Surfer jumps off Huntington Beach Pier CA. 3-8-2016 during high surf

Surfer jumps off Huntington Beach Pier CA. 3-8-2016 during high surf

Dano live for Reporting Live on the back side of Ruby’s I’m out here ha with the infamous Mr. Johnny Denny There he is, he’s come out behind that board, he paddled, he peddled out here on his bicycle. He’s got his wetsuit on He’s got his board He’s walking over to the edge What will happen now? Will he delight the crowd? Instead of paddling out will he like jump in? He’s pointing out swells coming! Telling all of the fella’s to get ready! Johnny Denny is ready to jump in! ha ha ha.. Live HB Pier behind Ruby’s the infamous HB local Johnny Denny! Everybody is gathered waiting for the big show, come on Johnny don’t disappoint! Don’t be camera shy my bother. I’ve never seen nobody jump off the back side Get ready to go and catch a wave, any last words sir? Ah Aloha Ah Oh boy, how exciting is this? See reporting live you get all the great coverage, all the great local surfers Johnny Dennys going to show them how it’s done! And a 1 and a 2 and a 3 there goes the board Yea! There goes Johnny He he ha ha ha….. Way to go bro! You’re live with Dano! There you have it, you can’t get this from anybody else in HB besides Dano and Reporting live no….. Beautiful day storm is gone We’re out! Ok here is a quick shot of Johnny Denny, swimming in. Apparently he lost his board because his leash broke, or something like that? And the lifeguard is calling him in to talk to Johnny. After his name was being announced on the load speaker, on the main lifeguard tower on the pier! for Johnny Denny to report in to the lifeguard, who you see right there There’s Johnny Denny, coming in And there’s the lifeguard waiting Ah, by the truck there And lets see here, there’s Johnny denny’s board, on the beach there Ok here’s another still shot of Johnny Denny after he was being called in to the beach, on the main load speaker horn on the pier, the main lifeguard tower on the Huntington Beach Pier Was announcing his name to come and talk to the lifeguard, and here you can see Johnny Denny and the lifeguard talking Apparently he just got a warning not to jump off the Huntington Beach Pier After he just jumped off the Huntington Beach Pier So the lesson of the day would be Not to jump off the Pier! Ah the next video clip with have Johnny Denny walking up to the beach and he will give us an explanation of kind of what happened, how he lost his board? This is Huntington Henry reporting for “henryssurfshowcase” on Now back to you Dano for the rap up! Um, Johnny Denny strolling up the south side with his board, he lost his board Lifeguards calling him in Lets get an update Hey, paddle out this time damn it! Hey Johnny Give me an update, what happened? Huh? Give me an update, what happened? Well I just took off, that was a funky wave That was a good wave Yeah I should have kept on going but Crashed right under the wall buddy? Kind of a blow it huh? Hey Johnny did he write to up? No! Allright! Hey hey Johnny, they, they slapped your ( censored ) not to do it again I know Bad boy That’s Bobby Z, with live commentary he ha ha ha I know the lifeguard will go in, I’m going to have to go to work ( unaudible ?) huh? ( unaudible?) There you have it, Johnny was just warned not ticketed live south side HB Pier Dano for reporting live…..

Antonio Breitenberg

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21 thoughts on “Surfer jumps off Huntington Beach Pier CA. 3-8-2016 during high surf

  1. Ho Stevie! says:

    I wish I could do that without getting in trouble!

  2. Robert says:

    Book em Dano hahaha

  3. muttonbuster says:

    Reminds me of when I jumped off Hermosa in the middle of the night. Part way down I was thinking "Oh hey, I was up a little higher than I thought."

  4. Mr.Pat says:

    oh man that s ridiculous..why can't u jump from the Pier? ahah

  5. therickrocket says:

    fuck johnny

  6. Vincent M. says:

    Catch a major WNW swell and not even paddle out using this one weird trick.

  7. colonelclank says:

    This guy is Johnny Denny's one minion.

  8. N I says:

    Wow, that's a long way down. Scary

  9. Peter Martin says:

    The lesson here is that lifeguards should mind their own business, get a real job and stop bothering hard working people enjoying their day off..

  10. beobe99 says:

    Anyone else wish dude with the Camera also jumped?

  11. henryssurfshowcase says:

    Hey guys, here is a great link of the surf this day captured by Mike Lucas.
    Still don't have the classic swim in after he lost his board on the first wave.
    But this will give you a better perspective on how good and large the surf was.
    here's the link….

  12. Dwight Schrute says:

    wait who was that?

  13. Cintia says:

    I was thinking after he threw the board: "GO DUDE!!! Your board's getting away."

  14. adventuresinbelieving says:

    wish that loud mouth guy would just clam up!!!

  15. Ty Tratar says:

    Those lifeguards would have done everyone a big favor, by banning him from the beach for a long period of time. No one likes that guy! HB lifeguards you seriously failed on this!

  16. Ronnie Baxter says:

    I jumped off in the 70's. I was arrested and released to my highly pissed off dad!

  17. BOOM & BIGZ TV says:

    WOW!! I am pretty adventurous but this jump made my stomach drop! Thanks for sharing!

  18. henryssurfshowcase says:

    Hi everybody, thanks a bunch for keeping this channel over the minimum ( 1000 subscriber count ) as of Feb 20th 2018 new rules.
    Please keep smashing that red button in support because who knows it may get raised again soon?
    I very much appreciate it, and if you would like to be notified when a new video is uploaded hit that "Bell" symbol also…. sincerely

  19. Random Shenanigans says:

    I love your comment about keep hitting that red button. We never know when It might get raised .

  20. Richard Kuszel says:

    Throw that guy filming off the pier .he's the one keeps yelling that surfer's name so he can get in trouble

  21. henryssurfshowcase says:

    T Shirts beach and surf merch available for this channel.
    Check in often as new products will be added, I very much appreciate your purchases and support, here's the link..

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