Surfer Ian Walsh Interview On Learning To Hold His Breath For 3 Minutes

Surfer Ian Walsh Interview On Learning To Hold His Breath For 3 Minutes

I’m on my way to the gym it’s about three
minutes from my doorstep, which is pretty convenient and this is where I spend a lot
of my time before winter starts just you know getting ready for all the swells that are
about to come and every time I’m home I just try to catch up on a little bit of working
out. I like to be a pretty versatile surfer. I feel like all the training I do really reflects
every different aspect of surfing so for contests and smaller wave stuff I’m filming where I’d
be like loose and have quick reflexes and all the timings really on point and then for like pipeline or bigger waves
that I’m filming or doing contests in you know you want that power and agility and endurance
like a little bit of cardio like keep you know you’re constantly moving and hunting
down waves. Here we go Ian Walsh on a huge pipe barrel, comes out back side, look at
this, Ian Walsh back door. And then for gigantic waves, a lot of it is like expanding my lungs,
and learning how to hold my breath and a lot of just like power training. My trainer here
on Maui is Isaac Turrell and I’ve been working with him for the last two years or so. With
a lot of athletes what I find is especially like Ian is, they’re not pros for no reason,
they’re awesome at what they do. I’ve definitely noticed a huge difference in my overall strength
and endurance and how long I’ll last through the winter. (sigh) I’m tired. You know you
did, you did enough when your legs are wobbly coming down the stairs getting out of the
gym. Then the free diving training I do has been with Kirk Krack and he’s pretty much
changed my whole life. I’m the president and founder of Performance and Free Diving basically
specializing in uh free diving education, training athletes and the regular public to
hold their breath, dive deep, stay down long, go far. I’ve grown up only being able to hold
my breath for forty seconds. He didn’t think he had even a thirty to forty second breath
hold. And I couldn’t dive more than twenty feet down in the water and after one day of
training with him he’s able to get me up to three minutes and thirty seconds in the water
and dive down to about one hundred feet. Ian’s making some pretty amazing progress he’s probably
quadrupled his breath hold time. And after a week or two with the guy I could do like
four minutes and forty seconds and dive to one hundred twenty feet and stay down there
for a couple minutes so he’s definitely taught me how to like control my lungs, control the
feelings you get if you are gonna black out and basically know a lot more about my body
in really bad situations under water. The depth dives we’re doing we’re trying to get
down to like one hundred feet or so and spend some time at the bottom is always like so
eerie when you take that first big breath and head into the water you can’t even see
the bottom when you start, then as you start going it’s slowly starts to come into focus
so the work in the pool with the air tanks and being thrown all around and when your
time to come up and you’re cutting the guy off and your kind of swimming and they pull
you down it’s basically like simulating what it would be like in a wave like in a white
wash, when you have that air tank shooting in your face it’s like opening your eyelids
up and like shooting water everywhere it’s hard to like hold your breath and you’ve got
bubbles flyin all around your face and the guy down there throwing you around has to
kind of simulate like disorientation and like confusion where you are and the feeling like
you, you think you’re at your last bit of breath and you’re, as much as your body can
handle and you start swimming up and they rip you back down for a few more seconds and
you really learn that in worst case scenario you actually have a little bit of a reserve
tank of oxygen. Welcome to the Ian Walsh Experience.

Antonio Breitenberg

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37 thoughts on “Surfer Ian Walsh Interview On Learning To Hold His Breath For 3 Minutes

  1. Marcel Weitz says:

    Wow now thats awesome. But i wonder how can it be possible to increase the time you can last under water by like 3 minutes in one week. I mean i thought you would really need to train a lot. Also i wonder what it feels like or when do you pass out under water. How much time has to go by PAST your personal limit?

  2. JordanRhysTV says:

    world record is 22 minutes

  3. Andreas mathiassen says:

    i´ve actually done it before, and you have the feeling of what you are doing at all times, and you know, if you´re not under water you can last longer, because you dare try and hold it for a little longer, because if you faint under water you´ll most likely die, or there is a risk for your ribs to be broken because someone literally pounds on your chest to wake you up after fainting and getting water in you lungs, and so on, you´ll just wake up again if you faint while practizing above water..

  4. Andreas mathiassen says:

    if you practise above water, you wont die.. unless you are doing it somewhere where it is dangerous to faint.. by the way, it´s very possible to last 3 minutes, for the human body. but the one thing you just have to train to, is to become comfortable subcontiously under water.. and that is what takes training, and there is no saying what the personal limit is, it depends on your lung capacity, and it depends on how comfortable you are with not breathing, everything counts

  5. sweeterman420 says:

    D you know how many brain cells you lose when you do that….

  6. jamiliu1 says:

    @Mrawsomface8 Do what hold your breath

  7. Thumper1311 says:

    Those core workouts look INTENSE!

  8. Alex Stoll says:

    better to train and loose a few than pass out and drown during a hold-down.

  9. MerlunePvP says:

    Are you stupid lol? Why would you wanna risk drowning in a hold down lol?

  10. Fahlman199 says:

    kills brain cells…. but it definitely helps 95% of your body

  11. Daniel Mays says:


  12. AeroDoe says:

    He's young and in great shape.

    He won't "lose brain cells" at a faster rate until he's past 4mins.

  13. Alexandre Ancion says:


  14. Testoviron HNG says:

    So? 😡

  15. LennyBii says:

    dat pool would be a good skatepark

  16. cowskater5 says:

    how many?

  17. nosequiters says:

    Damn i wanna train like this

  18. Daryl V says:

    And do you have any links to prove this? Or is it some shit you made up.

  19. TheHarloo says:

    in a swimming pool.

  20. shane marz says:

    wtf at 15 secs does it look like a jump and a accidentle slip over the cliff.

  21. Daniel says:

    Doesn't really elaborate at all of how he manages to hold the breath for that long

  22. Eric Nelson says:

    why do you say sick when you know you dont surf

  23. noDiva says:

    not with clean normal air.

  24. 777Skeptic says:

    I think the guy slept in an oxygen tank the night before.

  25. OnTheRocks says:

    That goat wasn't impressed.

  26. Umberto Brancaccio says:

    Big Ian Walsh!

  27. Paul van den Berg says:

    If its three minutes away why do  you drive?

  28. worldcomedyproducts says:

    And to think the world record breath hold time is 22 minutes..

  29. Francois Theron says:

    Since I'm away from the ocean right now, I train very hard… I do 10 hours per week training. 2 hours max strength, 4 hours ballistics and conditioning, 2 hours Pilates, and then I have clients that I train, which means that I have to get all my kettlebells (over 300kg of bells) from my room, to my car (a bit of an obstacle course), from the parking lot to the garden at the back of their offices, train them, which includes quite a bit of demonstration, using a heavy bell because all the lighter ones are occupied by them, then from the garden back to the parking lot, and then again from my car to my room. That is a total of 4 hours, at least 2 of which involve actual work.

    Edit: Practicing holding my breath after watching this, in one night I got it from 2 minutes to 4 minutes 20 seconds. It's 99% mental.

  30. Simon Anderton says:

    Why do you need a car for 3 minute drive.

  31. Trey Wiese says:


  32. Maxwell Potter says:

    Your asome

  33. clarkewi says:

    Awesome. A tremendous athlete.

  34. Snowy Grainius says:

    that dude ian seems like a douchebag… wouldn't want to be anywhere near him

  35. P A says:

    awesome for sharing bruddah!

  36. Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino says:

    Cool stuff I'd been asking about what do surfer do when a wave throws u down,I race motorcycles and we have a few rules,don't crash is the big one,but when your on the edge,u are gonna have things happen,I only know that white foam is dangerous so I was wondering what things u do,in a comment a surfer said he's had more bad hold downs in 4 to 6 foot waves,and I know from swimming in the ocean hear in Florida,for a lot of years that the strongest force I ever felt against my body is that water going out as I'm walking thru the water at the edge of the beach and that was in 2 foot waves but every so often that under tow gets real heavy suddenly…..thanks that look like fun,not but important….hah ha rock on.

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