Surfing for Brian Grazer – Ep. #1 (you)

Surfing for Brian Grazer – Ep. #1 (you)

In Hollywood,
it’s all about who you know. But, I didn’t know anybody. Then, I heard that mega-Producer
Brian Grazer loved to surf. So, I made a plan. So, I figured to meet Brian Grazer,
I’d hang out and surf where he surfs. You might learn faster
if you go out in the water. Let’s stay here
a little while more, okay? Alright, I didn’t know anything about surfing. That’s why I hired
a local expert to teach me. Is that Brian? Yeah. What’s up, Bri? What’s up, Grom. Wow. You were shreddin’ the beach. [laugh] That’s not Brian Grazer. No. That’s Brian Benjamin. Wait up, Bri. I guess I need to buy another surfboard.

Antonio Breitenberg

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