Surfing the web safe is our right!

Surfing the web safe is our right!

Surfing the web safe is our right! Internet is a space I transit, I inhabit, where I make myself visible We are speaking against street harassment that we’ve faced before on “real” life and that without the Internet this topic it wouldn’t have been part of the public agenda worldwide It positions me as feminist with ideas that must be expressed that is ready to challenge the violence we face I’ve realized in many aspects that I’m not alone there is a very strong feminist community not only in my city but across the country and the world Violence has increased and doesn’t stop Every single day we receive at least one tweet or a message via Facebook anything they see they make it a joke or an attack Images of women killed, threats of corrective rape death threats it’s an anger I end up carrying all day all these violence impacts me and has changed the way I am has undermined our freedom of expression we don’t tweet the same I think twice what I write and where to publish it or if I rather not do it or if I’m over exposing myself the purpose of this is that I leave social networks but that is not going to happen creating strategies makes us feel certain that this is not our fault that its dimensions are bigger than we thought together we are stronger because we see this is systematic its is a way to demonstrate to patriarchy that we are a lot, that we are united fighting together helps you realize that you are not alone many of us go through this but that shouldn’t stop us Read more about the Feminist Principles of the Internet

Antonio Breitenberg

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