Surfing on Land // Surf Wheel

Surfing on Land // Surf Wheel

hey what’s up guys welcome back to my
channel so today I have this really awesome product that I’m really excited
to own box and show you guys this product is called surf well su it’s like
surfing on land so this is basically sort of like an electric skateboard if
you will but instead of skating you’re actually surfing so the a lot of
movements are actually very similar to snowboarding or surfing so without
further ado I’m gonna unbox this thing and show you guys this product so let’s
get to it okay it’s pretty nice that it comes to
this branded brown-paper box here I’m just going to open that a little bit and
whew nice so now inside of the box let me show you guys what this looks like
inside of the box you actually have the box and I’m guessing the electric surf
wheel is in here so it says that they’re surfing on land um that’s the URL of the
website surf – wheel calm throw this away we don’t need this boom
really nice box I like the way to stay in this package on the back of the box
you can see an image of what the surf will actually it looks like it has
really cool LED lights displays on both sides and all around and also headlights
on the front and the back which is really good for your safety especially
when you’re riding at night not to mention it looks really cool it’s
awesome so now I’m just gonna open this thing of
course there’s some there’s a manual and things to look at very important to read
this manual guys because obviously this could be dangerous and you can hurt
yourself you can follow up the surf wheel so definitely read the manual take
your time to get to learn the products before you try it so I don’t want to do
too much talking I actually want to get into it so I’m going to take this surf
well out for a little ride and I’ll let you guys know what I think okay so when I first tried a surf wheel
it was actually really hard to find your balance but once you find your balance
it’s actually pretty easy all you have to do is first of all make sure you’re
balanced and then just kind of lean forward if you can move forward or lean
backwards to move backwards the motions are very similar to snowboarding or
surfing so if you’ve ever snowboarded or surfs before dishes seem pretty familiar
I myself I’ve never snowboarded or surfed I’m a skater I like to skate on
my skateboards and you guys have probably seen it on my Instagram videos
but you know so I was able to pick up this thing really quickly and actually
wasn’t too hard okay so another thing to point out about the surf rule is that
you actually have to step on the start foot pad which is the logo that you see
on the surf will you actually have to step on it to starts I made the mistake
of you know skipping that part of the manual and I was actually standing on
the edges of the surf wheel and it wasn’t working for me and I thought
maybe I broke it maybe it wasn’t working so I gave it to a friend of mine to test
it and she stepped on the start foot pad correctly and she was able to write it
so that’s what you’re seeing in this video this this surfer was really fun
very smooth and responsive the cool thing about it is is that it comes with
an app so you can actually adjust you can actually adjust the speed the
acceleration the power the responsiveness the app is actually
really cool it works on an android it works on your iphone if you have that so
I mean everything here this is a complete package is really built for
ease of use it’s built to ui/ux in mind very easy to use very user-friendly all
of that so it comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack which has a one
hour riding range the very first step that you need to do is to download the
app watch the training videos once you download the app you can turn on the
learner mode which would make it easy for you to get a hang of it and once
you’ve gotten the hang of it you found your balance you can actually turn off
the learner to learner mode and go a lot faster you can also turn on the
headlights from this app you can adjust the acceleration the the power and all
of that I guess so that’s it for this video
shoutout to surf will for sending me this awesome board I’m definitely gonna
be making a lot of use of it this summer it’s a lot of fun to ride so you guys
should definitely check it out so I’m gonna leave links in description box
down below if you have questions hit me up I can answer any questions for you
about this wheel alright guys so if you guys enjoyed this video hit me with a
thumbs up definitely appreciate it I’ll see you guys in my next one
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Antonio Breitenberg

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    Seems like so much fun, I love roller skating…so this seems exciting.

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