Surfing Tinder with my girlfriend using an eye tracker

Surfing Tinder with my girlfriend using an eye tracker

– Alright so we bought this
thing called an eye tracker I’m here with my girlfriend, Moon. Girlfriend Moon
– [Moon] Not his Mom. – Not Mom. Stop saying it’s my
Mom. It’s my girlfriend. – [Moon] People still write it. – Alright so we bought this
thing called an eye tracker. And basically it does
what it says it does. It tracks your eyes. – [Moon] Not as you think. It doesn’t tell you the
location of your eyes. – (Chuckles) Alright so here’s just a little preview of how it is. We set the thing up already. Here we go, this is what it’s like. Alright so basically where
I’m looking right now, the circle is following him and it’s pretty accurate. It’s really cool. This is crazy. – [Moon] Look at logo. Look at logo. – Alright
– [Moon] Community. Subscribe button. Important that’s the
subscribe button for everyone who don’t know it. – There it is press it, press
it, press that if you know. – [Moon] Straight jacket. – Yeah. – [Moon] Spend the night music video. Awesome music video spend the night. Now available as ringtones on iTunes. – No it’s not. – [Moon] That would be cool though. – I’m trying. I don’t know how. – [Moon] Oh (laughs)
– I don’t know how you do it. This is so weird. It is absolutely insane. So apparently this thing is (high pitched bell) Moon approved. – [Moon] You know why? – Channing Tatum?
– [Moon] Yeah. Automatically. – I’ll take his head off. I’ll fold it. – [Moon] I’m alright with just a body. – Well that backfired. – [Moon] (laughs manically) – Alright so what this
thing this eye tracker is mainly used for or meant to be used for is gaming. So what we’re going to use to for is just this one tool where it shows where you’re looking on the screen. We’re going to be looking at
some weird photos and stuff, putting photos side by side, see which one you look at first. One of the pictures looks
like something rude. It’s like it looks like a male part or a female part and then the other one is
something completely different. So Moon picked the pictures. I don’t know what I’m going to see there. Alright here we go then. Let’s go. Wow. – [Moon] Oh no. – (laughs childishly) no. What was that? What is that? – [Moon] It’s a bun. – A bun? – [Moon] I think Japanese, I hope so bun. – It looks just like a – [Moon] No. A bun. – Yeah I was going to say it looks just like a bun.
– [Moon] A nice fleshy rosy bun. – (laughs) Why makeup? Alright alright. Next next next. Oh my god.
– [Moon] Oh no. Look at the cute rabbit. Cute rabbit. That’s just a guy’s thumb. – [Moon] You instantly
looked at that little crack on the tip. – (laughs) – [Moon] (laughs) – Oh my god.
– [Moon] Look at rabbit a bit. – It’s just a rabbit. It’s
just a nice little cute rabbit. – [Moon] He’s cute. Yeah you normally would
immediately look at it. Wouldn’t you? – You would. Unless there’s a Ah no. That’s disgusting. And that’s like an eye illusion thing. You stare at the white bit and then all the others are black. But then you look around
and they’re all white. And what’s that? – [Moon] It’s disgusting isn’t it? – It’s a tomato and it like
a lady is kind of just like spreading the tomato open.
– [Moon] Yeah you flesh it. – [Moon] Oh immediately. – Every time, Moon, every time. – [Moon] You know normally
people look into people’s eyes. That’s why I picked it. But you instantly looked
at the little baby holding the (bleep)-is. – It’s not. It’s not. – [Moon] (laughter) – It’s a baby’s hand
holding an adult’s finger. It just looks wrong. No. Alright next one. Come on. – [Moon] Oh Finn. You looked at Finn. – At Finn and not the other thing. – [Moon] Yeah. – Is that peanut butter and
the spoon has been brought out? – [Moon] Yeah. I think
it’s just how it is. – It looks like peanut butter
has had a spoon dunked in and then pulled out. I looked at Finn first. – [Moon] Yeah you’ve done that. – No.
– [Moon] You looked at. Why did you look at Channing Tatum first? See even men think he’s
got a beautiful face. That’s just it. – If I looked at Channing Tatum that would go wrong. If I look at the other
thing which just looks like little sausages in pastry. – [Moon] It is. – It’s also wrong. It’s
lose lose for that one. You trapped me. – [Moon] Wow instant. This is giving me trypophobia. I think it’s a grapefruit
or a blood orange. It’s disgusting isn’t it? It looks like loads of maggots coming out. – That’s a fruit? – [Moon] Yeah. It’s disgusting. – And then tools on the other side. – [Moon] Yeah ’cause
you’re a tool (laughs) Wow. Immediately. Why are you not looking at the phone?
– What is that? – [Moon] It’s a little rat. It’s Remy from Ratatouille
got food allergy and all his hair fell out. – Which one did you think I
was going to look at first? The phone or the rat?
– [Moon] Actually the phone because you’re addicted. – Slender man. – [Moon] You didn’t look at fleshy oyster. – Alright next one. – [Moon] Yeah this is the last one. Don’t click because I’m not going to look. – Why? – [Moon] I’m not looking
’cause it I can’t. – You can’t say that. What’s there? – [Moon] I’m not going to look. – Why? I want to know why. – [Moon] Yeah you’ll see it. – I don’t want to look
if you’re not looking. – [Moon] No, you have to look. – I don’t want to look. 3…2…1 No. – [Moon] Put it away quick. – Quick get it off. – [Moon] Put it away. Exit it. – No. – [Moon] It makes me
itch. I’ve looked again. I always feel like maggots
or stuff coming out the mole. – I looked at the other one first. – [Moon] I got a Trypophobia
don’t look away compilation prepared for you. – You’re joking. – [Moon] I can’t watch it actually. I’m not playing this. You prepared? You’ve not eaten? – I’ve only, it’s called the
do not look away challenge so obviously if the circle
disappears off the screen it means I’ve looked away and we’ve got it full
screen so I can’t look away. – [Moon] I think that’s
best don’t look away thing. – I cannot look away. – [Moon] Don’t look away.
– Don’t look away challenge. Ultimate edition. Let’s go. No.
– [Moon] Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my god. – No. No. – [Moon] Don’t look away. – My eyes slightly shut and it went off. Oh no. – [Moon] Oh that is so disgusting. – No. Oh God. Can I look around the edges? – [Moon] Yeah. – Oh is that real? Oh no. – [Moon] Yeah it’s real.
It’s terrible isn’t it? – I’m going to blur that.
I’m going to blur that. That’s not bad. That’s not too bad. – [Moon] I know as soon as you realise it’s just plastic or something. – Don’t mind that. No that’s alright. – [Moon] It’s a pie. It’s a pie. – Food is alright. It’s just the skins. – [Moon] Oh my god that’s disgusting. Oh that’s disgusting. – No. Oh that’s make-up – [Moon] But it’s still disgusting. – I think it’s make-up. Oh what’s that? That’s on a cow or something. Oh this thing again?
– [Moon] Oh it’s the pie again. Pie again. – That’s alright. Don’t mind that. – [Moon] Good pie to relax. – It looks like maggots coming out. That’s disgusting. It’s the same picture.
– [Moon] Oh God it’s the foot. – It’s the foot again. – [Moon] Don’t look away. – I’m trying. No I don’t mind that.
– [Moon] Oh my God. – It’s not on a person but it looks like – [Moon] I think it’s pancake. – A pancake. That’s alright. – [Moon] Mmm pancake.
– Pancake. It looks like teeth. – [Moon] I know it’s so disgusting. – Is that real?
– [Moon] Oh my God, it’s going to haunt me. – Oh my God. Oh that’s a tree. – [Moon] It’s bark. Is it bark? – It’s just the bark on a tree. – [Moon] Not too bad. It’s food. – I wouldn’t eat it but. – [Moon] It’s food. It’s not skin no no. It’s cake. – That’s just pasta.
– [Moon] Pasta it’s pasta. – I feel alright about this. Let me know in comments if you don’t like this stuff too. Is that it? – [Moon] Yeah. Oh my God I got itched. It’s really unsettling isn’t it? I feel itchy all over the place. – I don’t like this mood. – [Moon] I know it’s disgusting but you did well. – Let’s play spot the difference. That’s a nice game. Go. – [Moon] Go. Against
Tatum. Time is running. (dramatic music) – It just says spot the difference. – [Moon] Yes it’s one difference. – I can’t see. Oh there. Oh it’s a meme. Jesus Christ it’s a meme. – [Moon] Why? – That’s a meme. – [Moon] Yeah what does it mean? In school we did that and
when you looked into it you got a punch? – I think it’s like that
but the meme version. – [Moon] Oh okay.
– It’s just oh I got you. I got you. Alright the final game or section or whatever you want to call it. The final part of this video. What is like the worst thing? If someone could see exactly
where you were looking what would be the worst thing to do? – [Moon] Nudey boobies. – We can’t do that on youtube so we did the next thing and that is I’m going to join Tinder and my girlfriend is going to watch me as
scrolling through it. I’ve never been on it. – [Moon] And afterwards you’re
going to unsubscribe again. – I might do.
– [Moon] You’re not staying on it. – I might like it.
– [Moon] No not might. – Maybe I want to stay on it. – [Moon] Don’t do it then. – So I’m going to go on Tinder I’m going to sign up make a profile I’m going to be scrolling through Tinder while my girlfriend is watching which is bad enough in itself. And then she’s going to be able to see exactly where I’m looking. No you already approved it. – [Moon] Yeah it’s not approved anymore. – So there it is. Here is Tinder. So I’ve got to sign up – [Moon] Is it more popular in America? Do a different one. Why your real name? – I’m doing it as me. Gender. Man. More what is there? Whoa. – [Moon] Whoa. – Whoa. – [Moon] I did not know. – Two-spirit? What is two-spirit? What photo am I using. Take a photo of me Honey
of me and Channing. Alright we’re in. We’re in. – [Moon] Isn’t that swipe left or right? – I think so. How do you do it on a computer though? Oh look left is nope. – [Moon] And right is dope (laughs) – Left is nope right is like. Enter is super like. What? There’s a super. Come on then. – [Moon] She looks nice. You looked. He’s looked at bum. – I didn’t mean to. – [Moon] Of course you meant to. You get sweaty and all. Look again. – Stop it. – [Moon] Swipe left then. – I’m swiping left.
– [Moon] On Bryony. Face. Face. And then boobs. – This is harder than I thought. – [Moon] It’s not hard. I hope. – (laughs) – [Moon] That was a good
one I’m on fire today. – There’s nothing to look
there’s just a face there. – [Moon] What there’s nothing to look. – I mean it’s just a face
I can’t get in trouble. – [Moon] Yeah it’s the face. – I can’t get in trouble
looking at that one. – [Moon] Don’t look that long then. – The duration is a problem now. – [Moon] Oh cleavage. Left. Left. (dramatic sound effect) Did you swipe right? – I pressed it by accident. – [Moon] No I’m going. That’s it. You know first it started
out I wanted it as a joke. Why do you keep swiping right? You said you were just
going to swipe left. – I did it by accident. – [Moon] No you’ve not
done it by accident. – Moon come back.
– [Moon] See how you like it.

Antonio Breitenberg

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