Surfing and Skating with Luke Rockhold: Fightland Title Shots

Surfing and Skating with Luke Rockhold: Fightland Title Shots

Antonio Breitenberg

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82 thoughts on “Surfing and Skating with Luke Rockhold: Fightland Title Shots

  1. Fightland says:

    We learn how a lifetime of surfing and skating has shaped UFC middleweight Luke Rockhold's fighting style.

  2. test drive says:

    Talented guy.

  3. luwkwul says:

    Cool piece.  Had to subscribe

  4. Carlo G says:

    MMA, Skating, and Surfing and three of my favorite sports. Awesome to see him draw some parallels between them. Fightland is the shit!

  5. Yvhan Medina says:

    He is so cute 🙂

  6. SRNF says:

    2:11   Was he….peeing? 

  7. Unarcadia Arcadia says:

    yeah, but do you dare step into the octagon!!!

  8. spineblaZe says:

    He's so dreamy.

  9. Gama Isora says:


  10. ftwbk says:

    shouldn't he be wearing a helmet? i'm gonna send the video to dana and see what he says. 

  11. csuxak47 says:

    belfort's foot is pretty hard

  12. David Diaz says:

    Very Cool!

  13. payperbp says:

    Luke skates?! Holy shit sick!

  14. Bob S says:

    The hottest dude in fighting. Love him. 

  15. Chu Kim says:

    I need to take a shit. So I am headed to the bathroom now.

  16. TheMissing8 says:

    There is something about Californians that I just don't like.

  17. Thomas says:

    Luke looks huge on his skateboard.

  18. Chris L. says:

    Awesome video! The best part was him talking about his stance. You can totally see the surfing stance in how he fights. This guy has definitely become one of my favorite fighters. I could definitely see him taking the belt of Weidman (who is also a great fighter).

  19. AbsoluteMMA101 says:

    I didn't know he actually skates too wtf O_O

  20. J J Hernandez says:

    Luke, looking to be the next champ out AKA.

  21. ThePride16 says:

    "If it's not hard; if it's not big, it's not fun for me" just come out of the closet already luke lol

  22. The Fight Prophet says:

    that switch ride to nose blunt !

  23. The Butcher's Right Overhand says:

    3:24 did he just call Dana a rabbit ?

  24. Glowskulls Media says:

    super cool MMA fighter

  25. Darth Vader says:

    LUKE!!!! I AM YOUR FATHER……………………………

  26. Joseph01337 says:

    Is it weird that i actually wanted to see Luke vs Anderson? I mean anderson before his fight with Weidman

  27. Doruk Sayar says:

    second song name anyone ?

  28. princeoz17 says:

    Nice win champ.

  29. Billy Joe says:

    us California's are very confident people cocky

  30. Powerlove says:

    great guy. well spoken. cool.

  31. Bruno Belančić says:

    Does someone know what is the theme song?

  32. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ says:

    love this guy

  33. ingrogies1 says:

    I think that's interesting what he said about his stance being from skating and surfing. You can tell someone who skate boards from the way they stand. Their body type and balance is unique. I played soccer for years and recently I've starting MMA. As I've got better at MMA when I go back to playing soccer my balance has changed and I can't move the same way to spread my feet apart, turn sharply, sprint and control a football at the same time. I can feel it in the way I walk as well.

  34. Lord Burlap says:


  35. Aslan Tleulenov says:

    real deal, Lucke!

  36. David Chou says:

    is santa cruz really that rough? seems like less affluent than most places in the peninsula, and met a few dicks territorial about their spots being visited by outsiders. rougher around the edges in how the buildings are sea-worn and older. at the same time, santa cruz doesnt seem rough in terms of danger.

  37. Elia Marquez says:


  38. Tom Taylor says:

    Did he just do a rockhold to fakie

  39. Richard Adams says:

    Overcast sky, early morning, calm ocean perfect for great white shark attack.

  40. Valentina bullet in yo ass Shevchenko says:

    Luke the man!

  41. AleaderWaterShoes says:

    Awesome video.We provide the water shoes which can help you enjoy this activity.You can contact us if you are interested in.

  42. Komron Mustafoi says:

    Too much Cock ( Werdum)

  43. ouncy says:

    Rockhold was the last person that I would think skated. Maybe my opinion will change about him. He can't be as arrogant as I thought he was.

  44. TfJedisuper says:

    "I just wanna go big, hard, fast. If it's not hard, if it doesn't hurt, it's not fun for me."
    Kinky Luke

  45. KingInfected says:

    This guy is living the life, man.

  46. Brendan Arminio says:

    You sure as hell know that Rockhold was a skater douchebag when he was growing up

  47. Matthew Eyre says:

    Makes me like him more. Seems like he's in his element when he's doing stuff rather then talking.

  48. Snorlax says:

    Lmao @ Santa Cruz being a rough place

  49. izet fazlinovic says:

    Santa Cruz is awesome

  50. Maria Arroyo says:

    Is this guy gonna fight again its looks like he is enjoying life not to worry for fight!!

  51. AbsoluteMMA101 says:

    Luke LITERALLY looks like Nathan Drake from Uncharted 100%!

  52. Ryan Gosling jr says:

    cool hand luke

  53. Davis Haley says:

    Damn Luke actually rips at skating, newfound respect for this guy.

  54. Michael Place says:

    I love this guy so much. Best fighter

  55. Brando Loudly says:

    how did it take so long for me to see this? just went from not caring about the guy to kinda liking him

  56. Biggieboss power says:

    I tell you i was never a Luke Rockhold Hater i think that Guy is such a Insparition realy Calm good Human being with alot of Respect and Curage he deserves to be Champion and get his Titel back more then Micheal Bisping and others in the Division i wish him the best and hope he gets his Titel back but i aswell like Robert Whittaker hes cool! Overall i realy dont understand why some People hate him so much because he was a bit Arrogant sometime hes a Fighter wich Fighter was never a bit Arrogant when he became World Champion i gues he learnd his Lesson after he losed unlucky against Bisping nvm !

  57. Mike Tang says:

    Wow I did not expect Luke to skate and actually be pretty good, I just assumed he was going to be surfing or long boarding not actual street skating pretty cool to know though

  58. L G says:

    Luke “locals only” Rockhold

  59. MMA GODS says:


  60. Yea Boiii says:

    impressed he was able to frontside disaster honestly

  61. jakubpie says:

    Hey folks, I like the music can you drop the names of it? Would appreciate that

  62. egy egy says:

    Good thing yoel Ended this shittalking idiot

  63. Smerkin A'merkin says:

    Best part about this is that it's actually shot in real time. He only makes everything look like it is in slow motion.

  64. Myra Beth Little says:

    Classic good looks, super tough fighter, and down to earth mentality luke is the man when i saw he surfs AND skates my respect went up astronomically …./m/…./m/…./m/…./m/

  65. Joseph Ruiz says:

    He is a legit good surfer and skater. It's kind of refreshing to see.

  66. Alessandro Borgess says:

    Watch some his footage, he is a cringey ass Motherfucker but it is funny af

  67. Lone Watie says:

    I have a new respect for Luke. 🤘🖖

  68. Wilson Hakjav says:

    Que homem! Haha

  69. Валентин Котов says:

    2:11 в море ссыт?

  70. Luis Jackson says:

    50 year old retiered skate border

  71. Bhefy says:

    This pussyyy is a kook

  72. Aladeen Xavi says:


  73. buixrule says:

    "I'm not here to be good, I'm here to be great, and uuugghuuhhhh!" Luke Rockhold

  74. Joshua Matusak says:

    I don’t have karate stance, I don’t really have a taekwondo stance, and I don’t really have a boxing stance.

    I got that surf stance, that skate stance

  75. dude says:

    None of you pussys would say shit to his face. Pc bitches haha.

  76. Willys World says:


  77. Hayden Donadio says:

    Luke shouldn’t you be training your offensive boxing

  78. Hayden Donadio says:

    Luke shouldn’t you be training

  79. Mark Brown says:

    he's too big and heavy to skate ! holy shit how does he balance all that ????

  80. pdxraves says:

    Luke can sk8

  81. Fire & Water says:

    Luke Rockhold is the real life Captain America in my opinion!

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