Surfing Flat Island in Hawaii

Surfing Flat Island in Hawaii

Hello again youtube this is Jordan here bringing
you another amazing video of me surfing in Hawaii stay tune.Hello, again whenever you
think of Hawaii what do you think about?. Is it the warm tropical weather taking a sunbath
under the sun, yeah but to a surfer like me obviously I have to surf or I would have wasted
my plane ticket so I bussed to Kailua which is on the east side of the Oahu and rented
a surfboard walk to Kailua Beach and paddle out to this tiny island offshore 200 meters
offshore the island was about the size of a basketball court it was like definitely
like a miniature blob ooh like a miniature Hawaii king of thing it was really cute. There was this little 4-meter beach on the
side of the island in which I paddle onto on my surfboard, of course, my gear got all
wet because I had a have my backpack the strap, strap ones on my back you know yeah then he
got soaked by the ocean but nothing in there couldn’t get wet so I’m fine and I walked
around the Island was a little bit adventurous went to
the side I went to the edge of the volcanic rocks almost got smashed on the ocean that
was a close one well yeah I saw something crabs on the island they were crawling a lot
around they’re pretty cute, yeah and on the left side of the island there was this almost
like a natural bathtub kind of thing it was just a little hole allowed the ocean to rush
into this water pool and the ocean is just like this perfect place to bathe in the middle
of the island it was just like one of those moments that you’re like wow nature is just
so unique and beautiful like how can God give this to us like how can God create such a
perfect thing a bathtub in the middle of the island like a natural bathtub that’s awesome. After touring up of the Island, now it’s for
the main course of the day, which is why I came to the Flat Island in the first place
– surfing. The waves were just huge 6 foot to 8 foot
it was almost like waves in Tofino but it’s in Hawaii which has been better because of
no wetsuit. I went down to the ocean and
Wow, awesome waves I’m not complaining it was just a perfect weather condition rain
for a while but so what I’m already wet anyway. I’m on the ocean I’d only care about the rain
it was just the perfect day and I had a great time. For more videos of me in Hawaii and my travel
adventures. Please subscribe and comment below on what
you think and until then I’ll see you in the next video. Aloha

Antonio Breitenberg

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