Surfer fights off shark attack on live TV

Surfer fights off shark attack on live TV

An Australian surfer remarkably survived a
shark attack unscathed after fighting off the circling predator with his fists. Mick Fanning was preparing for Sunday’s final
of the World Surfing League’s J-Bay Open, at Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa when the
unidentified species of shark surfaced next to him, knocking him off his board. But the three-times world surfing champion
managed to escape after punching the shark away. UP The incident was broadcast on live television
and led to the postponement of the event. South Africa’s waters are among the most shark-infested
in the world. A swimmer was killed by a Great White close
to Jeffrey’s Bay in 2013.

Antonio Breitenberg

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17 thoughts on “Surfer fights off shark attack on live TV

  1. Chilllaxxinn says:

    Wonder if he'll get back in the water

  2. Devintage says:

    Before I even clicked this video, I knew he was Australian, because stereotypes, that's why!

  3. DeezRMyDays says:

    damn this guy so lucky !

  4. Odhella Napari says:

    So brave…

  5. Wild About Nature says:

    Most surfers understand that it's their world not ours and if you're gonna step in to water…..

  6. Drunk Odin says:

    Sharks should be afraid of australians.

  7. Soul Thief says:

    Wow I am glad that man is okay!

  8. dundee520 says:


  9. OP overlord says:

    1 lucky person.

  10. Brooklynboi Productions says:

    It sounded like the crowd was cheering

  11. AK Buckets says:

    U people are all idiots. This was not an attack. The Sharks tail fin is what surfaced and it got tangled on his surf boards string. The shark was startled and went downwards with the sting attached (with the surfer) once the string got off the shark the surfer was ok. If the shark wanted to attack it would have went for a full on bite and would have sent the surfer upwards in the air. DO NOT BELIEVE THE MEDIA.

  12. Gerald Freeman says:

    Looks like a shark attack to me…. that shark wanted a meal

  13. boot901 says:

    His name is Mick Fanning

  14. R C Nelson says:

    He should have jumped the shark.

  15. BRIANd says:

    He is really lucky, if the shark bit his leg and sniffed blood… It would have finished the job!

  16. Jayden Willams says:

    that was a borad

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