like kids being picked up from school which we were happy to surprise with some crayons. Apropos “schools’: Also schools are very different here in Africa. But with our mobile projector we can show pictures also without electricity on any blank wall. The local kids learned about oiling chains from Manu but about truck surfing Manu learned from them. Never heard about truck surfing?! Neither did we!! But it is actually not that difficult. You have to spot a truck that drives slowly uphill. Then you speed up… …stretch out your hand… …and grab the truck. Thus you can easily save some energy. Great thing – learned from the locals. Oh – my – God! There are zebras!! Take care… maybe they attack us if we get closer? Manu, I wouldn’t do that!! …maybe not? Wooow, they are adorable! Zeeebraaas! *Zebra puffs* What does it mean if he puffs like that? Oh my God, this zeeeebra! Way too cuuuute!! Let’s walk closer. Okay. I’m wearing my zebra shorts on purpose today.

Antonio Breitenberg

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