SURFING IN BYRON BAY | 🇦🇺 Australia Daily Vlog #4

SURFING IN BYRON BAY | 🇦🇺 Australia Daily Vlog #4

hi guys welcome back today five of the week ago were in byron bay now I don’t you thinking a 5-4 they’ll have to pay for well it wasn’t that much of an action-packed day with most engaging targets here as a little recap we drove from costs over to Bombay we got to our campsite we went to the shops picked up something that we cook dinner I never went into town to see some live music that they were all clapping but today today is a big one today we’re doing something that I’ve wanted to do for years and i’m pretty sure these guys and let’s do it for years as well we’re learning how to set so the three of us have fucked up onto a four-hour surplus then I haven’t done it before so we’re beginners Robbie’s gonna be real learning how to do it don’t use that before hopefully in that class the three of us will be master surface grow hair long get your dad to live by the beach and rest of our lives so we’re heading after we get picked up for the surface and now but I think surfing is probably going to be hungry work we’re going to have lunch first I really fancy something about the car day which is good because they love avocado Australia that’s what not accommodate that preset highest absolutely he’s ready to these are all demonstrators today is your back from surfing that was a lot of fun a lot of fun newfound respect for surface because it was a lot harder than I actually expected but I did what I weigh twice a day which is gap on the board and I did it so I’m very very happy that surfing something that everyone wants to do for quite awhile i say probably quite a few years and over the last year and a half two years I sort of tried my hand at a few different boards boards had penny boarding wakeboarding and now surfing kind of smelly snowboarding all they I’m definitely a ski or a heart so that we might be far as actually achieved in the others as for now we’re about to head back into bar in town tonight to sort of unwind a little bit because tomorrow we gotta drive to Brisbane and that is where i’ll pick up the next book

Antonio Breitenberg

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32 thoughts on “SURFING IN BYRON BAY | 🇦🇺 Australia Daily Vlog #4

  1. Matias Crossa 02 says:


  2. Matias Crossa 02 says:

    Love your vlogs Saunders!!

  3. Abdur-Rahmaan Iqbal says:


  4. Murray Mackay says:


  5. Harry Claxton says:

    sat in wet rainy england watching this 😭😭😭

  6. Josh Blackie says:

    My most favourite part of the day!

  7. Joshua Tan says:

    Longer vlogs pls

  8. Peter Geronikos says:

    Great to see you in Australia! When is Spencer coming?

  9. Sam says:

    Saunders have you seen or heard a Kookaburra yet?

  10. JOE ROSS says:

    Saunders you deserve so many more subscribers. These vlogs are great. Keep it up

  11. EdooMoo says:

    I'm in Australia

  12. mognut1 says:

    why the fuck are you going to brisbane, its just a giant shit hole, trust me i lived there for 25 years

  13. wonkeydonkey Donkey Channel says:

    We fans need to share your blogs as the quality is awesome then perhaps you will get the sibs you deserve. Great work

  14. Ewan Hamilton says:

    Saunders I live in Australia you should come down to Nowra, NSW they have some great weather and unreal waves at the beaches especially Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay and 7 Mile Beach, Gerroa

  15. Sergio Zambon says:

    This vlog made me realize I should go more often to beach. Its only a 15 min walking from my house 🙂

  16. banklord12 says:

    I live close to Byron I wish I could have saw you

  17. Tim Chew says:

    How are you getting internet in Australia?

  18. Jordan Hellard says:

    Come to the gold coast Saunders meet up aha

  19. Tracey Fuller says:

    Saunders can you come to Newcastle!

  20. Umartopia says:

    Finally finishing my A Levels next monday and its been a long week. Thanks for making these awesome vlogs and helping me through the week m8 much appreciated!

  21. Ben Paterson says:

    Come to Melbourne

  22. njdevs3016 says:

    Any precautions for your cameras with all that sand around?

  23. Dan Terry says:

    This was amazing to watch. Really makes me want to take up lessons! 😀

  24. alex franks says:

    byron bay is sick i have been there 9 times and i am going again in 2 weeks and i tried to surf but i was crap

  25. Zac Kennedy says:

    I can definitely see some Casey neistat inspired parts in these vlogs great job tho

  26. Анна Гуденко says:

    Dxxxx. X x. X. X. W. W .

  27. Katie Johnson says:

    I think you did an AMAZING job getting up on a surf board … I've tried it many times WITHOUT success!  It is a LOT harder than it looks.

  28. Gerry Gold says:

    I like how you made that mexican tablecloth into a singlet – very inventive

  29. yakiyokititti says:

    why the next vlog doesn't appear in the recommended's section on the right (only for some of the videos like this one)?

  30. Scotty Jt says:

    You shouldve gone to the pass in byron thats the best part

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