Surfing indoors! Flow rider! [Battle Trip / 2017.06.30]

Surfing indoors! Flow rider! [Battle Trip / 2017.06.30]

– It must be fun. / – What else are we learning? Since we are at the sea, we should learn surfing. – Surfing? / – Right. – Surfing? / – We should go surfing. – Have you tried it before? / – No. – Me neither. / – I’ve only watched it. This late at night? We’re here. – Is that it? / -This is it. This is amazing. It’s a swimming pool. It’d be safe. What was that? (The place is full of people enjoying surfing) (Would it beat Bali, the paradise of surfing?) – Wow. / – Gosh, it was amazing. – I’d choose Thailand. / – Me too. If I have enough time and money, I’ll go to Thailand. I’ll go to Thailand and visit the noodle place. – You should. / – I’m serious. I’ll order 3 portions of 3 different noodle dishes. – It means 9 portions. / – Right. With some beer. You can’t get full on egg noodles. I guess Seokcheon has some good tips on enjoying rice noodles. He knows a lot about food. As I don’t know much, I just eat noodles as they are. But Seokcheon always adds something. – What? / – He always adds something. – He adds stuff. / – Like spices and sauce. – I see. / – He adds a lot of things. – He always adds some sauce. / – I see. I thought you were swearing. When you go to a noodle restaurant, they offer some spices and sauce. What should we add to make it more delicious? First of all, you should add some fish sauce. And they always have sugar on the table. You should add some sugar and peanut powder. I shouldn’t have let them know about it. Alright. It didn’t feel like you were in Phuket during the first half. You just visited some palace and had some noodle dishes. – That’s why I liked it. / – Right. We’ve seen the sea a lot. They could’ve gone to the beach for surfing and everything. But they learned cooking in a cool place. I guess that’s what they wanted to show us. I see. Alright. Let’s take a vote for the first half then. If you’d go to Phuket according to Phuket Dream’s itinerary, please vote. (Phuket Dream planned a trip for learning) (What will the judges choose?) All votes are in. That was quick. It means either they got a lot of votes or only a few votes. I’m nervous. The judges are warm-hearted. – We should go first. / – Okay. You won’t act, right? Of course. I’ll tell only the truth. – She’s good at acting. / – She’s a good actress. – Let’s keep a poker face. / – Okay. 1, 2, 3. (Okay) Hwijae seems a bit surprised. – Hwijae. / – Hwijae. – What was that? / – Are you surprised? Why? Isn’t it going overboard? – Is it that good? / – Why? Did they get too many votes? I think he’s surprised. This is the number of votes. (Only showing the audience) – What? / – Thank you. Sook, it’s not bad anyway. Wait. Tell us the focus of the second half. There will be a crustacean dish… You’ve never seen in Battle Trip. There have been various kinds of crustacean foods. And there will be a new kind of activity that you’ve never seen. – A new activity? / – We were the first ones to try it. – Really? / – That sounds interesting. It’s something you’ve never seen in Battle Trip before. Alright. Dreaming Phuket. It’s Phuket Dream. The second half begins now. We’re here. – Is that it? / – This is it. This is amazing. He’s really good. (It’s a popular leisure sport all around the world) They teach you how to surf 1 on 1 for an hour. It costs about $33. (There are two ways of enjoying flowriding) (Welcome, have you tried flowriding before?) – I thought we’d go out to the sea. / – No, that’s not it. They have these facilities in Phuket. What’s interesting is that there’s a pub next to it. Yes, so people can watch others surfing. You can watch while drinking beer. – Wow, really? / – Yes. I’m a little nervous. Here we go. Let’s go, Yoon Bak! (Nervous) You can do this. The current was really strong. Can he do that on the first try? (He falls down immediately) The current was so strong. Why did you jump? It was really fun going up there. I was swept up to the top. It was really fun. It looks fun. It won’t be easy. (Trudging down) I can’t even stand. (Is this how you do it?) (Stop being silly and come here) I can’t even stand up. (Would Seokcheon be good?) I was afraid falling down. Look at his buttocks. Gosh, that’s funny. (He falls down immediately) – He didn’t even stand up. / – I fell down like that? (A beautiful forward roll) (Clapping like a seal) (Looking for a hole to hide in) This is too difficult. (Yoon Bak’s second try) He’s doing it. He’s doing it. You really need a lot of leg strength. I guess he’s athletic. You need muscle strength. (Good job, Yoon Bak!) (He falls down the second Seokcheon praises him) (Seokcheon’s second try) (Surprising) He’s holding a rope, right? You try without the rope once you get the hang of it. Don’t let go! Please! Hey! Don’t let go! He’s shouting. He’s good. He’s good. (He keeps shouting) You fall down if you let go. (Can you do this? Let go of the rope) He’s pretty good. There he goes. (Crash) (Ouch!) – It looks fun. / – It was really fun. It was so fun. Beginner surfers can’t go out to the sea on their first try. So they can enjoy safe riding there. You won’t drink sea water and there are no sharks. – This is fun too. / – This one is easy. (What?) She just told you not to go sideways. You were just told that. The wall makes people humble. (A rescue team for Yoon Bak) (Go that way!) Good. Oh, no. (Embarrassed) It’s all about keeping your balance. – He is better than I thought. / – He’s good. (Seokcheon jumps into the water) – It looks like Yoon Bak would be better. / – He’s good. He’s good. He’s great. (He’s doing a good job) That’s level 1. Level 2 is riding on your knees. On your knees? (He succeeded) I want to do that too. – Level 3 is spinning on the spot. / – That’s right. (Do you want me to spin?) (Like this?) (Expectant) (Slips) It looks difficult. It is difficult yet really fun. (It does look fun) I want to go with the water but it’s not easy. – It isn’t, right? / – Right. You should consider your body as one with the water. – A part of it? / – Yes. Try to consider it as one. (He tries again to be a part of the water) (He seems much more relaxed now) (Seokcheon, did you call me?) (This is what you call flowriding) – Take it easy. / – Gosh. It was so much fun. – It’s really fast. / – You can’t stop. That looks so much fun. (Smiling from taking on a new challenge together) (They were all wet having fun throughout the night) Drinking beer after that is great. That’d be delicious. Dreams come true. – Phuket Dream. / – Phuket Dream. (The second day for Phuket Dream) – I don’t know what that is. / – Me neither. (Muay Thai, lunch, an activity, dinner) There is a street like Itaewon in downtown Phuket. On that street, there are a lot of trucks with ad signboards. There are many posters… – About competitions. / – Competitions? Yes. About competitions. – On the trucks. / – Now I get it. Isn’t it a Thai martial art? Right, Yoon Bak! – Hey, Yoon Bak. / – Yes. There are Muay Thai matches. – Let’s learn Muay Thai. / – I’ve never seen a match. (Hi-ya!) Why does your voice suddenly change when you shout? – To intimidate the opponent. / – To intimidate? It’s a war of nerves. That means, “You’re dead now.” I’m okay with Muay Thai. – The weather is gorgeous. / – It is. – Our team means dreams in Phuket. / – It does. I came here to achieve one of my dreams. – What is Thailand famous for? / – Muay Thai. This is the street of fighters. Everything related to Muay Thai is here. – Do people fight on the street? / – No way. They sell the gear and there are gyms. There are many people from all over the world. (1 on 1 lesson costs about $23) The eyes of these people are different. Did you see them? Their eyes look like those of warriors. It’s so early in the morning, yet… Look how much they sweat. – Gosh. / – There are many women too. And kids too. This is a beginner’s class. – It is? / – Yes. – Right. It says, “Beginner Level”. / – Yes. We’ll learn the basics of Muay Thai… – For an hour with the instructors. / – The basics. – Hello. / – Hello. (Experience of 28 years with 70 wins and 18 losses) 70 wins, 18 losses. If you’re interested in Muay Thai… – It’ll be such a great chance. / – It will be fun. (1st step, stretching) (Pressing down) (Painful) It was different from yoga. You use the muscles you don’t usually use and it’s more fun because you have an opponent. – So I liked it. / – I see. (2nd step, basic moves, punching and kicking) (Left hand at 1, right hand at 2) (You must guard your head with the opposite hand) (He goes by the book) (What about Seokcheon?) (He pushes out his right hand without thinking) He may sprain his wrist that way. (He had to punch with his left hand at one) (He gets kicked if he doesn’t pay attention) (Yoon Bak’s posture is good) – Left. / – Left? – Very good. / – Thank you. Yoon Bak is doing a good job. (It’s time to kick now) (What?) (You must guard your head) – He has to guard his head. / – He should guard. Even so, how can he slap his cheek? (Seokcheon also gets praised finally) Okay. He’s doing so well. He has good form. (He is great at every move he learns) – How amazing. / – Good. – It’s hard though, isn’t it? / – It really is. I almost threw up while doing that. Goodness. (Seokcheon keeps grunting next to him) Power! (Ouch) He’s so cute. (He might get kicked again if he doesn’t do it right) He’s an old man… (He is immersed in kicking) (It’s time for a match of the legendary beginners) – Do you have a match? / – Do you? Do they do a sparring right after practicing? (Yoon Bak, a rising star of Muay Thai) (Hong Seokcheon, who only practiced the kicks) Start. (3rd step, sparring) (Yoon Bak attacks Seokcheon first) (His jabs look perfect) (His kicks are perfect too) (Did you kick me?) There you go. Right. You should kick at least once. They kicked at the same time. He keeps blocking my kicks. You’re so good at blocking. – What is he doing? / – Don’t you have hands? Is Muay Thai that slow? Beginners will get hurt if you do it quickly. (Shocked) (I will block these kinds of kicks easily) (I’m Yoon Bak, the rising star of Muay Thai) (Bak is surely better at Muay Thai than Seokcheon) (Seokcheon jabs to the last minute with no avail) (Over before he could use any techniques) My shoulder. (They pretend that it was a great match) – He looks so tired. / – We saw that on TV. – How was it? / – If you do this… You can’t help but lose weight. You’ll get slim automatically. – I got so sweaty. / – I know. If you want to build your body or lose weight, come here and work out just for an hour. – It’ll be so effective. / – It’s like working out all day. – I’m jealous about something here. / – What is it? Muay Thai is a traditional martial art in Thailand. But there are so many tourists who are learning it for an hour, a day or a month. – Even though it’s a short period. / – Right. We get to learn Thai tradition so I feel great. (He is still full of energy) – They are getting certificates. / – Thanks. Thank you. The system is well organized. You can get a pile of certificates if you stay a month. You can make a book out of them. – They got three already. / – As we achieve each one… We feel so pleased. It’s hard then but you feel good after the trip.

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