Surfing Dogs – Petco Unleashed

Surfing Dogs – Petco Unleashed

Good day! We’re going to Sara’s house right now to pick her up. And we’re going to the dog surfing competition. What did you get? Fuel for the day. This stuff is bomb. If you’ve never had lemon pepper before, I suggest you go to your local grocery store… And pick it up ASAP! We are going to a dog surfing competition. And this is sponsored by Petco. Petco you rock because you help with adoption of dogs. This little girl back here was adopted and she is Bomb! Hopefully we get some big waves out there. I don’t know if you still call it shredding the gnar with dogs. Maybe we can come up with a new name. What do they do… They don’t shred the gnar, they… Are you guys leaving by any chance? We’re gonna leave! Cool, we’ll wait. As you can see this is the puppy’s playground. Except she is a little crazy on the leash. So it is not as “playgroundy” for me. For the people to have fun there is a beer garden over here. Food trucks over here. Let’s go try to get some free stuff. We’re gonna spin the wheel, we’re getting Piper some free stuff. Alright Pipes, this one is fore you. Oh, Bandana! We’re out of bandanas, so you can choose. Let’s do a frisbee. Look Pipes, you got a frisbee. Thanks guys. You’re welcome. This is what you do at surf events. I just go around and get some free stuff. I mean it’s really just junk but it’s ok… I do it for Pipes. He’s actually a better surfer than I am! Well that’s a wrap. Imperial Beach, thanks for hosting. Petco, you guys rock! Pipes, did you have fun? Yeah, she had fun. Apparently I got really red. I don’t know, I don’t think it’s true. I don’t burn. Albino Brazilian. Natural tan man! As for me, the last name Brown sticks to its name. Because this skin gets a little brown.

Antonio Breitenberg

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4 thoughts on “Surfing Dogs – Petco Unleashed

  1. Andrew Elliott says:

    Bark the Nar

  2. dickman1981 says:

    Huntington Beach this Sunday. Del Mar Oct 2nd!Go Hanzo!

  3. EdiMyles1 says:

    Shred the bark

  4. EdiMyles1 says:

    Cant wait for the dogs to hit up teahupo

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