Surfer On Acid Shot – Tipsy Bartender

(hip hop music) (Skyy laughs) – Ladies and gentlemen, today we are, go ahead, go ahead, go ahead, you ready? That’s right, that’s right. Okay, go ahead, what’s all that? I wasn’t do it, but
okay, I’m with you, okay? I’m liking this, this
is taking us somewhere. Okay, it’s bonding! Ladies and gentlemen, today
we are making the what? – [Julz] Surfers on Acid! – Exactly, and this lovely
redhead here is Julz. Make this drink! – All right, we’ve got the Jager, we’ve got the coconut rum, we’re going to equal
parts pour, guzzle guzzle. We’re going to equal part
with some pineapple juice. – Okay, you’re a roller skater, right? – Yeah. – Shake it and keep it
sexy, roller skater style! – Roller skater style? Oh shit, man. – Can you jump on roller skates? Can you, like, frickin’, okay go. (Skyy laughs) – It’s not going to fit here. You getting tilt? (Skyy laughs) – Go ahead, pour. – All right! – There you go. There we go, look at that little drop. What is that? What is that? – It was never there. – What is that, dammit? – It isn’t there! – Garnish this with a little lime. – Got to put a little lime, there. – I think I have a slit
in there, somewhere. – You need that little
slit in there, perfect. And, there we go. – Excellent! – Do I take the lime out? – Well, you got to
present the drink first. – Okay! – It’s a process. – Okay. – And there you have it! The Surfer on Acid! You all look at the new girl shaking? You all see that, huh? That shake? Go ahead, don’t try to
play it off, we saw it. That’s the esse doing shots
right there, homeboy, okay? – I dig it. – You like it? – I do like it. – That’s a really fun
shot, a really cool way to take down Jager. Now, ladies and gentleman,
the lovely Julz, this is the first time she’s here, who she look like? Be honest. – You wanted to pull that out, huh? – She looks like the Wendy’s girl, right? But she’s not, she hates that, okay? – Yes, yes. And I guess we pulled that out of the bag, so, yes, I get called the Wendy’s girl on Facebook by friends, on
the corner of the street. Because I’m on the corner
of the street all the time. – You should just say, “Yeah, yes I am,” and sign autographs. – Yeah, but I’m not the Wendy’s girl, don’t know her name, not her, not making all the money. So, I’d just appreciate
it if I was just Julz. – [Skyy] Say bye. – Bye! Can I take this shot? – [Skyy] Oh, go ahead, she
needs to take the edge off. – It’s the Walk the Plank
Bomb, five shots in one! – Got it. – Aye! They get a nice purple
look when that happens.

Antonio Breitenberg

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