Surfing dogs in California competition

Surfing dogs in California competition

Forget give a dog a bone – give a dog a surfboard! These dogs hung twenty and popped-up in Imperial Beach, California at the tenth annual Surf Dog Competition. “I definitely think she has a lot of fun! She’s always excited when we come down here, she doesn’t run away from the surfboard, she’s not scared! And yeah, she’s all excited when we get to hang out on the beach for the day!” Canine competitors at this year’s event participated
in heats based on their weight, with extra-large, large, medium and small
categories as well as a tandem division. More than 50 dogs were judged on their skills, the duration of the ride and their confidence
while riding by a panel of professional surf judges. The owners of the winning dogs shared their
experiences of training and handling the champions. “Well, for one, my dog loves the water, and loves surfing, and two, the money is going towards a great cause, the San Diego Humane Society, and three, she just loves to lick me!” The organizers said that all the money collected
during the event will go to the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty
to Animals), who also hosted pet adoptions on-site.

Antonio Breitenberg

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5 thoughts on “Surfing dogs in California competition

  1. Dutch Eve says:

    Next: Cats go surfing!

  2. Greenpoloboy3 says:

    Should do a dogs version of Baywatch

  3. Elizabeth Francis says:

    Lucky dogs!

  4. Shader the Po-Tader says:

    They look like they are having loads of fun.

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