Surfing the Dark Web in 2020

Surfing the Dark Web in 2020

all right so I know I said that our club
isn’t all that scary but it is in fact all that weird like look at this my
random was found say hi said hey there they said are you a preteen which I
instantly like what them I said no I am NOT I am 22 they said a girl or boy I
said boy how about you said have a younger sister question mark dude all right so every single year there’s a
bunch of videos that drop that it’s like surfing the dark web browsing the dark
web going through the dark web so you don’t have to things like that and it’s
officially 2020 I’m happy new years everyone’s my first video of the new
year and today we’re gonna be going through the dark web in 2020 so all
right so real quick before this video starts if you guys are gonna go on the
dark web please please please use a lot more protection than what I’m using I’m
using only a VPN this is a experimental video and educational video if you will
and have it if anything happens to me in this video then you know yourself listen
I got a strap up so here I am and I’m gonna be trying to show you guys a bunch
of links and basically what goes on the dark web at least I’m gonna be trying to
now what I mean by that is that I have a couple of links right here now these
links all worked in the past I did a video a year ago and every single one of
these links work now watch this here’s one connections timed out same thing
same thing same thing and then there’s one of them you can a first-class
cannabis healthcare and I’ll see here it has all of these like strands and stuff
I guess I don’t know I don’t do we I don’t know but yeah you’ll see what
they’re on so 42 euros equals that much of Bitcoin actually so it converts it
for you you don’t have to do it yourself which is like a skip a step right there
right and then and then SL tells you exactly what the strand is and then you
can go ahead and buy now but don’t so there’s this one website on it’s called
the deep market now on this website you can get a bunch of things I mean scissor
you’re carting money transfers and gift cards money counterfeits hacking
documents electronics other now for example you’ll scroll down you’ll see
iPhones for the best price let’s actually take a look at that um and that
takes me to here so it says I store it’s a member since 2016 5 star ratings
29,000 sales Wow and I’ll bet on your top review
you’ll see oh my god Florrie gentlemen buy more iPhones you can sell them on
eBay twice as expensive don’t do it um but that’s iPhone 11 64 gigabytes 289
dollars with these prices iPhone 11 Pro I actually just bought my iPhone 11 Pro
legally but um I bought it it came out more than twice that but that’s
ridiculous holy co air pods for $80 MacBooks here’s the one I have right
here oh my god that’s literally like one third of the price almost no that’s
horrible math no that’s right no I don’t know PlayStation 4 Xbox one which those
are interesting because no all right so here we have a gold buyer that goes by
the name of coca loca they bought ear pods pearl this is hi
guys thanks for the delivery to Kiev in four days it’s cool as for the ear pods
Pro themselves I really like the sound quality in addition they are excellent
in ears and do not fall out in the gym I’m so pleased with the purchase suna
will buy you i phone 11 pro so basically this guy’s just a normal guy he’s a gold
buyer I mean literally he’s going to a gym you know he’s using his hair pads
for actual reasons rather than selling them making money stuff like that but
still I don’t let’s get out of here all right so all right so let’s see what
else that dollar weed whoa we do not sell fake money we sell only
real money let’s take a look at that dead presidents cliche 27,000 sales
five-star reviews okay no risk for you i yeah I are so for $200
you get a thousand US dollars euros as well
very smooth transaction quick shipment accurate
I really I really don’t recommend this um first things first
actually there’s buyer protection so if you do go to jail for like 25 to 50
years or life even once you get out if you do you’ll get your money back
at least partially so ya know another thing about this website is that it
offers so much like hacking gift cards prepaid cards with a large balance
prepaid cloned cards visa Amazon gift cards there’s crazy stuff here I mean
it’s all Apple Jesus fish um ya know let’s take a look at the gift cards I do
I do want to see what some of the gift cards sell for and stuff like that so
I’ll look for the best free gift land all right 25,000 sales that’s ridiculous
25,000 so my guess here is what they’re doing is they’re either using fake money
to buy real money to sell for real money to make so I so here are the products um
the first one says Visa gets quite 500 US dollars you get one of them 400 bucks
and this one says Visa gift card five hundred US dollars or you get three of
them oh it’s on sale also you technically get one for free
oh they have a bunch so they’ll have balances of 700 800 Wow
I just I just don’t know I mean but like you’ll never see a bad review I don’t
know if the bad reviews are like deleted or not but like look at fron bought the
ambulance car balance is 700 great deal great seller great product so like now
let’s see that their cheapest item is $100 and there’s 25,000 sales if I do
the math correctly 25,000 times a hundred at least that’s 2.5 million at least right I don’t know my math is
off to but this is deep market um I know this is a very very popular website
you’ll go on hacking for example you’ll have a social hacker basically someone
who could hack into instagrams Facebook’s whatsapp’s Vipers email
snapchats and more I’m actually Hey alright here I’m actually opening a
bunch of links for you guys for example right here I rent a hacker where you can
actually rent one and I had another one which I just went on to I was a German
link and it says right here okay I don’t know what it says but I assume it says
that the website was seized my missus is right here seizure banner oh wow this is
right here the platform and criminal content has
been seized but a federal criminal police office BKA on behalf of Attorney
General’s police in Frankfurt so like I said this happens a lot more than you
think and not just in the US but let me go back to the hacker portion basically
there’s this guy who will literally hack for you he’s been doing this since he
was 16 apparently which you know it’s like a lifelong pursuit of his but
basically this is right here how much he charges he’ll charge $250 for a small
job medium is 500 and the large is 900 euros if you read I here says what I
will do and it says I will do anything for money I’m not a pussy if you want me
to destroy some businesses or a person’s life I’ll do that fair enough just shows
you some of the things that you can do in here but yeah this is where here
become a citizen of the USA real USA Passport so they’re gonna offer a
bulletproof USA passport – plus social security number plus a driver’s license
and birth certificate and other papers making you an official citizen of the
USA so that costs a thousand dollars
although with all the stuff going on in the world right now I would probably
avoid that yeah um all right so here I am on this website and it says people
onion now there’s one tool one chat group chats and then about us so I think
I’m gonna start off by a one-to-one first and then go on to a group chat
after I’m just searching for a random a random was found say hi sick all right
um hey there my random you’re not talking a random
left searching for a random a random spawn say hi okay hey there hi you a
girl yes I am are you placing the lightest on the dark web place you what
did they said no you’re not you’re a guy wearing a white shirt because I see you
through your webcam how old are you 22 well this is this is getting really
really awkward um fourteen Ranma okay all right so I know I said the dark
web isn’t all that scary but it is in fact all that weird like look at this
Miranda was found say hi said hey there they said are your preteen which I
instantly look what I said no I am NOT I am 22 they said a girl or boy I said boy
how about you said have a younger sister question mark dude yeah what you know
I’m gonna fly out ask them I go listen I’m doing YouTube video I can ask you
some questions I’m in the middle of typing this is are you preteen finally
random oh my god I’ve read most on say hi hi I’m doing a YouTube video
can I ask questions let’s see if this works age
dude 22 geez that’s it imagine having a formal conversation with someone so I’m
doing a YouTube video could ask you some questions
age come on these people are so weird they’re giving
me off to give me so many weird vibes right now girl no I’m gonna leave these
random Jess in a little group chat see if it’s any less weird because it is
freaking weird I’m group chat here we go
please be able to use enter your nickname okay I’m gonna use the nickname
jiggly why not enter name again but exactly backwards Facebook shoot me okay
so why l GG Oh J oh this is this is a very very like angry chat there
currently are we doing right now I’m through arguing between races and stuff
like that summers you’re gonna join in and I’m gonna try to create peace and
tranquility between everyone so I said hello all I’m filming a YouTube video
and was wondering if I could ask questions there’s ninety two users in
here Oh Misa go ahead jiggly and lo lo says
sure go ahead so this is perfect I’m probably asked
some like crazy things that you guys want to ask so like what’s the craziest
thing you’ve ever seen on the Deep Web so they’re currently still arguing but
they’re letting me answer my questions which is great so it’s kind of like I
don’t know I don’t know what’s going on here alright so they said jiggle you
want to hear my story or the first time on the web it was so crazy and that’s it
and then now they’re currently talking about really really bad things that I
really kind of just want to leave this chat for because this kinda just gave me
a really bad vibe so I just have a really bad looking at I guess I guess I
joined that a bad time they’re literally arguing with each other about politics
and stuff like that which I really hate oh my god but as you don’t want to be
there so I think I’m gonna go try the private chats again just hopefully get
someone normal who will answer just a couple
questions so you’re a one-to-one check so I said I’m filming a YouTube video
about the dark web would you answer some questions for me so let’s see what they
say I hope they’re cool about this I hope you know they’re not weird and
stuff like that they said can do perfect all right solid um I put what was the
craziest think spell the thing wrong you have seen on the dark web and they left
they either so they’re either an amateur don’t really know much about the dark
web or they just hate you know improper grammar
I guess find a new random let’s try this again all right fun another one I said
hey I’m filming eight are they left ah find a new random so officially
confirmed whenever I mentioned the fact that I get spory YouTube video everyone
just like kind of freaks out and just leaves so I think I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna give this a couple more tries and just try to have a normal conversation
and I’ll go it along with what they’re saying and we’ll see you know if we to
go from there are so no joke I’ve been sitting here for three hours and I’ve
been recording for so long I had to use two separate SD cards this one the one
that’s in the camera at the moment um hmm but basically I got this guy he
hasn’t a hold I wasn’t I lied I said I was 18 and I was like how about you he
said I’m 29 is it okay for you and also he is what okay he’s like never mind
what you’re doing here I was then I was like you seem cool that most people can
ask you questions I said sure great he’s a dear research and I was
like what’s the craziest thing you’ve seen on the dark web and this guy said
there’s a video where a girl was shooting her head it was reported from
an outdoor camera and some far but I was scared and then I asked our red rooms
real and he hasn’t responded to me so I’m just gonna leave it was an
interesting experience talking to all these people they’re pretty weird to be
completely honest with you these guys are fucking weird
and so like I said I’ve literally been sitting here chatting with people for
three hours and I’ve come to a conclusion or so these people don’t
direct web they’re either one predators on absolutely – they hate punctuation
and grammar mistakes as you’ve seen and three they hate YouTube this the second
I mention YouTube every single one of them left on
but it was it was interesting it was interesting to say the least a mule but
once in a blue moon when you’ll find a decent person in there but if you guys
want me to do more of these videos make it even like a series like once a week
or whatever let me know down in the comment section below um if you’re
interested in that um other than that yeah that is the dark web so far I’ll
probably do more of these videos every so often because actually pretty fun um
except when you’re sitting here for three hours and yeah so stay tuned make
sure your notification belt is on and your notifications are on all instead of
personalized and thank you guys so much for watching today’s like subscribe
peace see you guys bye

Antonio Breitenberg

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