Surfing & hot springs on a Chilean road trip

Surfing & hot springs on a Chilean road trip

I finally made it to South America! My last continent! Last permanently habituated… I’m in Santiago the capital city of Chile Today, me and a friend are
getting a rental car… …and going to check out
some other parts of Chile Ok, we’ve arrived at our
first stop on the road trip A little surf hostel in the middle of nowhere We’re gonna get checked in and
then, suit up, and go surfing Got some solid surfin’ in Now it’s time to leave the coast,
and head to the mountains Rolled into the town of Pucón last night Now we got up early so we
can go hike that volcano Looks like we might not be going up today Because there’s this big cloud sitting on top It’s the weather, nothing we can do So, the volcano did not work out this morning Change of plans, now we’re going
to go check out a hot springs! Ow! I don’t know if I want to do that! Do it! Do it!

Antonio Breitenberg

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