Surfing Taghazout Morocco | Travel Vlog |

Surfing Taghazout Morocco | Travel Vlog |

Oh what’s up guys good morning another
beautiful day in Taghazout is out today we’re gonna catch some breakfast right now
literally I just kind of just woke up and just jumped out of bed and here we
are so gonna get some breakfast and then after that we’re gonna go head over to
Surf Berbere and they’re gonna hook us up with some boards and wetsuits and then
we’ll be headed out today in search for those good waves to recap
a little bit on the last video or the last vlog I think we are going to stay
in that apartment I told the guy that we’re booking it or we’re down and all
we have to do is meet them in a few days to give them some money and boom we get
the keys and we got our pretty sweet apartment so we’re also super stoked on
that are you still fake yeah I didn’t take my money and you’re charging me you
charged me with it that’s how you make money traveling charted her girlfriend
rent oh yeah breakfast buffet for $3 super
killer deal huh I know I get fruit eggs crepes coffee
orange juice yogurt if I want a little chocolate dessert no wonder I’m gaining
weight though she is wetsuit board car all sort
of guys we’re gonna head out here condition today probably about four
footers we don’t know where we’re going yet we’re gonna drive around a little
bit and see where the best bus are all right so I just got pulled over
so far we’ve figured out that they’re checking for a fire extinguisher medical
kit and it looks like maybe driver registration I think we saw yeah
when we were on the bus over here we saw like eight checkpoints throughout the
whole trip little update we’re getting a ticket for something so I guess the cop
pulled us over and checked our fire extinguisher in the fire signature
without a date so it was like 150 Durham’s just kind of like I don’t know
you kind of I guess in these kind of countries you don’t pay you don’t go to
court you just kind of like pay on the spot like it’s a penalty fee yeah so we
got that knocked out of the way finally made it here Nina’s got the
right idea there yeah I just lounge and straight up all right time to bust on
these wet suits that’s Jack and stand by the way we just met them in the car
we’ve been through a lot so far been pulled over been pretty much they got
their drone taken away at the airport so we were talking about that that kind of
sucks you ready get it you guys I just got munched up out there
so hard so Nina and I have decided we need something that we can exercise and
kind of enjoy at the same time so we decided to kind of pick up surfing we
also want to pick up snowboarding both these things that I used to do when I
was a kid but I don’t know school and work and all this stuff that comes in
the way with the things that you kind of enjoyed when you were younger so now
that I’m kind of a freelancer videographer and stuff I want to kind of
start exploring some of these things again and so surfing and snowboarding
are two of those items so I’ll be doing a lot more surfing and snowboarding and
going to different locations where there’s more of that and that way I can
also stay fit because traveling a lot it’s so hard to get a routine down look
forward to more still boring more winter sports and more summer sports more
definitely more adventure hiking expedition type stuff yeah I think
that’s just kind of like gonna create like the best life and that’s really
what we’re all here trying to do so besides that I should probably get out
or again I’m gonna need a moment though I just came back from round two I feel
so refreshed actually the second round was a lot better than the first round so
I’m kind of stoked on that thank you Peter you that looks like a great idea
right now but so just chill in here and just do
nothing so how you doing babe I’m doing great
excellent how are you doing I’m really good yo how was it was it good yeah yeah
I know that afternoon session was really good for me yeah welcome back to the
apartment it is sunset time we’re gonna try to get
some more work done tonight and doing some edits from my friend Jeremy and
yeah just got a shot it was pretty good feel feel fresh I thought I would invite
you guys for a sunset tell you what this never gets old
not at all so in other news we seem to demolish
another apartment we got stuff lined everywhere this is the trash bag corner and and well this one this bed doesn’t
look too bad it looks pretty nice of course we got all our work stuff
scattered got a couple couple cool things on charge here yeah things are
just kind of hanging out I feel like over here I know my body my body is like
unstable and like yes there you like my light I know
surfing is the new high far out dude I am I need to get some work done at least I need to transfer all the
files footage I got today bye stop yelling are you gonna cook please guys thanks for joining thanks for
supporting today was an epic day and I hope you liked all the cinematics and
all the all the work that went into it I really appreciate you guys and yeah
comment and hit me up I’m here on Instagram and YouTube and soon or on
facebook I’m on facebook I’m all over the place I got some big news coming up
as well things are changing big time hopefully the change is gonna happen
within a few months yeah so big change is happening and I’m
really excited about it in the channel and just everything with the way I do
videography and all that stuff so dope you guys take care of yourselves
and I will see you in the next video much love bye goodbye see you later
I probably made a good choice not ever being a singer yep

Antonio Breitenberg

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29 thoughts on “Surfing Taghazout Morocco | Travel Vlog |

  1. Kash's RunTRA says:

    Like #1 and sub to your channel buddy. Hope you support my channel too 🙂

  2. Garrett Galvan says:

    Hey Travel Fam!!! Hope all is good with you! We are loving the surf here and enjoying the calm little town of Taghazout! Thanks for all your support and shares. I'm really happy that you guys are enjoying the videos and let me know anyway I can make them better in the comments below. Also have you been to Taghazout?

  3. zara azz says:

    Breakfast☕🍌🍞, surfing🏄, sunshine🌞, beach 👙👒, friends 👫👬💃, police 🚔👮…. just AMAZING 👍
    One thing is missing !? Mr. Turtle 🐢😩😟

  4. nadim adil says:

    Try to visit paradise you will like it very close to taghazout 😉

  5. Born To Play says:

    M visiting Taghazout every summer since 2014 , m a berber and i have family living there … Another nice video

  6. MaxMor says:

    Another nice vlog bro. Within few months you will be a Pro surfer lol.

  7. Hamza HK says:

    I love your vlogs

  8. Solomon David Gomez Vlogs says:

    It truly looks like a great time, you can't beat sunshine and surfing and I'm a little jealous haha its still cold here. Great blog again Bro. Awesome.

  9. The Travel Vlogger says:

    Only the best girlfriends pay for rent!

  10. Hasna Ajer says:


  11. Ahmed Slimi says:

    Hey there, this is amazing!! I loved the cinematics. why don't you go to Oukaïmeden and do the snowboarding and then go south to Merzouga to do Sand skiing. That would be awesome to assemble the three types of skiing in one video.

  12. Nepalese Nomad says:

    enjoyed watching the vlog. thanks for sharing.

  13. wilane imad says:

    Awesome video you've got a new subscriber

  14. GetLostwithJohnny says:

    The cinematic shots are great 😀 Enjoyed the travel vlog ^^

  15. Una olla mirada nunca hierve says:

    in love with ur vlogs !!

  16. Jordan Bryant says:

    Yeaaaaa buddies

  17. Jamesyboy Experiment says:

    Didn't know you could surf in Morocco! Cool. Nice footage!🙂

  18. Mohamed Chentouf says:

    Lol never pay fines in Morocco because police take advantage, just try avoid paying as best you like say you have no cash or haggle; literally.

  19. Soumia Ait ouahman says:

    Nice work guys !! Love ur vlogs from Agadir ..I hope i can meet u 👍🏻

  20. Ellen Projects says:

    Had no idea about surf in Morocoo! Looks good 🙂

  21. tmpEngine says:

    8:25 WTF ???!! stone her !!!

  22. sfe138 says:

    it's crazy how in morocco you can photograph everything lol.

  23. amit sengupta says:

    Keep making such videos on Travel

  24. Houcine khadla says:


  25. Outside TV says:

    What’s up Garrett? This is an awesome video that would make a great addition to our video of the month contest! Just upload it to and you could have the chance to win a wetsuit, a new surfboard, and be featured on Outside TV! See you on Campfire!

  26. sanne fokkens says:

    I also had also surfing lesson from the Guys you had lesson from in taghazout.

  27. swagg swagg says:

    thank youu for the effort brother.

  28. Patrik Becomes says:

    Surf berbere, ayee, I did the instructor course there for three months. Recognize the people in the vid.😄 How was the "general public stomach situation" in Taghazout when you were there? 😄 Bro, go hard at the surf, it'll get you fit for real.

  29. Yassine Lamkadam says:

    How to take off by surfing

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