It is convenient ! Hello everyone Welcome to this
new video We are always in Nazaré Today there are not many waves Yes it’s possible, there are not to much waves in Nazaré during summer We’ll find something to do the wind is in the
right direction it still makes good lines We saw it from the
home window We took the electric bikes we will try to find
a great spot a perfect one No, we are not dreaming at all we will find a small wave
with nobody around we gonna have fun all afternoon Fred: Great bike ride with the Gorillas These bikes are really top They have the big wheels so we can go in the sand He is carrying the boards and I carry the wetsuits Are we going to find a wave? Justine: Right now we’re on the good way Fred: We arrive, then what will we find? Sounds pretty Frankly it’s cool with that wind, it is a little bit stronger But on that side This is the right direction So the face of the wave is still smooth Oh she is pretty this one! It is not bad at all Fred: And we’re all alone With the tide going high, I think it’s just not the right option But we will be able to bike on the beach Fred: Let’s go for a ride on the beach And like that we directly see the sandbar that will be perfect with the high tide it will only get better! Fred: You’ll learn a thing
by following these videos yes because you can follow us,
consider subscribing Justine is looking for perfection all the time So the word “perfect”, the sentence “you can do better” You will often hear it But … Don’t do like me the best is the enemy of the good It is what he taught me Let’s go We did not tell you but you can do trail with these bikes No. Trial Trail, trial, mixed between the two laughts You’re good there right? It is convenient ! Oh I laugh but I am blocked Oh great, that was easy! Easy right? Easy These little flowers are beautiful We deflated the tires to
get better in the sand I’ll go do the same Where is the small stuff? I’ll keep a little air, right? The tires are deflated, Let’s go In search of a great spot Here we see that there is a small sand bar that can be nice but hey I am sure we will succeed in finding better Oh there’s a dolphin It’s too nice to bike around like that on the beach Electric bikes are a good invention I valid I found a little treasure Well it does not take much to me But I think it can be cool to decorate the house This is cute there are some trash also we will be able pick up This, for example Fred: There are so much trash Justine: And yeah, as everywhere, it’s crazy Fred: That’s cool In the living room Go, we continue to search for waves We are there for surfing! So we found small waves, they are not bad at all Well I would not say the most perfects waves in the world There is nobody Go, Action I’m almost ready, I prepare the board but I forgot to take a second leash So as it is my fault I begin the session with it and when Fred joined me I pass him the leash So I think I will have to do some Bodysurfing Because surfing without leash a whole session without losing the board
I think it’s complicated When there are waves, it’s complicated Let’s go have fun with the leash and be able to take a lot of waves He is not yet ready He will change and he will join me Go, here we go the wind is turning The waves are becoming really fun Not bad this mouth mont you put the GoPro and you keep it with the teeth It was a little weird at beginning you tell yourself that you’ll lose your teeth But ultimately it is the attachment that I prefer You can breathe and you are free of your movements That’s cool, go We will see that, let’s go Well that’s cool I had time to catch a wave and he is already here Fred: You are going to swim It’s clear that I’ll swim Anyway it is nice and he is letting me catch one wave Or 2 or 3 Fred: Go for 3 waves 3 waves! Oh, I must take this opportunity This one was great! Heck It’s good And no ! Right in the face It’s really cool To end up like that Both of us in the water I like sessions like this, when you really feel part of nature He lost his board and he wants his leash I am done We were alone in the water, very cool We are coming because there are no more waves, it’s over I failed to make the airs But I did some very cool maneuvers Fred has catched all the waves He took a lot Another bottle We will put all that … We will use the bike to carry all the stuff I have a question ! How do you call it ? witch fingers or
nimble fingers I prefer nimble fingers! Tell me, tell me He has decorated his bike It’s a Christmas tree It’s thistles ? Well we did some physical training I have sweated a lot pushing the bike in the climb We found a trash What I got in there? We will fix it And yes, in the sand we had to deflate everything Now we will inflate again because we will be on dirt roads We have done some training for the legs on the bike, now it is time to do the arms two years ago that forest was on fire it is all burnt I like the forest it is quiet I will stop There is no sound It’s all quiet Trees do not move, they are here I find this recharging We had a good peaceful
day, surfing together We found a sandbar that
was really fun It was cool to be able to
take a lot of waves To have fun I am happy with my turns and maneuvers So that’s a good day it refeels It was also like vacation day It changes The purpose of the V-Log, is to
embark you with us in all these adventures in all these
days there will be preparation, workouts trips Lots of things To see it all You will need to subscribe Feel free to share these
videos, like, comment You can tell us what
you like in the videos What you want to see more We prepare you more videos The V-LOG serie is called “Au Fil Des Vagues” So see you next wave

Antonio Breitenberg

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41 thoughts on “SURFER SEULS en vélo ELECTRIQUE 🏄🏼‍♀️🚲

  1. Virox says:

    Super comme d hab👍❤

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    Super vidéo !!!continue comme ça !!!🏄

  4. Duduule laD says:

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  7. Jupiter YTB says:

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  9. mdsurf officiel says:

    Super vidéo cousine éloignée 😂😂😂 tu as commencé le surf vers quel âge ???? Continue tes la meilleure surfeuse mondiale

  10. mdsurf officiel says:

    Cest incroyable sur wikipedia ils disent que tu as commencé le surf à 11 ans et à 15 ans tu étais déjà vice championne du monde mais comment cest possible en 4 ans 😮👍 cest pour ça que tes la meilleure surfeuse


    Super vidéo comme d habitude.
    Je fais partie de tes soutiens😉
    Continue comme sa et force à toi😉👊

  12. rapha64100 says:

    Coucou Justine très sympa cette session en amoureux avec ton chéri , , la vidéo est parfaite, bien montée et rythmée , en plus le fait que tu sois une jolie jeune femme , sympa et simple c est super agréable

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    Parfait !!👍 Elle est belle la vie !! 😉🚴‍♀️☝️🧙

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