Surfing Sisters of Hawaii

Surfing Sisters of Hawaii

[Captions by Y Translator] Kevin’s having kind of
a hard time, and I’m– Let’s just say Dad has other
talents besides surf– I swear. Mom. Mom. Mom, help me. Shut up! Stop it. What woke me up this morning at
3:00 a.m we’re these roosters, and they won’t stop, and they’ve been going literally
all morning, and all night. So listen, like
within five seconds, you’re going to
hear these roosters. I don’t know
if you can hear that, but I heard it. Yeah, so even
going all morning, and it’s funny. So I just went upstairs
and watch TV. Oh, yummy! So after breakfast, we decided
we wanted to go to a beach. We looked up this beach. This beach looks super cool, and so we decided
to come here. But there’s a lot of people,
and I mean it’s great, but you know, there’s lots
of people, umbrellas, and so someone told us, we heard someone say
there’s a secret beach that’s like down that way. So we walked, and turns out we had to like
walk over all these rocky rocks, and this really sketchy cliff, and then we get
to this little beach, that’s actually
like solid rocks. It’s not even stand
on the bottom. It’s just rocks. Like waves are crashing,
and we’re over there. We’re like, wow,
this is not safe. So we decided to come back here. So that is the story
of how we got here, and now, the kids
are building sand castles. I’m trying to get
tan without burning, which I already burned even
though I put sunscreen on. Chad’s over there. He’s too cool for sunscreen,
which I told him, it’s not a great idea. Dad’s up there taking a nap. Eve has no fear. She’s right there. But can you please
give me a bucket. Why would I need a bucket? Because I want to get to fish. Everyone put on sunscreen
today, except Chad. Because he seems to think
he’s gonna go home like a tanned surfer, and I’m insisting he’s going
to go home like a red tomato. He’s gonna get a [inaudible]
shaped tan when [inaudible]. And like– Like a weird bandanna
around his eyes. What happened? I don’t know. Was it too wet or too dry? I don’t know. Well, at least we did it. That’s the castle. Here, Russell. I’m going to start putting
some marks in it, okay? You can go make some more. Okay. Well, that’s the beginning of a future wonderful
Julie Castle, right? It’s Russell’s. I’m gonna put some water though. Before, you get thinking that Hawaii and family
is absolute paradise 24 hours a day. Let me give you
a dose of reality. We’re all getting very sick. I am not. Every night, one
of the kids is thrown up. I’m reading all these messages
from friends at home who have strep and I’m thinking–
>>Stop coughing. No! We may be coming down
with it ourselves. That’s not the worst of it. I don’t even know
if I want to share this or not, because it is so embarrassing, and Kevin insist it’s
not that embarrassing, but I think it’s
because he’s a gentleman, and he’s my husband
and he’s very kind. Now, she’s crying. I’m cryings. She is sick. Okay. So this morning,
I went to the temple. They have a temple
in [inaudible], and it’s really fun to visit another temple
that you’re not by because every temple
looks different on the inside, and they’re beautiful. So I went to the temple, and it’s just
within walking distance, and when I got done,
I was just walk back. My kids are gonna like put me
in an insane asylum, because I’m going
to have dementia. Anyway, I couldn’t find
my way back home. I just kept walking. I’m like, okay, if I can just get back so
I’d get back to the temple, and I’m like, I know if I go down the street, and then turn left,
it should be there. And then I would get lost, and so then I go
back to the temple, and I would– Wait. How many did you walk up
and down that road? Too many do admit. I was hot, and finally I saw this woman
will get her mail, and so I– She went in the house. She couldn’t hear me. I was like, hello,
excuse me, and she– Except I was squeaking
because my voice… And so she went inside, and I gathered up some nerve,
and I knocked on the door. And I was like, I’m lost,
and she goes. Oh! And she’s the sweetest. She’s a local, and she put her arm around me,
and she’s like, I can help you. She’s like, do you need a phone? So I called Kevin, I was like, I’m lost, come get me. And she got me a drink. Anyway, she was just
the sweetest woman. And I’m grateful that Kevin
didn’t made me feel stupid. He’s like, why do
you feel embarrassed? It’s like there’s nothing
to be embarrassed about. It’s like you’re fine. I’m like, I got lost and I live 100 yards
from the temple. It’s a little embarrassing, Anyway, back to the
picture perfect editing, making everything look
absolutely perfect. You ready? Okay, let’s go. It keeps going down. Is that hole still going? Yeah. What the heck? Chad, it’s probably dead. [inaudible] hole and put a towel over there, and then someone
would fall down. He’s like a little boy. He’s trying to find the crab,
and it’s probably already dead. Didn’t he throw a crab
on you in Seattle? Yeah, it was dead and rotting. Don’t, I swear. I swear. Mom. Mom. Mom. Help me. Chad, Mom is the cringy one. Do it to Mom. No. Shut up. Stop it. Oh, now, I found my voice. Not good. Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare. Don’t you– Chad finds all
these living crabs, but he like, they’re dead. He has an eye for them. Look at his fingers. They are ready to grab. I know. They’re like ready– They’re I say we leave him here. He can live with the crabs. He’s fine. They’ll accept him as
his king, their king. He’s on a search for crabs. Keep you updated. So my first time surfing, I got– I wait in the water the first time, because the wave died. But the 2nd good way by caught,
I was up and riding. It was, I think the riding
the wave was the easy part. Finding a wave is really hard. Kevin’s having kind of
a hard time, and I’m– Let’s just say Dad has
other talents besides surfing. And I’m gonna tell you
the same thing down told you about not making me feel better
about getting lost. When Daddy gets back, don’t you dare
make him feel bad. Unless he makes fun
of himself first, then we’re allowed too. If he laughs, it’s fine. But don’t you make him feel bad. He fell off like four times
over the course of 30 seconds, and he wasn’t even on a wave. He was just sitting there. He was sitting there. Look at that. Oh, that’s Julie. Julie’s up. Oh, now she’s down. Julie’s right– Oh. Dad. Go! Oh, no. Have you guys ever
been surfing before? I want to know how many of you out
there have gone surfing. Okay. Yeah. That’s over the [inaudible]. How about we put someone’s [inaudible], together, we’re gonna be triplets? Okay,
I’m getting out. No, you won’t be able. We’d be triplets! I’m getting out. No, we’re gonna be twins. I got one foot out. No, I can’t feel his feet. I can– Yeah! And now– And now, we’re gonna be– We’re gonna be twins! I hope you guys are enjoying
these Hawaii videos. I feel like we’re gonna go
home better people having been here and visited, and the friendships that my kids are having
is just amazing, because nobody can say, I want to go play
with my friend. No one can like– We are each other’s friends, and we’re whatever we do,
we’re all doing together. So I feel like we’re growing
closer as a family too, which is always my goal. Okay, you guys,
thanks for watching. We sure love you. Wish me like to get better. Cannot [inaudible].

Antonio Breitenberg

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