Surfing the Big Waves of Maui’s Jaws & Honolua With Ian Walsh, Ep 3

Surfing the Big Waves of Maui’s Jaws & Honolua With Ian Walsh, Ep 3

Growing up on Maui there’s every different
type of wave you know there’s point breaks, slabs, beach breaks, gigantic waves, and perfect
hollow waves. You really are molded into being a versatile surfer growing up here. Tomorrow
there’s a really solid swell hitting and I’ll surf Jaws in the morning and if the wind blows
out I’ll surf somewhere else that’s more protected by the wind. But the wind just came up out
of control and kind of ended our session a few hours early. It’s about 1:30 there’s tons
of spots all around the island that we can surf so, I’m gonna drop all this tow gear
off and I have a board backpack for small wave boards and I’m gonna try to find some
barrels for the rest of the day. Conveniently my parents live in the house that I grew up
in about two minutes from where I just pulled the ski out of the water and it happens to
be right on the way to the direction I’m going on the other side of the island to surf. So
I’m gonna dump all this tow gear and my jet ski and change into some dry trunks and then
hit the road. We’re driving to the other side of the island because the wind tore up jaws
but the waves are still gigantic so there are plenty of waves to be surfed all around
the Island. And that’s uh, one of the best things about Maui for me is that it keeps
me a really versatile surfer, I can go in the same day paddling or towing into Jaws
to going to surf like head high rippable beach break stuff or like really good point-break
barrels all in the same, same day, same twelve hours so I think that’s really molded me into
a surfer and everything about my surfing has been basically from growing up on Maui. Just
finished the drive, little tired from earlier but waves look really good, go out and try
and find some barrels.

Antonio Breitenberg

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16 thoughts on “Surfing the Big Waves of Maui’s Jaws & Honolua With Ian Walsh, Ep 3

  1. Antoon says:

    awesome !

  2. MCjcg says:

    bad ass surfing :O

  3. Connor Mulready says:

    the wava was all like im gonna catch and the guy was like no your not.. with a little troll face

  4. shonuffLA says:

    the music sucks

  5. Adrian Castro says:

    if those waves came up on my beach people would freak out!! lol

  6. Gusiloko69 Gusiloko69 says:

    puto mediterráneo!! en la vida podre pillar olitas asi…:( tendre k buscar mi felicidad!

  7. Manuel Jamas says:

    those waves are unreal dude… blew my mind

  8. Sameer says:


  9. Joe Sharp says:


  10. killedbythedocter says:

    those barrels… holy shit I have to move there. here in Cali we have decent sized waves but the form is incomparable to those barrels you surfed…

  11. Ryan says:

    Damn he fuckin' rips

  12. Lawrence Ramirez says:

    legend Ian!

  13. Whitenacho says:

    Pure core

  14. rockin rockin says:

    Very cool!

  15. Ground Control-X says:

    DUDE…)… X …)…

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