Surfing & Bodyboarding – December Surf in Sweden

Surfing & Bodyboarding – December Surf in Sweden

Welcome back to another Travelons episode. Welcome. We are back at Torö Stenstrand. And gonna do some… The waves are nice. Right? Yeah, clean, “glassy”. “Glassy”? Not too many people in the water. and… yeah… We’ll have some good times. Yeah. I just put on the fins. For the bodyboard. I’m gonna try to make a selfie while bodyboarding. We’ll see how it goes. What did you think
about the waves Petter? hahahah! Take 3: Petter! What did you think about the waves? Naughty bro ! Naughty! Let’s take this one, Petter! huehaha. Ah, aaaaaahhagr. It’s not as easy as it looks. You have to try a couple of times. But, eh… I think we managed to get like two decent
shots maybe. In my opinon, I think Petters too is… this has been one of the best surf days here
at Torö Stenstrand so far. Mainly because there’s no strong winds. You know. Exactly! Wow I’m thinking about going out and take another
wave, or? Last wave? No, but… Maybe… Yeah, last… Last wave! What do you think? Alright. Last wave. We’re getting out… argh. hahahahaha! I hope you liked this episode. If you did. Subscribe to our channel. See you in the next one.

Antonio Breitenberg

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